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With food and water supplies running dangerously low and tempers flaring, a shuttle is deployed to an unstable planet whose Stargate has been locked out of Destiny's controls.

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MGM/ Official Summary

Official summary is not available as this episode has not yet aired in the United States.

Spoiler Summary

From Airlock Alpha: 'Stargate: Universe' Will Get Darker, Tougher, June 29, 2010, concerning Col. Everett Young:

"After everything he’s been through - and it gets worse for him initially at the beginning of Season 2 - it’s impossible to imagine that a person wouldn’t go to a very dark place at least for a short period of time," outgoing executive producer Robert C. Cooper told SFX magazine.

From Spoiler TV:

With food and water supplies running dangerously low and tempers flaring, a shuttle is deployed to an unstable planet whose Stargate has been locked out of Destiny's controls.
The Lucian Alliance prisoners are growing restless and desperate. They know food and water supplies are dwindling and ponder what their future may hold. After conducting interviews with some of the Lucians, Camile Wray believes a number of the prisoners can be trusted and may even be helpful. Col. Young disagrees and is of the opinion that they are dangerous. After a group of prisoners attack their military detail, he orders that they be relocated to the next habitable planet.
Still recovering from his torture at the hands of Kiva, an exhausted Dr. Rush manages to unlock the master code to the ship's bridge. There he finds a planet within range that seems viable but for some unknown reason, has been locked out of Destiny's controls. Its Stargate also appears to be non-functioning. With the need for food and water becoming dire, he decides to override the ship's controls and have a crew deployed to the planet in the hopes of finding much needed supplies.
Lt. Scott leads the team to the planet. On approach their shuttle encounters violent turbulence followed by power failure. It crash lands and slides into the side of a cliff causing critical damage. The only way back to the Destiny is through the planet's Stargate and when they find it, it is in far worse condition than anyone could have imagined.



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Production Notes

  • "Looks like I won’t be doing episode 2 after all which is a shame as I was really looking forward to tackling what will be a wonderfully multi-character-centric story with a tough ethical dilemma at its core." — Joseph Mallozzi, October 30, 2009
  • "Yesterday, we beat out the season opener for Paul and today, we spun episode two. Rob, who’ll be doing the honors on this one, pitched out a terrific, albeit radically different, A story to compliment the B, C, D, and E throughlines. Lots going on in this one – action, drama, spectacular visual effects, and a tough, tough decision. Two actually." — Joseph Mallozzi, November 3, 2009
  • "Rob will probably send me his outline (episode 2, shooting third) while I’m in Japan..." — Joseph Mallozzi, November 21, 2009
  • "We were back in the office today where the discussion ranged from Robert Cooper’s finished first draft of Aftermath to my lovely Tokyo dining companions. Tomorrow, we actually start breaking more stories!" — Joseph Mallozzi, December 14, 2009
  • "Yet another surprise in the form of Robert Cooper’s first draft of Aftermath. All I can say is 'Whoa! Did NOT see THAT coming!'" — Joseph Mallozzi, December 15, 2009
  • "Since we already gave Rob notes on episode two before the hiatus, we moved on to episode three, my script." — Joseph Mallozzi, January 13, 2010
  • "Yesterday, we received a visit from our friends at Syfy, Exec. VP of Original Programming Mark Stern and Director of Development Erika Kennair, who dropped by to talk travel, television and, oh yeah, Stargate: Universe. We spent the afternoon discussing the first five scripts of season two and beyond – character developments, story arcs, and surprises in store for the not too distant future. It was a pleasant and ultimately fruitful sit-down that yielded some terrific ideas that I was quite excited about… until I sat down in front of my laptop this morning and realized I would now have to incorporate these terrific ideas into the rewrite of Awakening. Don’t get me wrong. I really do like the notions we came up with. They’ll help clarify some of the character motivations and offer up interesting revelations about her heroes. I just hate rewrites. Even more than I hate writing first drafts." — Joseph Mallozzi, March 12, 2010
  • "Director Will Waring started shooting episode #2, Aftermath, today." — Joseph Mallozzi, April 6, 2010
  • "Fun isn’t a word I’d use to describe the episode presently in production, Aftermath. Great, yes, but heavy. It packs a huge emotional wallop." — Joseph Mallozzi, April 13, 2010
  • "I head over to Stage 5 where Robert Cooper is directing the second unit scenes from Aftermath and Awakening" — Joseph Mallozzi, April 16, 2010
  • "I also found the time to join my fellow producers in taking in a matinee double-feature: ... Will Waring’s kick-ass director’s cut of Rob Cooper’s equally kick-ass script for Aftermath (in which actor Louis Ferreira delivers his best performance yet in a suspenseful, absorbing, emotionally-draining episode)." — Joseph Mallozzi, April 21, 2010
  • "The best laid plans of mice and men… Things come apart in a big way, and our heroes are left to pick up the pieces. Gut-wrenching." — Joseph Mallozzi, June 22, 2010
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