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{{SGU Season Two Ep Guide Links}}
{{SGU Season Two Ep Guide Links}}
* Previous: [[SGU 2.13 "Alliances" Episode Guide]]
* Previous: [[SGU 2.13 "Alliances" Episode Guide]]
* Next: [[SGU 1.15 "Seizure" Episode Guide]]
* Next: [[SGU 2.15 "Seizure" Episode Guide]]

== Related Links ==
== Related Links ==

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Ginn resurfaces in Chloe via the communication stones, creating a dilemma for Eli and Rush to solve; Greer becomes a kidney donor after Tamara diagnoses Volker with end-stage renal disease.

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MGM/ Official Summary

Official summary is not available as this episode has not yet aired in the United States.


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Production Notes

  • "...while Carl is working on an outline for episode #14." — Joseph Mallozzi, May 3, 2010
  • "But not before reading Carl’s outline for the tentatively titled Hope." — Joseph Mallozzi, May 12, 2010
  • "Carl was in my office, discussing the fourth act twist to his new episode..." — Joseph Mallozzi, May 17, 2010
  • "The rest of the day was spent yakking about Carl’s first draft of Hope, episode #14, my outline for The Hunt, episode #16, and whether or not Radio, episode #18, still worked given the preceding episode." — Joseph Mallozzi, June 25, 2010

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