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Netan of the Lucian Alliance


Netan is one of the leaders of the Lucian Alliance, a coalition of former smugglers and mercenaries who've banded together to take advantage of the power vacuum left by the demise of the Goa'uld. (9.16 "Off The Grid")

Character Biography

Netan coordinated the distribution of the Lucian Alliance's highly-addictive corn crop called kassa. He commanded a fleet of ha'tak and utilized the network set up by the Alliance to find the best places for him to be in order to wield his power. After Ba'al stole the Stargate and DHD from one of Netan's kassa-growing planets, P6G-452, Netan took three ha'tak to the location where Ba'al's ship was last seen. He demanded that Ba'al return his property, and when Ba'al refused, opened fire on Ba'al's ship. It just so happened that SG-1 was on Ba'al's ship at the time, manually tagging all of Ba'al's stolen Stargates and DHDs so that they could be beamed off using the Asgard beaming technology onboard Earth's newest Daedalus-class spaceship, the Odyssey.

SG-1 succeeded at their tagging, under heavy fire by Ba'al's Jaffa guards, and using the last bit of their ammunition to cover their activities in Ba'al's cargo hold, 'gated off of the ship using one of the stolen Stargates. All the tagged technology was beamed onto the Odyssey except for the Stargate SG-1 used in their escape. Netan's fleet took fire from the Odyssey's rail guns while SG-1 was still on Ba'al's ship, but after Netan destroyed Ba'al's ship, he targeted the Earth ship. The Odyssey retreated into hyperspace and left Netan without his Stargate. The kassa still on P6G-452 will most likely go bad because it was distributed through the Stargate. Earth and SG-1 have probably made it to the top of Netan's revenge list because of their interference. (9.16 "Off The Grid")


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