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Dr. Peter Grodin


Dr. Peter Grodin was one of the scientists who joined the Atlantis Expedition, under the leadership of Dr. Elizabeth Weir, to the Pegasus Galaxy and was introduced in the episode, Stargate Atlantis: 1.01 "Rising Part 1".

Character Biography

Dr. Peter Grodin was a British scientist who had been described as a charming man with a dry sense of humor and very intelligent. He remained level-headed under pressure. Grodin studied one of the drones at the Antarctic Outpost and was also familiar with Stargate technology.

Grodin was one of three Expedition Team members who went to a remote space station which had powerful Ancient weapons which could destroy the Wraith ships which were approaching Atlantis. The station had not been used in over 10,000 years, but with a great deal of technical know-how, the men got the station to power up the weapons and they destroyed one of three Wraith hive ships. Unfortunately, Grodin was trapped on the station because of all of the rerouting they did and was killed when the Wraith destroyed the station. Grodin's teammates were in a puddle jumper at the time the station was attacked and survived.


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