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With almost everyone on Atlantis infected by an amnesia-causing bacteria, McKay finds himself zip-strapped to his desk with cryptic letters on his arm and no memories of who he is or what has happened.

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The official summary is not available as this episode has not yet aired in the United States.


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Production Notes

  • Title revealed in Joseph Mallozzi's March 9 blog entry. "Tabula Rasa" is Latin for "scraped tablet" (also has been translated to mean "clean slate" or "blank slate") (
  • "Alan worked on his final pass on Tabula Rasa (Lorne fans take note)." (Joseph Mallozzi's March 21 blog)
  • "We discuss Alan’s Tabula Rasa rewrite. How could Lorne top his barefoot scene in Doppelganger? Well how about this meaty role? Oh, and poor Katie." (Joseph Mallozzi's March 22 blog)
  • "Zach Selwyn was on the lot today. For those of you not familiar with the larger-than-life host of G4’s Attack of the Show, he is the star of a SGA rap video that took youtube by storm. In fact, Zach rapped and danced his way into a guest-starring role as episode linchpin Scientist #2 in season four’s Tabula Rasa. His big scene is tomorrow, first up! I wished him luck and assured him that, as much as I would love to watch his early morning performance, I’m the victim of a rare medical condition that necessitates my sleeping in past 7:30 a.m. every morning. Despite the fact that he was celebrating his birthday, he did come in to interview cast members for his show and, God knows why, thought it might be a good idea to interview me as well (a decision, I’m certain, he now deeply regrets). Still, since we were shooting the interview on Stage 3, I did manage to snap some pics of the Daedalus." (Joseph Mallozzi's April 23 blog)
  • "We watched the Day One Mix of Tabula Rasa today. Another winner! The teaser felt like something out of the movie Saw. A very unique-looking episode that Marty G. predicts “the fans are gonna love”." (Joseph Mallozzi's July 24 blog)

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