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Simeon of the Lucian Alliance


WARNING: This article contains spoilers! Continue at your own risk...


Simeon is a member of the Lucian Alliance and one of Commander Kiva's men who boarded the Destiny in an attempt at a hostile takeover, but now he's stranded on the Ancient ship just like the Icarus Base evacuees.

Character Biography

Simeon is a dangerous Lucian Alliance soldier. He was a seasoned criminal before being recruited by the Alliance. He's strong and intimidating but more crafty and wiry than big and muscular. Scary in that you're never sure what he will do. He also holds secrets that are desperately sought after by Earth and those on board Destiny—secrets he would die or worse, kill to protect. (Character Breakdown)

He's an antagonist for several episodes before he finally comes into serious conflict with Rush and they are forced to face off. (Character Breakdown)

Audition Sides: He has a condescending and off-putting attitude toward one of the female crew members from Earth, and one of the soldiers (possibly Greer) physically restrains him and orders him not to go near her again. One of Simeon's Lucian Alliance colleagues (possibly Varro, since he's shown in the past that he wishes for the two groups to live together peacefully) tries to remind Simeon that the people from Earth didn't have to release them and give them free access, but Simeon doesn't seem the type to establish meaningful, long-lasting relationships.


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