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Alternate Character: Ronon Dex from Stargate Atlantis

Jaffa Ronan


Ronan was a Jaffa who supplied Master Bra'tac and Teal'c with a Goa'uld cargo ship in order for them to assist SG-1 in finding the Lost City of the Ancients in the Season Seven episodes, 7.21-7.22 "Lost City".

Character Biography

Ronan was a Jaffa who posed as a Rebel Jaffa, but who was really in the service of Anubis. His cover was blown by Bra'tac when they were assisting SG-1 in finding the Lost City of the Ancients. Bra'tac knew Ronan's father. When Ronan attempted to kill Bra'tac, he did not know that Bra'tac no longer carried a symbiote and thrust the knife into his empty pouch. This gave Bra'tac the upper hand in the fight and he ended up killing Ronan.


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