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The Replicator Disruptor is a weapon that neutralises Replicators, both the first-generation bug form and human form.

Stargate References

Col. Jack O’Neill designed the Replicator disruptor, when he had Ancient knowledge downloaded into his brain. Thor, fearing that the Replicators would destroy his home world, Orilla, linked Col. O’Neill’s mind with the Asgard ship, the Daniel Jackson. O’Neill, while linked with the ship, designed the disruptor, and then the disruptor was synthesised. Using this device as a base, Thor was able to create a larger version to save the planet. (8.02 "New Order Part 2")

During the episode 8.11 “Gemini”, the human form Replicator Samantha Carter worked with the real Samantha Carter at the Alpha Site on the disruptor, on the pretense of overriding the cipher Fifth had supposedly developed, making the Replicators immune to the disruptor. Replicator Carter had tricked Carter, and she succeeded in creating her own cipher, which made her immune.

The Asgard created a network of disruptor satellites, one of which was delivered to the Alpha Site, where Carter was working with Replicator Carter. These satellites were also based on the weapon designed by O’Neill. The satellite was deployed in orbit around the Alpha Site, while the two worked on overriding the cipher Replicator Carter claimed Fifth had created. These satellites were also rendered useless because of the cipher developed by Replicator Carter. (8.11 "Gemini")

During the episode 8.16 “Reckoning Part1”, Thor and Lt. Col. Carter isolated the cipher used by the Replicators to stop the disruptor working, by connecting to the subspace link between the Replicators. The disruptor was adjusted, and the cipher no longer worked, the weapon could destroy the Replicators. The only problem was that it could only be used once on them, and then they would develop a new cipher against it. This was realised when Thor fired the weapon at a mothership that had adapted to the newly adjusted weapon.

A device on Dakara, made by the Ancients, had the power to both create life and destroy it, by emitting an energy wave. Above Dakara, a battle was fought between the Goa’uld and the Replicators. Samantha and Jacob Carter/Selmak decided to use the device to destroy the Replicators, and to do this, they calibrated the device to within a margin of the frequency used by the disruptor weapon. The wave was sent throughout the galaxy, and the Replicators were destroyed. It can be assumed that the wave worked because it worked on a greater bandwidth. They were able to calibrate the Dakara device, because its technology was created by the Ancients, and the disruptor was designed using Ancient knowledge.

As Thor explains Replicator design in 4.01 “Small Victories,” “Each individual building block is capable of exerting a reactive modulating monopolar energy field on other blocks allowing the Replicators to assemble themselves into many forms.” The disruptor works by disrupting communication between Replicator cells, and therefore neutralising the Replicators.

This weapon worked on both normal Replicators and human form Replicators, before Replicator Carter changed the cipher. The cipher was introduced into the “keron pathways that control the molecular cohesion of all Replicators,” as it is explained by Replicator Carter in 8.11 “Gemini”. When the cipher was discovered and the frequency of the disruptor adjusted, the weapon worked again.


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