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Solen of Orban


Solen is a native of Orban, a highly developed culture which descended from pre-Colombian South America. Solen was a special type of apprentice known as an Urrone who was given nanites during infancy to continue the gathering of knowledge to pass on to the rest of the Orbanians. These nanites stored all that they learned and substituted for the children's natural neuro pathways. Once these nanites were removed on the Urrone's twelfth birthday in a ceremony known as the Averium, the child was reduced to a mindless being. Solen replaced Tomin as the Urrone assigned to learn about the Goa'uld from Teal'c. Fortunately, Solen's future was painted a bit brighter after Merrin, another Urrone who went through her Averium, passed on what she had learned from Jack: the concept of personal interaction to teach former Urrones how to have fun and learn. (3.05 "Learning Curve")


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