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U.S.S. Odyssey


The U.S.S. Odyssey, most likely named after the Greek poet Homer's The Odyssey, is the second Earth-built ship in the Daedalus Deep Space Carrier class. Its maiden voyage was to rescue SG-1 after the elite team had been stranded on a planet without a Stargate. The Odyssey's shakedown cruise came very soon after the destruction of the Prometheus, the ship's prototype predecessor. (9.16 "Off the Grid")

Stargate References

9.16 "Off The Grid"

Bridge crew

Col. Paul Emerson and his crew were conducting their shakedown cruise when the call came in to rescue SG-1 from the planet P6G-452 after connection to the planet's Stargate was lost. Operating with 90% of their primary systems running, the Odyssey set out on its first mission to reach the planet within the next 22 hours from Earth's orbit.

Based on the mishap with Daniel's separation from his locator beacon on the planet Tegalus (where the Prometheus was destroyed, 9.15 "Ethon"), SG-1 team members were the first to receive transmitter implants. These implants broadcast their signals in subspace and are virtually undetectable by enemies. Using these beacons as locators, Emerson successfully extracted SG-1 with his ship's Asgard beaming technology right before SG-1 were about to be executed by members of the Lucian Alliance.

SG-1 held captive on P6G-452
Odyssey beams SG-1 onto bridge
SG-1 onboard the Odyssey

The reason the Lucian Alliance was holding SG-1 prisoner and torturing them was because they thought that SG-1 was behind the disappearance of their Stargate. Eventually, however, the leader of one of the Alliance's fleets, Netan, discovered that the true thief was the Goa'uld Ba'al, and through the use of his vast information network, he discovered the whereabouts of Ba'al's ha'tak within which Ba'al was storing a least a dozen stolen Stargates and DHDs. The SGC also had discovered that Ba'al was behind the Stargate thefts, and tagged one of Ba'al's Goa'uld scientists, Nerus, to find Ba'al's location. Gen. Landry sent the Odyssey, with the rescued SG-1 onboard, to intercept Ba'al's ship and recover the stolen technology.

Lucian Alliance ships happen upon the Odyssey
Odyssey dwarfed by four ha'tak (tiny dot near planet's atmosphere)
Odyssey fires rail guns at Alliance ships which are targeting Ba'al's ship

The Odyssey found Ba'al's ship first and sent SG-1 onboard after Nerus inadvertantly uploaded a computer virus, designed by the SGC, on the ha'tak and rendered their sensors, weapons, and shields useless. Expecting only about a handful of Stargates, SG-1 was surprised to find at least a dozen. They quickly set out to place locator beacons on each Stargate and DHD, but soon were detected and came under heavy fire by the Jaffa guards stationed on the ship.

If being under personal attack wasn't bad enough, Netan arrived with three fully-operational ha'tak and began firing upon Ba'al's ship while SG-1 was still onboard. Both the firefight within the corridors of the ship and the one in space forced SG-1 to escape from the ha'tak through one of the stolen Stargates. Emerson succeeded in beaming all the stolen technology onto the Odyssey, except for the Stargate used by SG-1, before Ba'al's ship was destroyed by the Alliance assault. During the firefight, Emerson actually had the Odyssey use its rail guns against the Lucian Alliance ships to distract them from Ba'al's ship as a way to buy more time for SG-1 to complete their mission. After Ba'al's ship exploded, and Netan didn't get his Stargate back, the Alliance ships targeted Earth's vessel and Emerson quickly ordered a retreat through hyperspace.

9.17 "The Scourge"

Prior Bug, designated as R75
Odyssey rescues IOA members
Odyssey rescues SG-1

The Odyssey was sent to the Gamma Site to eradicate the R75 bugs, also known as the Prior Bugs, which had overcome the base. Communications with the base and access to the Stargate were cut off when the base systems were infiltrated by the bugs and the self-destruct was accidently initiated. Because Gen. Landry believed there to be no survivors, he ordered the Odyssey to go to the Gamma Site to use a deadly toxin which would kill the bugs so that they could salvage whatever was left at the Site. SG-1 and four members from the International Oversight Advisory (IOA) were taking a tour at the Site when the carnivorous bugs got loose. They were ordered to flee from the base and head for the research facility which was about 10 miles away. Knowing that Gen. Landry would send the Odyssey on its deadly mission, Carter rigged the communications equipment in the research building to broadcast their location through the planet's subspace-jamming ionosphere since their transmitter implants were useless. Just when the research building was about to be overrun by the bugs, the Odyssey beamed everyone to safety.

9.20 "Camelot Part 2"

Emerson shouts orders during battle
Odyssey firing all weapons on Ori warships
Carter stranded in space during battle

With the warning that a "Day of Reckoning" was approaching and that the Ori had successfully constructed massive warships (9.19 "Crusade Part 1"), the SGC, Tok'ra, Free Jaffa, and Asgard searched the galaxy for a completed Supergate. The Free Jaffa found one at the former location of the planet P3Y-229 which had been collapsed into a micro-singularity to power the intergalactic Stargate. With the Daedalus still in the Pegasus Galaxy, the Odyssey was the only ship fully operational from Earth. The Russian's Korolev was rushed into service even though it had another year left in construction.

Emerson coordinated the efforts of Carter and the Asgard Kvasir to disable the Supergate. Carter proposed that she be permitted to replace a control crystal on the Supergate with one which Kvasir programmed to engage a wormhole from the Milky Way Galaxy to the Ori's home galaxy, thus preventing the Ori from forming a wormhole in the other direction. Kvasir and Carter planned to form the outgoing wormhole so that they could activate Merlin's anti-Ori device and send it through, but SG-1 failed in finding the device. Even so, they felt they could at least prevent the invasion if they could form the wormhole first.

Right before Carter was able to activate the crystal, the Ori formed their wormhole and sent four warships through. Carter's magnetic boots lost their grip and she was sent to drift helplessly in space. All she could do was watch as the allied fleet was quickly decimated by the powerful warships.

The Odyssey took on tremendous damage, even though the Asgard shields held somewhat through the initial blasts of the Ori's energy weapons. Eventually, several systems failed, including sublight engines, making the ship "dead in the water". But, the Odyssey still had weapons, and Emerson ordered that all weapons remaining be fired upon the warships.

10.01 "Flesh and Blood Part 3"

Mitchell escapes Korolev's destruciton in an F-302
Carter is scooped up from drifting in outerspace
Teal'c is rescued with the Asgard beaming technology

During the battle, the Odyssey crew discovered that beaming a bomb onto an Ori warship was not possible, but they did detect a weakening of the warship's shields when it fired its main energy weapon. Knowing that the Ori used ring transporters in their home galaxy, Daniel Jackson, who was onboard the Korolev, recommended that Col. Chekov use the rings to transport the bomb. It was necessary, however, that they get close to one of the warships so that the rings could lock on to the nearest set. Just as Daniel was making the final modifications to the Korolev's ring controls, the ship was torn apart by enemy fire. With only a few seconds left before the ship exploded, Daniel threw himself into the rings and ended up on the nearest Ori warship.

Mitchell was also on the Korolev and was on his way to launch the F-302 squadron to distract the warships when the Korolev was destroyed. He was the only pilot to make it to one of the intercept fighters. His ship cleared the hangar as the Korolev exploded and was sent on an uncontrolled path by the blast wave of the final explosion. Fortunately, the F-302 remained intact, and all of its systems came back online.

Only six crewmembers beamed from the doomed ship onto the Odyssey. Col. Chekov and the rest of his crew were killed.

Four and a half hours after the battle was over, Carter still remained adrift in space.

During this time, the Odyssey regained control of their communications and sublight engines and followed the Ori warships using their long-range sensors until the warships went into hyperspace. The ship returned to the scene of the battle to look for survivors. They located the Korolev's black box which showed the use of the beaming technology and the ring transporter during the ship's final moments.

Mitchell flew his F-302 into the ship's hangar, and then he rescued Carter by scooping her into the hangar bay with Kvasir's help. Kvasir then continued to work on the Asgard beaming technology, but it was slow going.

Emerson answered distress calls from Free Jaffa ships, but the Odyssey had limited life support. It was crucial that any other surviving ship which had life support join in the rescue efforts. Teal'c, still onboard the Lucian Alliance's mothership after recruiting Netan to lead three of his ships into the battle, contacted Emerson as soon as he was able, but Netan terminated his transmission. Netan was angry that only one of his ships had survived, so he decided to take out his frustration on Teal'c through torture. He threatened to destroy the Odyssey if they did not surrender, but he had no weapons with which to see his threat through. This bought some more time for Kvasir to get the beaming technology working. As he made his repairs, Carter worked on getting the ship's hyperdrive operational.

Fortunately, Bra'tac arrived at the scene with three fully-functional ha'tak. Netan had been joined by two more of his ships, and instead of engaging in another battle, he had his crippled ship destroyed as the Alliance left the scene. Kvasir managed to get the beaming technology operational in time to rescue Teal'c before the ship exploded.

Bra'tac, Carter, Teal'c, and Mitchell are rescued
Daniel and Vala are rescued
Odyssey escapes battle through hyperspace window

Bra'tac left a scout ship at the Supergate to continue the search for survivors and to monitor the 'gate's activity. He knew that the Ori warships had gone to Chulak, the place where the Jaffa's rebellion had started, and intended to engage the ships in battle there to protect his people. Teal'c, Carter, and Mitchell went with him as support, as well as to seek out possible survivors from the Korolev who had used the ring transporter before the explosion. They were hoping that Daniel was among those who had survived by ringing onto one of the Ori warships.

While the Ori warships made quick work of Bra'tac's small fleet and of the planet itself, Emerson got the Odyssey's hyperdrive working and followed them there. Just as Bra'tac was prepared to die a noble death by ramming his last ship into one of the Ori warships, the Odyssey beamed him, Carter, Teal'c, and Mitchell safely aboard. They also found Daniel in the Ori warship which had landed on Chulak and beamed him safely aboard as well. As it turned out, Daniel had reunited with Vala Mal Doran who had returned to her home galaxy in the warship, and as soon as he felt the beaming effects, he grabbed her so that she, too, was rescued.

Immediately after retrieving the last of the battle's survivors, Emerson sent his ship into hyperspace, narrowly escaping the energy weapon blast from one of the Ori warships.

10.03 "The Pegasus Project"

Near black hole in Pegasus Galaxy
Launching Stargate near black hole
Wraith hive ship attacks

The Odyssey was sent to the Pegasus Galaxy for a two-fold mission: give Daniel time to continue his research into Merlin's anti-Ori weapon, the Sangreal, by querying the Ancient database; and pick up Dr. Rodney McKay so that he could assist Carter in executing a daring plan to cause a Stargate's wormhole in the Pegasus Galaxy to jump to the Ori's Supergate in the Milky Way to prevent the Ori from sending more warships through it. Wormholes can be diverted from one Stargate to another one nearby if an energy blast near the event horizon of the originating Stargate is powerful enough. Originally, this phenomenon was observed by accident and led to the discovery of the second Stargate on Earth in Antarctica (1.18 "Solitudes"). Carter used this information to successfully divert an outgoing wormhole from the SGC away from P3W-451 and connect to the Stargate on P2A-270 (2.15 "A Matter of Time"). It was Carter's plan to position a Stargate near a black hole in the Pegasus Galaxy, connect to another Stargate near the Ori's Supergate in the Milky Way (this Stargate was referred to as the secondary Stargate), and divert the wormhole from that Stargate to the Supergate by a controlled multi-megaton blast near the event horizon of the Stargate in the Pegasus Galaxy. Because the Pegasus Stargate and the Ori's Supergate were positioned near black holes as power sources, the wormhole possibly could be active indefinitely.

Emerson managed the launching of the Stargate near the black hole in the Pegasus Galaxy from one of Odyssey's cargo bays. The Stargate's path was directed by stabilizer rockets. Once both the Stargate and the Odyssey were in position, they established a wormhole to the Stargate near the Supergate. This secondary Stargate was positioned and monitored by Teal'c in an al'kesh. With the wormhole established, Teal'c could communicate directly with his teammates onboard the Odyssey. The first attempt to divert the wormhole failed, so the team decided to try detonating two of the 26-megaton bombs in rapid succession. Their next attempt failed, but Teal'c observed an energy transfer from the Stargate to the Supergate, an encouraging sign.

As the Odyssey crew discussed their options and Emerson expressed his concern that they had to take his ship closer to the black hole, a Wraith hive ship approached their position, most likely having been drawn there to investigate the blasts. Atlantis's sensors picked up the hive ship's location, but the Odyssey didn't because of the effects of the black hole. Dr. Elizabeth Weir, the leader of the Atlantis Expedition, contacted Earth and requested that the warning be relayed to the Odyssey by using Teal'c's communications connection through the intergalactic wormhole. An additional complication occurred when an Ori warship arrived at the Supergate.

Through tremendous teamwork, the Odyssey crew lured the Wraith ship close to the Stargate, beamed the two bombs into it, and destroyed it. This denotation occurred as the Wraith ship was close enough to the Stargate to send the energy of the blast through the wormhole. Amazingly, Teal'c had lured the Ori warship to the center of the Supergate at the same time that the wormhole jumped and the Ori warship was caught in the unstable vortex of the wormhole's activation. They had managed to take out a Wraith hive ship and an Ori warship at the same time as they successfully engaged the Supergate, thus succeeding in their mission.

10.07 "Counterstrike"

Odyssey in orbit over Ori-converted planet
Wave detected radiating from Stargate
Odyssey escapes Dakara's destruction

The Odyssey was sent to assist SG-1 in a recon mission to a planet known to have recently converted to Origin. They found that one of the Ori warships had landed on the planet, and SG-1, dressed in robes to disguise their presence, attended a gathering near where the warship was parked. They saw that Adria, Vala's daughter and the Ori's leader in the Milky Way Galaxy, had grown into a young woman as she gave a motivating speech to those who remained after having rid the planet of the "unbelievers" who had resisted them. As she rallied the people to join the army to spread Origin, a destructive energy wave began to sweep across the land. The Odyssey's sensors picked up the energy wave as it radiated from the Stargate, and Emerson ordered that SG-1 be retrieved immediately. They were beamed away seconds before the wave swept over the crowd, killing everyone, including the Priors and Ori soldiers.

Sensors detected no more life signs on the planet, and SG-1 determined that the device on Dakara had been the source of the destruction. This device was in the hands of the Free Jaffa Nation (8.18 "Threads"). The first High Council which led the Jaffa had proposed that this weapon be destroyed after Anubis had tried to use it to remake the galaxy to his own design, fearing that no one should have that kind of power, but apparently, they decided not to destroy the weapon after all. Instead, they kept the monument intact and began to rebuild its temple, promising that they wouldn't use the device. This promise was broken by the new leader after several Jaffa strongholds had fallen to the Ori.

As SG-1 explored the warship, Emerson and his crew kept a close watch. They felt that they had very little time to gather technological information before another of the Ori warships arrived. But, the immediate threat appeared in the form of three ha'tak vessels manned by Jaffa who also wished to explore the empty warship, perhaps taking it as a weapon to be used against the Ori themselves. Because the Odyssey was the only remaining Earth ship in the galaxy, Emerson had to leave the area to escape detection and a possible confrontation.

Emerson left SG-1 behind on the warship, but he kept his ship nearby. When the Ori warship raised shields and left the planet, Emerson determined that it was on its way to Dakara with SG-1 still onboard but out of contact. He ordered the Odyssey to follow. Fortunately, his hunch was correct, and he beamed the team onboard the Odyssey as Dakara was being destroyed by Adria who had survived the wave with the use of a personal defense shield. The Jaffa managed to get the device to emit one more wave against the Ori warship before Adria destroyed it, and Emerson quickly ordered that the Odyssey leave through hyperspace to escape the wave as it approached them in the planet's orbit. All the Jaffa who remained on the planet and in the Ori warship died, but Adria, once again, survived.

10.09 "Company of Thieves"

Emerson reports to the SGC
Emerson is executed by Lucian Alliance
Damage resulting from Alliance attack

Part of the Odyssey's function in the galaxy was to follow up on any leads concerning the Ori's building of additional Supergates. The Free Jaffa received intelligence that a Supergate could possibly be under construction, and the Odyssey, with Carter onboard, was sent to investigate. To their surprise, they found a neutron star, rather than a black hole and Supergate, at the location, and soon the ship's shields were affected by the star's gravitational forces. The intelligence was false — the Lucian Alliance had set a trap with the Odyssey as its prey. The Alliance attacked with three ha'tak while the ship's shields were weakened. Emerson ordered the ship to return fire and to take evasive maneuvers. Unfortunately, this led the ship into another trap — a mine field. Emerson succeeded at getting a distress call to Stargate Command before his ship was boarded by Alliance members, headed by Anateo.

Anateo decided to keep the Odyssey rather than see it destroyed, so he spared the ship's crew, confining them to a cargo hold. He called for Carter, but Emerson stepped up as the ship's commander. He was struck across the face for doing so, and Carter stepped forward. Both Emerson and Carter were escorted to the bridge so that Anateo could demand that their emergency transponder be disabled. Emerson ordered Carter not to comply because it was the only way that he felt his crew could be saved and was shot in the chest at point blank range by Anateo's right-hand man, Solek. Solek coldly emptied three more rounds into Emerson's fallen body.

Odyssey's beacon box
Carter in control room
Vala rigs crystals to repair hyperdrive

Solek took the beacon to a planet with Alliance ties, knowing that SG-1 would follow its signal. Daniel and Vala went to the planet and found the box in the possession of a man with whom Vala had had past dealings. This man showed the beacon to them as Solek zatted them and took them to Anateo on the Odyssey. Reunited with Carter, the three devised a plan to retake the ship. Carter still had access to some of the ship's systems as she pretended to make repairs. Anateo decided that she was stalling and that he'd have to make the repairs himself. After Daniel and Vala escaped from the cargo hold, Anateo contacted them over the intercom and threatened to kill Carter if they did not give up their positions. The original plan was for Vala to beam Carter out of the control room, but Vala claimed that it was too risky, so she beamed Anateo out instead. He rematerialized in outerspace.

After this, the crew regained control of the ship. Fourteen of Anateo's men were placed in a cargo hold, but Solek, Emerson's assassin, wasn't. They searched the ship several times, but most likely Vala had killed him by beaming him into parts unknown.

While the crew continued to make repairs, Mitchell and Teal'c were undercover in Netan's ranks in order to find the Odyssey. Mitchell impersonated one of Netan's seconds, Kefflin, by using the Reol Ring which injected the victim with a chemical which made them see whomever the wearer identified himself as. In this disguise, Mitchell was able to walk freely on Netan's ship and talk in confidence about the Alliance's current state of affairs.

The Odyssey was considered a valuable prize because of its technology, especially its beaming technology and shields. Netan wanted to find the ship and stop Anateo's mutiny. He had his organization looking for it, and soon, the Oranian Tenat found it. He contacted Netan and the two went to the coordinates in their separate ha'taks. Mitchell and Teal'c boarded Tenat's ha'tak after Mitchell pricked Tenat with the ring and told him he was Netan.

Netan demanded that Daniel Jackson, the temporary "commander" of the Odyssey, surrender the ship, but Daniel stalled for time so that Carter could get the hyperdrive working. The ship had limited shields and weapons, and it was obvious that it wouldn't be able to survive a battle with two fully-operational ha'tak. Mitchell, still disguised as Netan onboard Tenat's ship, ordered that Tenat fire upon Netan's ha'tak because it was full of traitors. Shocked by the order, Tenat hesitated momentarily, but with the promise of vast terrorities to command, he ordered his crew to fire. This diversion gave Vala enough time to get the hyperdrive operational. They beamed Teal'c and Mitchell onboard and escaped through hyperspace just as Netan's ship destroyed Tenat's.

10.14 "The Shroud"

Prior Daniel held prisoner on Odyssey
Daniel holds Jack on the Odyssey
Odyssey activates its new cloak

SG-1 discovered Daniel had been converted into a Prior by Adria after she captured him while he was building Merlin's Weapon with Merlin's consciousness and knowledge (10.11 "The Quest Part 2"). They beamed him into a holding room on the Odyssey and bound him to a chair. They also activated the Anti-Prior Device against him until he overcame it. With his powers recovered, Daniel blocked the lock-on signal to prevent his being beamed into the stasis chamber in Antarctica. He then transported all of the crew off of the ship and beamed up Jack to help him in his plan.

Daniel's plan was to steal the Ori warship with the completed Weapon and send them through the Supergate to the Ori's home galaxy where the Weapon would detonate. He needed SG-1's help to sever the wormhole that was blocking the Supergate from functioning (10.03 "The Pegasus Project"), but because he was a Prior, the team didn't trust him and decided to go on the mission in his stead. Daniel stole the Odyssey because he felt that he was needed to complete the mission, and he was absolutely correct in that assumption. Adria figured out his plan and took another warship to the Supergate to prevent him from sending his Weapon through, but it was SG-1 who were in danger instead of him onboard that warship.

With Merlin's knowledge, Daniel configured a cloak using the ZPM that was given by the Atlantis Base so that the Odyssey's defense shields could be strengthened (SGA 3.12 "Echoes"). They went to the site of the Supergate to rendezvous with SG-1 who were onboard the Ori warship on which the Weapon was kept. Jack was concerned that Adria's warship would be able to detect them as soon as they arrived, but Daniel reassured him that the cloak prevented that. Daniel operated the beaming technology with his mind and was able to board the Ori warship with the Weapon onboard through the cloak. He disabled Adria and helped SG-1 complete the mission. Jack contacted the Daedalus through the wormhole and gave the order to detonate a Mark IX bomb behind the active Stargate in the Pegasus Galaxy. After the wormhole disengaged, Daniel used his advanced human powers and Prior genetic code to dial the Supergate and set the warship on course.

Jack beamed the team off of the warship before it went through the Supergate. Daniel returned to his normal self after Merlin sacrificed himself, taking his advanced powers and knowledge with him. Daniel said that he didn't know how Merlin cloaked the Odyssey, and it was fortunate that they didn't decloak at that point because the Ori sent six more warships through the Supergate, much to everyone's dismay, although Daniel still believed that they had done the right thing by sending the Weapon to the Ori's home galaxy. None of them knew if Merlin's Weapon had succeeded in eliminating the Ori, so the mission couldn't immediately be called a success, and now there were even more warships in the galaxy with the potential of additional ones arriving through the now-unblocked Supergate.

10.18 "Family Ties"

Col. Davidson, commander
Odyssey in orbit over Illac Renin planet
Odyssey fires missiles on naquadah stockpile

Vala Mal Doran's father Jacek contacted the SGC to make a deal: he'd give them the location where the late Jaffa Arkad's Ori-worshipping organization, the Illac Renin (Arkad was killed by Teal'c in 10.17 "Talion"), had cargo ships loaded with weapons grade naquadah meant to be detonated on Earth in exchange for a new start on Earth. The Odyssey, now under the command of Col. Davidson, went to the planet to determine the truth of Jacek's information. Jacek wasn't trusted by Vala because his whole life had been defined by one con right after another, but surprising to all, the scans showed that there indeed was a large amount of naquadah concentrated in one area of the planet. The twelve lifesigns, presumably Arkad's Jaffa followers, detected the Odyssey's presence and attempted to take off, but Davidson commanded that the Odyssey fire missiles to prevent their escape. The targets were hit and caused a massive secondary explosion.

A lone cargo ship full of the naquadah had already made it to Earth, but the Jaffa were willing to give it to Jacek so that he could sell it and share the profits. SG-1 stepped in on the arrangements and designed a con of their own, leaving them with possession of the cloaked cargo ship full of the naquadah, the Jaffa with nothing, and Jacek with a cargo ship full of lead bars and packing peanuts.

10.19 "Dominion"

Tok'ra use ring transporter to board
Mitchell and Teal'c use cutting torch on door
Daniel exposed to toxic coolant

SG-1 set a trap to capture Vala's daughter, Adria, and just as they were about to transport her to the Odyssey, Ba'al captured her instead. He implanted her with a Ba'al symbiote so that he could command her vast army and obtain galactic domination. SG-1 tracked down Ba'al's ship and took Adria to the Odyssey where they activated an Anti-Prior Device against her. When she awoke, they were surprised to find that she was the host to Ba'al, who was claiming that the Ori were dead (from the use of Merlin's Weapon in 10.14 "The Shroud"). Before Ba'al took her, Adria had told Vala that the Weapon failed and the Ori were still alive. The team's next move in the war greatly depended on accurate intelligence, so they decided to ask the Tok'ra for help.

The Tok'ra boarded the Odyssey through the ring transporter and went immediately to the infirmary where Adria/Ba'al were sedated. The Tok'ra surgeon Ta'seem was going to remove the Ba'al symbiote and replace it with a Tok'ra named Zanuf. Unfortunately, the procedure failed because Ba'al released a toxin into Adria's nervous system, therefore preventing the Tok'ra symbiote's implantation.

Vala gave Ta'seem permission to inject Adria with more of the toxin so that her death would not be prolonged, but Adria regained her advanced human powers and prevented Ta'seem's injecting her with the poison. Adria threw Ta'seem into a wall, disabled the armed guards, and tossed Daniel into the area outside her room. She then took control over the doors leading to her infirmary room, locking both herself and Vala inside. In order to prevent Daniel from regaining access and to distract the rest of the team with rescuing him, she flooded the area he was in with toxic coolant. Mitchell and Teal'c tried to cut through the doors leading into her room with a cutting torch, but it was slow going (the door was constructed of trinium alloy).

Adria knew that she was dying and decided to ascend. As soon as she transformed into an Ascended Being, her control over the Odyssey was terminated. Daniel hypothesized that if the Ori were gone, Adria had just taken their place and assumed all of their power.

10.20 "Unending"

Odyssey uses new energy weapons against Ori warship
Odyssey inside time dilation field with Ori energy beam about to strike
Asgard Computer Core

The Asgard requested that SG-1 and General Landry bring the Odyssey to their homeworld of Orilla so that they could receive a great gift: all of the Asgard's technology and knowledge. The Asgard had cloned themselves to the point that they were dying, so they decided to end their own existence by destroying themselves and their homeworld. Somehow, three Ori warships knew where the Odyssey was and intercepted them as the Asgard were upgrading Earth's ship with advanced energy weapons, as well as integrating their Computer Core with the hyperdrive and other systems. When they were about done with the installation, the Ori warships arrived. The new energy weapons proved to be powerful enough to break through the enemy's shields and destroy them. Unfortunately, the modification to the hyperdrive gave off an energy signature that could be tracked even in hyperspace.

As soon as the Ori warships arrived, the Asgard beamed off of the Odyssey and blew up themselves with Orilla. Odyssey escaped from the effects of the blast, but it appeared that two of the Ori warships were destroyed in the massive explosion. Odyssey's new energy weapons destroyed the third ship, but as soon as they entered the Milky Way and dropped out of hyperspace, more Ori warships attacked them. Carter determined that they needed to disconnect the Asgard Computer Core from the hyperdrive, but it would take at least 30 minutes. They didn't have this kind of time before the Ori warships started their attacks. Carter proposed putting the ship into a time dilation bubble (the technology was readily available because the Asgard had designed and used this type of technology to deal with the Replicators) so that she could come up with phase shifting capabilities. As soon as the Odyssey was under attack again, Carter activated the time dilation field just as an Ori warship's beam was about to strike them.

Unfortunately, Carter couldn't implement her plan to shift the ship into an alternate dimension, nor did any of her other scenarios give her enough time to disengage the hyperdrive before the energy beam from the Ori warship hit. General Landry and SG-1 spent several months trying to come up with a solution, and soon they realized that they would be stuck inside the time dilation field for a lot longer than they had originally anticipated. During this time, which turned into approximately 50 or 60 years, the teammembers resolved themselves to a new life in isolation. Daniel studied the Asgard knowledge library while Carter worked with an Asgard avatar to create a time reversal field. Eventually, she was successful in creating the program, but it meant that someone would have to stay behind to make sure that they didn't repeat their actions and to disconnect the Core in time to escape the beam.

All of the human teammembers had grown old, and Landry had actually died, but Teal'c had aged less rapidly. He volunteered to be the messenger, knowing that he'd have the memories and years, but his teammates would be restored to their younger selves and have no memory of their time in the time dilation field. His heroic sacrifice was successful, and the Odyssey escaped the Ori warships by jumping into hyperspace with the unmodified version of their hyperdrive.

The Asgard had declared that the humans of Earth, and more specifically, the humans of the SGC, had become The Fifth Race (the other four being the Ancients, Nox, Asgard, and Furlings) as the guardians of the expansive knowledge and technology of these races. The Asgard Legacy will take a long time to completely understand, but in the meantime, the upgrades to the Odyssey's weapons provided the ship with a major advantage over the Ori warships.

Stargate: The Ark of Truth

SG-1 takes command of Odyssey to the Ori galaxy
Odyssey goes through the Supergate
Asgard Core leads Ori to Odyssey

SG-1 learned of the existence of an Ancient (Alteran) device that could end the Ori's crusade once and for all. It was a device known as the Ark of Truth, a sophisticated brain-washing device, and the team learned that it was left behind by the Altera when they left their home galaxy millions of years ago to escape the Ori. The Altera chose to flee rather than to use the Ark, feeling that it was morally wrong for them to do so, even when their brethren, the Ori, were threatening their very lives. In order to get to the Ori's galaxy, the team was given command of the Odyssey to take it through the Supergate. Mitchell was given the captain's seat for the mission. Carter, using the information Daniel had given to her while he was a Prior, dialed the Supergate from the Odyssey.

The Odyssey's first destination in the Ori home galaxy was a planet where Tomin, Vala's husband, knew there to be members of the anti-Ori underground. He contacted a man named Hertis who could lead them to the location of the Altera's mountaintop village, Ortus Mallum. This place was named by the Ori after the Altera left, calling it the birthplace of evil. Hertis and Tomin then led the Odyssey to the planet where this mountain existed: Celestis, the Ori's religious center.

Along with SG-1 to oversee the mission was IOA representative James Marrick. While SG-1 and Tomin were digging around the ruins of Ortus Mallum, Marrick activated the Asgard Core. Mitchell and Carter were called back to the ship, where Marrick revealed why he had done something that he knew would bring Ori warships to their location: The IOA didn't believe that SG-1 would find the Ark (they highly doubted that it even existed), so they devised a plan to take out the Ori warships without having to engage them in a prolonged battle. They would beam a first-generation Replicator onto the nearby warships and then let the Replicators destroy the warships from within. After the warships were prevented from leaving the galaxy through the Supergate, the IOA planned to invoke the Replicators' shut-down code so that they wouldn't continue on their destructive path. Unfortunately, the Replicator that Marrick created with the Asgard matter conversion systems got loose on the Odyssey and quickly started to take control of the ship's vital defense systems.

Four Ori warships soon arrived to their location, and Odyssey escaped through hyperspace, stranding the rest of SG-1 on Celestis, but as time went on, more systems fell to the Replicators, which were multiplying rapidly. Some of them even managed to overtake Marrick's body so that they could obtain the shut-down code and override it, but Mitchell killed Marrick before they could access his mind. By the time that Carter activated the Replicator shut-down code, the Odyssey had lost hyperdrive, weapons, and most of their shields. The next few strikes of the Ori warships' beams would completely destroy them.

Fortunately, Daniel and his small team managed to find the Ark and activated it just in time to make the Priors who were commanding the four warships that were attacking Odyssey to stand down. The crew managed to get the ship operational enough to return home through the Supergate and deliver the Ark to the Milky Way, where it was used on the remaining Priors (the Ascended Ori were indeed destroyed by Merlin's weapon, and the final Ori, Adria, was vanquished by Morgan Le Fay).

Thus, the Ori's crusade came to an end.



Briefing Room
Front view while in hyperspace
Rear view while in hyperspace
In battle with Ori warships
In battle with Ori warships
Odyssey's nose
Forward view from bridge
Asgard Kvasir's lab
Kvasir and Carter in lab
In the skies of Lantia in the Pegasus Galaxy
Approaching Atlantis
Daniel and Carter look on Atlantis from Odyssey
Daniel stands inside the Asgard library projection room
Mitchell runs for exercise in the corridors of the ship
Gen. Landry and SG-1 enjoy a meal in the ship's mess hall

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