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Ori Warship moves through Supergate


An Ori warship is a spacecraft used by the Ori. Most of the information about them is known from ten ships, constructed outside the village of Ver Isca on a planet in the Ori's home galaxy, and sent to the Milky Way galaxy by way of a Supergate. Construction of the vessels was shown in 9.19 "Crusade", and were first seen in action in 9.20 "Camelot".

Technical Details

The Ori warship, if it were to follow a human nomenclature, would be most likely classified as a battleship, cruiser, or a dreadnaught, depending on the exact ratio of weapons power to defenses, but most likely a battleship. Considering the sheer number of Ori soldiers carried within, a troop transport classification, albeit massively armed for ship-to-ship combat, could be accurate as well. Whatever the case, the Ori Warship is massive in size.

If the Super Stargate at P3Y-229 is the same size as the 400 meter diameter one of Kallana, the Ori warship is roughly scaled to be 700 meters long, and 400 meters wide, in a teardrop or ellipitical shape, with the front of the ellipse forming a half circle in profile. The ellipse appears to be made of a white smooth material, with numerous metallic- looking protrusions. The rear of the ship houses two large cylindrical thrusters, and towards the front is a large ring structure. The ring is etched with numerous protrusions on both the inner edge and the sides. This ring was inactive when the ship was dormant, and when activated by a Prior, glowed with a diffuse white energy. This ring device was most likely the power source of the ship. As the ship moved, the white energy within the ring appeared to trail behind the ship in the form of a white mist that quickly dissipated. (9.19 "Crusade", 9.20 "Camelot")

For maneuvering, the ship has two large engines at the rear, cylinder shaped. They glow with white light when being used. It is unclear at this point whether or not the ship has a hyperdrive, or how powerful their propulsion may be.

For weaponry, the ship has one massive cannon as its primary weapon, and several smaller energy weapon emplacements. The primary weapon is perhaps the most powerful weapon seen on a starship. It is located on the front of the ship, and was powerful enough to completely penetrate a ha'tak's shield and destroy the ha'tak in one blow, including penetrating past the impact zone. The Daedalus-class vessels of Earth faired better, surviving multiple strikes, but were still heavily damaged. One of the Daedalus-class was overwhelmed by multiple strikes by at least two if not three Ori warships and was destroyed. Whether this was the Korolev or Odyssey is unknown at this time. The O'Neill-class ship of the Asgard survived several strikes as well; its shields appeared to remain intact.

The smaller weapons onboard could be classified as point defense weapons. They are not nearly as strong as the primary weapon. Ha'tak shields stood up to numerous salvos from them, but at least one ha'tak did get overwhelmed by them and was destroyed. How much the smaller weapons damaged the Daedalus-class vessels is unknown.

The Ori warship also has the ability to carry many people, as from the sheer size and from the amount of people known to be called to duty for the Ori's crusade into the Milky Way galaxy. Seevis, a resident of the Ori galaxy, noted that tens of thousands of troops would be loaded onboard the ten warships. The occupants are assumed to be mostly humans, with perhaps a Prior. The humans carried are mostly soldiers for the Ori crusade, dressed in armor reminiscent of the Crusades. Tomin, at least, was armed with a weapon, smaller in scale to a Ori staff weapon, but just as lethal. It is unknown if this is the full extent of the soldiers.

As for the number of ships the Ori have, the only answers are conjectural. Vala noted that, considering her village was capable of constructing ten vessels, the Ori could have tens of thousands, because "The village I am living in is one of many, on a world among dozens like it." The four initial ships that arrived in the Milky Way Galaxy as the first wave would most likely be the ships intended to defend the Supergate, while more come pouring through later. Considering this is their second attempt to field an invasion, they may have vessels from the previous attempt waiting as well.

Stargate References

These vessels were first seen assembled on Ver Isca, a village on a planet in the Ori galaxy. They were constructed by human hands with instructions from the Priors. The massive warships were being assembled to bring a crusade to the Milky Way galaxy. Vala watched them being constructed. After Seevis and the Resistence failed in their attempt to sabotage the warships and destroy the Priors and Ori woshippers, Vala contacted the SGC and warned them of the upcoming invasion before being interrupted. The search was on for the completed Supergate. (9.19 "Crusade")

Four Ori Warships entered our galaxy through a Supergate in P3Y-229. These ships were met with a combined armada of the SGC, Tok'ra, Lucian Alliance, and Asgard. The full total of allied ships meeting the first wave of Ori warships was two Daedalus-Class vessels (Korolev and Odyssey), approximately fifteen ha'taks, and one O'Neill-class vessel. When last was known of the battle, nearly all the ha'taks were destroyed, at least one of the Daedalus vessels was destroyed, and the O'Neill-class's fate was unknown. The holy war for the Milky Way had begun. (9.20 "Camelot")



Ori ships under construction
Ori warshps powering up on Ver Isca
Ori warship (background) destroys allied vessel

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