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Request for Article Suggestions

We conducted a survey not too long ago on a couple of Stargate SG-1 lists to see if there was any particular king of article the list members would like to see in our database. Here is the general text of the request:

I'd be ever so grateful if you guys could help me out with a spot of market research for the Stargate SG-1 Solutions website. After struggling along for months and months with more work in our inbox than we had people to get it out on the site, we've pulled together a keen team and technology has caught up with our ambitions.
We're in the early stages of building a Stargate database or encyclopaedia, one which we intend to be a comprehensive writer's reference with well-researched, in-depth, 'scholarly' articles on every aspect of Stargate from character biographies to weaponry. We're not going for the quick-facts approach you've seen in other Stargate lexicons but rather we intend to support the needs of our fellow writers of Stargate fanfiction. Our database will be fully searchable of course, and will include graphics and images too.
It would be wonderful if you as writers and readers could give me your top ten, top twenty, top whatever research wishlist. What burning research needs do you have? Which pet topics should we tackle first?
We have some content ready which we're using to test out the technology but we'd love to hear what we can do for *YOU*!!
Thank you so much :)

Requests Received Thus Far

  • I'd love to see a military section which would give brief details of AF equipment, weapons, types of aeroplane, uniform details, rank structure, and a section on military protocol and rules. I really want to read the section on 'dont ask dont tell' for myself!
See [1]
  • I'd love to see a section giving floor plans of things like the gateroom, Jack's house, Daniel's appartment, etc. There is a site over in the Sentinel fandome that has this and it really helps visualisation when planning a story.
See Stargate SG-1 Solutions Locations Guide
  • I'm not sure it's possible to figure out, but something I'm interested in is timelines. I'd like to see some kind of a table showing how long each episode lasts in "real time", how much "real time" there is between episodes, stuff like that. (And BTW, all the new stuff on the site is great - you guys are awesome.)
  • Teal'c's motivation for switching sides, and a general look at Jaffa morality and culture, would be really cool. He's the least written main character, and I think it's mainly how very different his background is from the others'.
  • A look at the different alliances the SGC has made with other planets/empires/etc. over the years, and whether each one has had mostly positive or mostly negative effects. (The Tok'ra, especially, are *such* a mixed blessing.)
  • Looking at the show's attitude towards technology would be really interesting. 'Cause on the one hand Sam and the others have saved the world with advanced tech. many many times, but on the other hand there's episodes like "Absolute Power" that seem to argue that we can't really be trusted to deal with too much of it wisely.
  • Some kind of dossier of the little quirks that come up and whether they're canon or fanon and from whence they came. For example - Daniel in jammies and the ticklish thing...
  • Also useful information on Ancient Eygptian culture etc. would be useful, such as nformation on pharaonic beliefs... such as did you know that they believed in the bisexuality of the gods? Certainly explains Hathor's attitude to Sam in 'Out of Mind'!.
  • And a site that does epsiode transcripts? I know that a number have access to DVDs but as only R2 has subtitles on season 3 onwards (my Season 2 are R1, so I don't know about those) it's nice to have something where you can double check what was said without having to go through the episode all over again.
See our Stargate SG-1 Solutions Transcript List for available transcripts. We will be placing the transcripts into the Wiki search engine so that you'll be able to search against the content to help you find the episode where a certain line might have been spoken. For an example of our StargateWiki transcripts, visit the Transcripts page and see which ones are currently available.
  • I'd love to see more information on what we know about the Goa'uld and also love to see more information about mythology. What do we know about each of the Goa'uld they encountered, etc.?
  • I'd love to know more about the teams other than SG-1.
  • I'd like to see a list of all the SG teams, who's on them (if possible) and their specialties (if any).
See our [[:Category:SG Teams|] index to see which teams we've profiled thus far. We intend to get them all!
  • I'd like to see a Chulakian-English dictionary and an Unas-English dictionary.
  • I'd like to see a list of all planet designations that have been mentioned on the show and what they are significant for.
See our Stargate SG-1 Solutions Guide to the Planets page.
  • Names of significant geographical locations both earth and off-world. e.g. in Family they mention the Cham'ka Groves and the Cord'ai Plains. On earth NYC is important because that is where Daniel and Sam met up with Catherine in 1969, and in The Curse, Daniel went to Chicago for his professor's funeral and met up with Stephen and Sarah.
  • I don't know if this has been done or not, but I'd like to know more about the layout of the SGC. Specifically what's on what floor. Other than knowing that the gate is on sublevel 28, I get confused as to where the labs are, the infirmary, commisary, VIP suites, and other offices may be.
  • I'd like more personal facts about the characters and their family, as much as canon allows (and doesn't botch up, like with Sam's brother and family).