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SG-5 guarding P3X-439 Stargate


SG-5 was one of the early teams established with Stargate Command and seems to be heavily involved in exploration missions.

Seasons One and Two

SG-5 departed for a standard reconnaissance mission to P3C-117 (1.08 "The Nox") during a visit by the Secretary of Defense. The results of SG-5's mission to the planet are unknown.

When it was discovered that the SG-1 that returned from P3X-989 were some kind of mechanical beings, General Hammond scheduled SG-5 to return to the planet and find out what happened to the real team (1.19 "Tin Man"). The robot O'Neill recommended that not happen since according to his memory and consciousness, he *was* Jack O'Neill and he feared SG-1's fate would be shared by SG-5. Instead the robot team returned to the planet and discovered their original selves were fine.

At some point, SG-5 was one of the first to discover raw naquadah ore (2.01 "The Serpent's Lair"). Col. Samuels used SG-5's find of naquadah to enhance some nuclear weapons and provide Earth with a "foolproof defense" against alien invaders.

On a different offworld mission, SG-5 discovered a potential cure for Alzheimer's. (2.14 "Touchstone"). It was sent to Area 51 for further study by their medical research division.

SG-5 was one of only two teams offworld when an unscheduled incoming wormhole came to Stargate Command (2.20 "Show and Tell"). The connection was neither team, but instead a new alien species–the Reetou, wanting to warn Earth of a potential attack by zealots amongst their own race.

SG-1 disappeared en route to P2X-555 because of a wormhole accident involving a solar flare (2.21 "1969"), Hammond, having lived through the timeline where he met the team in 1969, knew he could not send a rescue team this time. Instead, General Hammond sent SG-5 to complete SG-1's mission. No details of the actual recon mission are known.

Seasons Three through Five

SG-5 was one of a group of teams, led by SG-3's Robert Makepeace on a search and rescue mission when SG-3 discovered the location of MIA SG-1 (3.01 "Into the Fire"). The mission was volunteer only, but all teams did not hesitate. There were some casualties during the successful rescue mission, but it is unclear from which team there were wounded or deaths.

SG-6 was sent out on missions searching for a new homeworld for the Enkarans who were being displaced by a Gadmeer terraforming ship (4.09 "Scorched Earth"). No mention is made of the number of members of the team or who was commanding it. They were assigned this task along with SG-5 and SG-9.

SG-5 was on P4X-347 doing an extended study of the "castle" where the Stargate was and the language along its pillars(4.18 "The Light"). Daniel Jackson of SG-1 was on the mission with SG-5. Lt. Barber was sent back to the SGC to get Teal'c to translate a document for Daniel Jackson. He was on Earthside less than forty-eight hours, but as the Stargate was dialing, he made a suicidal run to the Stargate, getting vaporized by the forming event horizon. The rest of SG-5 and Dr. Jackson were immediately recalled back to the SGC. Unfortunately, they did not realize it was exposure to a device on the planet itself that was causing these strange symptoms of irritability and depression at first. Only later did they realize everyone who had visited P4X-347 was having their neurological activity slowing down. SG-1 returned to the planet in hazmat gear to find the source of the contagion, but only served to become infected themselves. All of SG-5 died and Daniel Jackson coded before they realized only a return to the planet would save them. SG-1 eventually located the device and learned how to wean themselves off the effects.

SG-5 was among eight teams that were stuck offworld while the SGC Stargate was offline (5.14 "48 Hours"). While Teal'c's pattern was somehow trapped within the Stargate program, the Russians agreed to activate their own Stargate and allow offworld teams to return to Earth via Russia. SG-8 and SG-5 were among the first teams to return safely. No specifics were given on SG-5's offworld mission. After negotiations with Daniel Jackson and Major Davis, the Russians agreed to allow one SG team to use the Stargate to contact the Tok'ra. SG-5 went on the mission; the Tok'ra informed SG-5 that the problem was likely because the SGC used their dialing computer rather than a DHD. Normally DHD's compensate for these power problems and would have reintegrated Teal'c.

Seasons Six and Seven

SG-5 went with SG-1 and SG-3 to a planet Jonas Quinn believed was the lost city of the Ancients, Vis Uban (7.01 "Fallen Part 1"). The teams were surveying the area and the Ancient ruins on the planet when SG-3 encountered an amnesiac Daniel Jackson who had been taken in by the nomadic people that had made Vis Uban their home.

When Simon Wells of SG-13 was injured by a Jaffa staff weapon on P3X-666, SG-5, along with SG-1, SG-7, and Janet Fraiser were sent on a search and rescue mission to get Wells back to the SGC, joining the rest of SG-13 and SG-3, who were already on the planet (7.17 "Heroes Part 1"). When backup arrived, Jaffa reinforcements, including ships such as al'kesh attacked in an ambush (7.18 "Heroes Part 2"). The teams were under heavy fire. While Wells returned to the SGC, Jack O'Neill was seriously wounded and Dr. Fraiser killed. No word on specific casualties amongst the team members of SG-5.

SG-5, led by Major Harper, worked in concert with SG-3 to provide backup to SG-1 on a follow-up mission to P3X-439 (7.21 "Lost City Part 1"). SG-2 and SG-3 had previously discovered an Ancient collonade that could hold another Ancient repository of knowledge; they also spotted a Goa'uld reconnaissance drone. Knowing time was of the essence. SG-5 and SG-3 covered the area while SG-1 tried to extract the repository. The teams came under attack by al'kesh while they held the Stargate. Jack O'Neill ended up having the repository downloaded into his head and SG-3 and 5 covered SG-1's retreat as they all made it back through the Stargate.

Seasons Eight through Ten

SG-5 with Amra delegates
Altman and other SG-5 team member

SG-5 escorted acrimonious delegates from Amra to Stargate Command (8.04 "Zero Hour"). The Amrans were coming to discuss a pending trade agreement.

Lt. Col. Samantha Carter led SG-5 to P3X-584 in order to investigate a singularity in that region of space (9.09 "Prototype"). They were concerned it may be related to the formation of an Ori Supergate. However, unbeknownst to them, the planet was where Anubis kept a secret lab, including a lockout of the Stargate unless you used a special frequency code. Though the MALP arrived on P3X-584, the team itself was rerouted to a different gate. Carter eventually discovered the safeguard and was able to bypass it. SG-1 and SG-5, led by Major Altman, arrived on the planet. Though the singularity turned out to be a natural phenomenon, Dr. Jackson, Teal'c, and Col. Mitchell discovered the secret lab. Daniel started to study the Ancient notes, and Cameron accidentally opened a stasis chamber holding a man–Khalek.

Khalek immediately went into convulsions upon being revived and was rushed to the SGC infirmary. Daniel remained on P3X-584 to study the Ancient notes and learned that Khalek was really a clone form of Anubis. Khalek was confined and placed under heavy guard, while Daniel and SG-5 returned to the planet to learn more. The team assisted Dr. Jackson in studying the DNA manipulation device in the lab and stabilized the power supply. Altman was able to determine that part of the machine was self contained. Altman analyzed the device and returned it to the SGC to help study Khalek. Altman was injured when Khalek psychically caused a spike in the machine, electrocuting the SG-5 leader. Woolsey later revealed Altman was going to make a full recovery.

SG-5 was one of seventeen teams taking part in an offworld SGC celebration (possibly on P2C-106), (10.06 "200"). The celebration may have been for Lt. Col. Mitchell's 200th trip through the Stargate, but in any case took place on the landmark (and meta) 200th episode of Stargate SG-1.

Other Appearances

SG-5, along with SG-4, went on a mission to Langara with Col. Telford, Richard Woolsey, and Dr. Rodney McKay (SGU 2.15 "Seizure"). They provided security while two members of Destiny's crew swapped bodies using the Ancient Communication Stones with the Langaran Administrator and chief of security. While the Destiny crew provided cover, Dr. McKay attempted to prove his theory that Langaran's unique naquadria properties would allow them to dial the ninth Stargate chevron without harming the planet. Meanwhile, Mr. Woolsey checked for proof that Langara had a deal with the enemy Lucian Alliance. The ruse was discovered and SG-4 and SG-5 were ordered to stand down and allow themselves to be taken into Langaran custody with the rest of the Earth delegation. Before their arrest, they discovered that McKay's theory was working and that Langara had refused association with the Lucian Alliance so as not to jeopardize their alliance with Earth. After negotiations, the teams and the rest of the delegation were released back home.


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