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Stargate SG-1 Season Seven Episode Guides

7.01 "Fallen Part 1"
When SG-1 explore a planet they think is a site of the Ancients, they are stunned to discover Daniel Jackson living among the natives. Daniel has no memory of his life or of his death and ascension and it is up to Jack, Sam and Teal'c to convince him to return with them to the SGC and help him regain his memories. It isn't long, though, before the Tok'ra need their help against Anubis.

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7.02 "Homecoming Part 2"
Jonas' planet comes under attack from Anubis, forcing Teal'c to parlay with Lord Yu while Jack and Sam reluctantly return to Kelowna to deal with the politicians and military there while Daniel and Jonas Quinn have the most dangerous mission of all, in a covert operation aboard Anubis' ship itself. With Jonas a prisoner, Daniel is left alone to free him from Anubis.

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7.03 "Fragile Balance"
A young boy turns up at the SGC claiming to be Jack O'Neill, fully expecting his amused teammates to do something about him waking up thirty years younger. Young Jack is soon discovered to be a clone while the real O'Neill has been abducted by a rogue Asgard. Young Jack is dying and desperate enough to launch a last-ditch attempt to trap the Asgard, Loki.

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7.04 "Orpheus"
Teal'c's dependence on Tretonin is changing him in ways he didn't expect and he is struggling with his identity as a Jaffa. Daniel is also struggling to come to terms with his descension. Sharing Kel'No'Reem with Teal'c, Daniel has a vision of Teal'c's son Rya'c and mentor Bra'tac trapped in a Jaffa death camp and realizes he did nothing to help them.

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7.05 "Revisions"
The team encounters a planet with a society that has lived for centuries within a computer-controlled environment within a bubble. Outside, the rest of the world is a toxic wasteland. SG-1 offer the inhabitants relocation but they are strangely reluctant to move when everything they need is provided to them via their link to the computer core.

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7.06 "Lifeboat"
An entire world has been lost, the few survivors frozen and their personalities stored in databases in ships. When one ship crashes, the intelligences become desperate as power fails. When their bodies are destroyed, they invade Daniel Jackson's mind against his will and force him to become their 'lifeboat'. Can Janet and SG-1 save Daniel?

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7.07 "Enemy Mine"
SG-1 are called upon to assist when a member of an SGC mining team goes missing in mysterious circumstances. Daniel and Teal'c find a familiar bony necklace which they recognize as the kind worn by Chaka. Daniel is convinced that there are Unas on the planet and he determines that the mining team is being warned to stay away.

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7.08 "Space Race"
An enthusiastic Carter uses a valuable naquadah generator to finagle herself into an alien space race with pilot Warrick. There's a huge contract riding on winning and a conspiracy to rig the race leads to Teal'c being abducted. While O'Neill and Daniel negotiate with the local dignitaries, in the space race Carter faces battle droids, flying into a sun, navigating an asteroid belt, sabotage and hostages!

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7.09 "Avenger 2.0"
With Daniel co-ordinating a risky relocation project on a planet rocked by seismic tremors while Jack and Teal'c attempt to make peace among warring Jaffa factions, Carter and Dr. Felger work on a virus that will scramble the established settings of a DHD, rendering a specific gate useless. It seems a brilliant plan until Ba'al proves himself to be the better hacker.

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7.10 "Birthright"
SG-1 discover a clan of fierce, skilled female Jaffa warriors struggling to survive. They need access to symbiotes to keep themselves alive, but Carter offers their leade Ishta an alternative in the new drug Tretonin. Carter escorts a group of volunteers to the SGC to test the drug, Daniel tries to help young warrior Nesa find her way while Ishta and Teal'c find they have much in common.

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7.11 "Evolution Part 1"
Daniel is leading a team on the search for an ancient ruin and a mysterious artefact in the jungles of Honduras when they are kidnapped. Jack goes to Daniel's rescue, aided in his search by Burke, an eccentric, disgraced CIA agent who was once Jack's close friend. Meanwhile Carter, Teal'c and Jacob battle a new enemy - 'SuperSoldiers' engineered by Anubis.

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7.12 "Evolution Part 2"
Daniel is leading a team on a search for an ancient ruin and a mysterious artefact in the jungles of Honduras when they are kidnapped. Jack goes to Daniel's rescue, aided in his search by Burke, an eccentric, disgraced CIA agent who was once Jack's close friend. Meanwhile Carter, Teal'c and Jacob battle a new enemy - 'SuperSoldiers' engineered by Anubis.

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7.13 "Grace"
Carter is aboard the Prometheus as the ship comes under attack. She awakens to find the crew is gone and the ship is trapped in a gas cloud. Her attempts to save the ship and find the crew are hampered by her head injury, but her teammates, her father, and a little girl named Grace appear to her, helping her to save the ship and crew as well as face up to the choices she has made in her life.

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7.14 "Fallout"
The SGC is contacted by Jonas Quinn, who declares that Kelowna's naquadah deposits are converting into naquadria in the planet's core, threatening an explosion that would destroy all life. At the SGC, Daniel and Jack must help settle diplomatic troubles preventing an evacuation of the planet, while Carter and Teal'c go with Jonas to find a way to prevent the explosion.

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7.15 "Chimera"
Daniel is exhausted by strange dreams of his past with Sarah Gardner, an altered past in which she urges him to find the Lost City. Meanwhile, Carter begins a romantic relationship with detective Pete Shanahan, who is very curious about the Air Force work she won't discuss. When SG-1 realise that Daniel's dreams are being manipulated, Pete is put on a collision course with Osiris.

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7.16 "Death Knell"
When the Alpha Site is attacked by one of the SuperSoldiers, Sam Carter is caught in the crossfire. Tensions are high between Tok'ra and Jaffa and it appears one group sold out. While Daniel, Hammond and Jacob struggle with the two warring factions in their search for the traitor, Jack and Teal'c search the Alpha Site for Carter, missing in action since the attack.

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7.17 "Heroes Part 1"
A documentary crew arrives to film the SGC for posterity. Hammond cooperates only reluctantly and prevents the crew from filming ongoing operations. Instead they conduct rather awkward interviews with SG-1 and other SGC personnel. Meanwhile, SG-13 runs into trouble on a survey mission, and one of their men is injured, causing the SGC to mobilize a rescue.

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7.18 "Heroes Part 2"
While the documentary crew continues its efforts, SG-1 and Dr. Fraiser join the rescue of SG-13. As the teams return, it's clear something has gone horribly wrong. The NID begins investigating as the documentary director tries to learn what happened, and what part of it Daniel may have caught on tape. The tragic truth is finally revealed, and the SGC is changed forever.

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7.19 "Resurrection"
Carter, Daniel, and Teal'c meet Agent Barrett in Los Angeles at the scene of a massacre. The site is the secret lab of a rogue NID cell, and the scientists there have successfully created a human/Goa'uld hybrid in the form of a young woman. The team's desire to help the woman must be traded against the need to disarm a Goa'uld bomb that threatens all of Orange County.

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7.20 "Inauguration"
On his first day in office, President Hayes is briefed on the Stargate program. Vice President Kinsey immediately tries to convince the President to replace General Hammond and SG-1, assisted by investigator Richard Woolsey. The two try to persuade Hayes that SG-1 is not to be trusted. Woolsey has a change of heart about Kinsey and backtracks with the President, who remains noncommittal.

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7.21 "Lost City Part 1"
In pursuit of the Lost City, Daniel leads SG-1 to an Ancient repository. Under fire from Anubis, Jack again takes the download of Ancient knowledge, knowing it's at the cost of his life. President Hayes removes Hammond from command and installs Dr. Elizabeth Weir, a civilian. Bra'tac arrives with news that Anubis and his forces are planning to attack Earth in three days.

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7.22 "Lost City Part 2"
O'Neill uses the Ancient knowledge to lead SG-1 to a distant Ancient outpost. He takes a power supply and leads them back to Earth again, to a similar outpost in Antarctica. With help from Hammond and the Prometheus, Jack repels Anubis' attack, destroying him and his forces. SG-1 are forced to put Jack into a stasis chamber, with no idea how to remove the Ancients' knowledge and save him.

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