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A series of realistic visions cause Col. Young to question his ability as commander of Destiny.

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Official summary is not available as this episode has not yet aired in the United States.

Spoiler Summary

A series of realistic visions cause Col. Young to question his ability as commander of Destiny.

Col. Young is plagued by a recurring vision wherein Destiny is attacked and destroyed by the same aliens who abducted Dr. Rush and Chloe. Believing it to be a prophetic warning, he orders the science team to focus on restoring the ship's weapon systems and places the crew on high alert.

Dr. Rush visits Chloe in isolation, hoping she might look over some calculations he's been working on - but Chloe is more concerned with the alien influence that has begun to affect not just her mind but her body as well.

Eventually, Col. Young goes to Wray and admits his fear that he may be losing his mind. But when Destiny drops out of FTL and remains adrift, Rush and Eli suspect that the Colonel's strange visions may be the key to getting the ship back on course.


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Production Notes

  • "In other writerly news, Paul and Carl are brainstorming #6 and #7, while Rob and Remi look to tackle #8 and #9." — Joseph Mallozzi, February 11, 2010
  • "We discussed potential locations for Paul and Brad’s episodes and I got a sneak peek at some pretty fearsome-looking alien creatures – not to be confused with “those other aliens”." — Joseph Mallozzi, March 1, 2010
  • "Paul has finished a first draft of episode #6 which comes in at a whopping 57 pages. He’ll spend the weekend trimming." — March 5, 2010
  • "Paul, meanwhile, put out the first draft of episode 6 which, in my opinion, is one of the best scripts he’s ever written. Some wonderful exchanges and great, great character moments. And some pretty crazy action." — Joseph Mallozzi, March 8, 2010
  • "Back upstairs, the writers gathered to debate a script issue with episode #6, Trial and Error. After the rewrite, the script was a robust 56 pages. Considering Paul’s last script, Intervention (episode #1) was 48 pages and, at last count, the episode was timing five minutes long, it was obvious that Trial and Error needed a trim. Paul’s solution? Lose the first scene. Carl hated the idea and argued for keeping the scene. Brad, Remi, and Linda made the argument for losing it. It didn’t end happily for Carl." — Joseph Mallozzi, April 6, 2010
  • "Three of the actors flagged me down to tell me how much they loved Trial and Error. Especially scene 61! I thanked them, but told them that episode 6 was all Paul. And I have to agree with their assessment. Trial and Error is, in my (and Carl’s) opinion, the best script Paul has ever written. And, to date, he’s written some damn terrific ones for Stargate: Universe = a significant pass on Justice, then Divided (one of my personal favorites), Subversion, Intervention, and Trial and Error. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Paul is at the top of his game." — Joseph Mallozzi, April 7, 2010
  • "Big time congrats to Paul Mullie for the extraordinary season 2 episode that was released to us today. Great friggen' writing." — Brian J. Smith, Twitter, April 7, 2010
  • "Paul is prepping Trial and Error..." — Joseph Mallozzi, May 3, 2010
  • "Paul is on set overseeing production on Trial and Error. Busy, busy!" — Joseph Mallozzi, May 12, 2010
  • "Paul is on set – presumably on hand to provide first aid treatment if necessary – as they shoot episode #6, Trial and Error (which includes the confrontation scene that had the cast abuzz)." — Joseph Mallozzi, May 14, 2010
  • "Today, we sat down to watch Andy Mikita’s director’s cut of Trial and Error, one of my favorite episodes of SGU’s second season. And that’s saying someting given that I wasn’t initially onboard with the story when it was first pitched. Well, one terrific script and a solid week of production behind us, and we’ve got ourselves an amazing episode – that, once second unit shoots that final missing scene next week, will come in at seven minutes over. Even with the expected tightening, Paul will be hard-pressed not to lose some scenes (the first two off the top, the discussion that may find a home in Carl’s episode) and Mr. Sparkle. Poor, Mr. Sparkles :(." — Joseph Mallozzi, May 27, 2010
  • "Ep 6 called Trial & Error @AlainaHuffman has strong scene with Louis that she lvoes. #SDCC #SGU 'I'm excited to see it'" — ShowPatrol Twitter, July 23, 2010
  • "Holy smokes! It’s taken us a day and a half to watch the Day 1 mix of Trial and Error – and we’re still not done!" — Joseph Mallozzi, August 11, 2010

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