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SG-9 was one of the original teams activated when Stargate Command was put back into service after Apophis' attack on the SGC.

Seasons One and Two

We first hear of SG-9 when it was activated in the episode, 1.02 "Children Of The Gods Part 2". At that point, we are not given its function, but history has shown that the primary function of the unit was for diplomatic purposes, especially designed to negotiate with new off-world allies in the war against the Goa'uld.

As early as the Season One episode, 1.06 "The First Commandment", this directive was seen going terribly wrong when the commanding officer of the unit posed as a god and enslaved the people of P3X-513. The team consisted of:

Captain Jonas Hansen killed Lt. Frakes as he and Lt. Connor attempted to get word to the SGC about what was happening on the planet. Connor was successful at getting his signal through the wormhole and SG-1 answered his call. Lt. Baker joined Capt. Hansen in his rouse and both men ended up dead when the natives revolted, much due to SG-1's influence on them. Lt. Connor was the only surviving member of the team and we later learn that he was promoted to captain and given command of SG-11.


Seasons Three and Four

Season Five


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