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Quetzalcoatl of the Giant Aliens

Earth Culture of Origin

Central America

Presides Over

sun, air and wind

Personal Symbols

feathered serpent

Earth Mythological References

Quetzalcoatl is usually pictured as a feathered serpent with multi-hued scales and bright feathers, arched in the sky over his people. Sometimes he's pictured as a old man with a white beard and a broken walking staff or as a young man wearing a rich cloak made of quetzl feathers. He may have been an actual king, as reported by Bernadion de Sahagun in his 16th century work, History of Things of New Spain. This king was supposed to have reigned in the city of Tollan and is a New World version of King Arthur of England. He taught agriculture, mining, astronomy, gemcraft and the making of feathered cloaks to his people. He was defeated by Tezcatlipoca and immolated himself upon his funeral pyre, which gave rise to beautiful rare birds born from his ashes. He is thought to watch over his countrymen from the sky, seen as the morning star.

Stargate References

Preliminary MALP video on a distant planet revealed a crystal skull similar to one discovered thirty years earlier in Belize by Daniel’s grandfather, Nicholas Ballard. Ballard, an archaeologist/explorer in his own right, found the crystal skull in a temple and claimed the skull had transported him to another world, where he spoke to giant aliens and then was magically teleported back to Earth. The temple disintegrated shortly thereafter and Ballard dismissed as mad. The team traveled to the planet and into the temple. And just as his grandfather had done thirty years prior, Daniel stared into the eyes of the skull. The skull activated, radiation levels spiked. Sensing the skull to be dangerous, Teal’c zatted it, rendering Daniel out of phase and invisible.

After seeking Ballard's help in learning more about the skull, SG-1 were forced to bring him back to the SGC to help them find Daniel. While at the SGC, Daniel learned Ballard was the only one able to see Daniel. Daniel implored Ballard to explain what happened and to ask them to return to the planet and let the skull continue the process it started. SG-1 and Ballard gated back to the planet and allowed the skull to finish the process. The skull rendered everyone invisible except Teal’c, who returned to the SGC. Soon afterwards, a giant mist-shrouded alien rose up from the depths of the temple, identifying himself as Quetzalcoatl. Daniel identified themselves as enemies of the Goa'uld and Quetzalcoatl bid them welcome and accept their invitation to exchange knowledge. However, Ballard was selected to stay, having been there before. Daniel protested, but Ballard begged to be allowed to stay. Daniel relented and said farewell again to his grandfather. (3.21 "Crystal Skull")


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