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Simeon of the Lucian Alliance


Simeon was a member of the Lucian Alliance and one of Commander Kiva's men who boarded the Destiny in an attempt at a hostile takeover. Committed to remaining loyal to the Alliance after their surrender to the crew of Destiny, Simeon went on a murderous rampage before being executed by Dr. Nicholas Rush who was seeking revenge for Simeon's murder of Dr. Amanda Perry. (SGU: 2.01 "Intervention", 2.08 "Malice")

Character Biography

Simeon was a loyal soldier of the Lucian Alliance, a violent group of mercenaries and warlords in the Milky Way who had taken control of several planets throughout the galaxy. As a member of Commander Kiva's group, Simeon boarded the Ancient ship Destiny with the intent of taking control away from the Icarus Base personnel who had arrived there after unlocking the mystery of the nine-chevron Stargate address. The takeover failed, Commander Kiva died, and Simeon and the surviving Lucians found themselves locked up in a cargo hold awaiting their fates. (SGU 2.01 "Intervention")

Based on his undercover time with the Alliance, Col. David Telford recommended that Simeon remain aboard because of his knowledge of Alliance strategy. Those Lucians who were not deemed of any value in that regard were sent to a planet to live out their lives billions of lightyears away from home. Even though he was among those remaining aboard Destiny, Simeon stayed faithful to the Alliance by providing Homeworld Command with disinformation; he pretended to be cooperative, but all the while he was keeping his loyalty alive. As it turned out, he was the only Lucian that was doing so. (SGU: 2.02 "Aftermath", 2.04 "Pathogen")

Socially awkward, Simeon's approach to Dr. Lisa Park was considered highly disrespectful and vulgar, so he didn't gain any friends among the Destiny crew, especially with MSgt. Ronald Greer, who was involved in a relationship with Park. From that moment on, Greer often tried to get Simeon to resort to violence so that Greer could find a reason to lock him away, but Simeon always backed down from their face-to-face confrontations. He knew that he had to make the appearance of trying to get along with everyone so that he could keep his freedom, albeit limited by being under military escort. (SGU: 2.07 "The Greater Good", 2.08 "Malice")

When Simeon learned that his fellow clanswoman Ginn was being interviewed by Homeword Command via the communication stones, he feared that she would betray the Alliance's plans to attack Earth. He managed to kill his guard and make it to Ginn's quarters to kill her. Ginn was linked with Dr. Amanda Perry, a brilliant scientist who was involved romantically with Dr. Nicholas Rush, so when she died, Perry died as well. (SGU: 2.07 "The Greater Good", 2.08 "Malice")

Perry's death caused Rush to abandon all reason and seek revenge. He followed Simeon through the Stargate to a rocky desert planet. Simeon's desire was to let Rush live so that he'd suffer with the pain of loss that Simeon himself was feeling because many of his loved ones were killed by those of Earth (apparently, his clan's plans for attacking Earth was retaliatory), but the battle between the two men was so personal that they both resorted to fight until only one man remained. Unfortunately for Simeon, Rush managed to bring him down with a stampede of an indigenous herd of large grazing creatures and a single bullet to the head. (SGU 2.08 "Malice")

Although he got his revenge, Rush still had to live with the loss of his love Mandy and with the fact that he had shown no mercy when Simeon pleaded for his life. Rush had concluded that Simeon would never have reveal any information that would have meant preventing the Alliance's attack on Earth. (SGU 2.08 "Malice")


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