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Stargate Universe

Stargate Universe

Stargate Universe is a third Stargate television series created by Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright for the Sci Fi Channel (US):

After unlocking the mystery of the Stargate's ninth chevron, a team of explorers travels to an unmanned starship called the Destiny, launched by The Ancients at the height of their civilization as a grand experiment set in motion, but never completed.

What starts as a simple reconnaissance turns into a never ending mission, as the Stargate Universe crew discovers the ship is unable to return to Earth, and they must now fend for themselves aboard the Destiny.

The crew will travel to the far reaches of the universe, connecting with each of the previously launched Stargates, thus fulfilling the Destiny's original mission. Challenges will arise though as the ship comes into range of Stargates placed centuries ahead of the Destiny and the crew is unable to control the ship's navigational schedule. If someone is left behind, there is no way to go back for them, adding to the drama of encountering new races, enemies and adventures.

— Official Press Release, August 21, 2008

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  • From Solutions: Stargate Universe Character Breakdowns Revealed, September 17, 2008. -
    • Colonel Everett Young. 40’s handsome, capable, former SG team leader. Like the Jack O’Neill of ten years ago, but Young’s edges have tended to sharpen over time. He requested permission to serve the remainder of his commission on Earth upon marrying his wife, Hailey, two years ago, but for now he’s temporary commander of a secret off world base. The loss of two members of his team several years ago has taught him never to take anything for granted, and be prepared for anything. He stays on top of his team so they stay alive.
    • Tamara Jon [Johanson]. 20-25. SGC Field medic, Captain grade. Off world experience. Beautiful, tough, smart, capable. Paramedic level training. Able to triage serious injury. Modest background. Dreamed of being a doctor but couldn’t afford medical school and the Air Force was her best option. She ends up being the most medically inclined person on the ship but is overwhelmed by the lack of knowledge and experience treating seriously wounded and ill patients. She also lacks the medicine and supplies and has to make do.
    • Cloe [Chloe] Carpenter. 20 ish. Stunning and sexy. Daughter of a U.S. Senator. Silver spoon upbringing and a little spoiled but not stupid either. Politically and socially savvy. Dreams of following in her father’s footsteps but for now she’s a bit of a party girl in her first year at an Ivy League school. Her father’s tragic death and the dire circumstances of being trapped on a spaceship seriously tests her character.
    • Eli Hitchcock. 20-25. Total slacker. Utter genius. Mathematics, computers, anything he puts his mind to. Acerbic sense of humor. A social outcast. Comes from a broken home. Lacks confidence because his true intelligence has never really been recognized like Matt Damon’s character from Good Will Hunting with a little Jack Black thrown in.
    • Lt. Jared Nash. 20-25. Junior SGC team member. Officer material but green and rough around the edges. Every teenage girl’s fantasy. Like a college quarterback thrown into his first pro game, he is thrust into the role of leader well before he’s ready for the responsibility and must learn to take command, earn respect through action, and manage the diverse personalities on the ship to keep everyone alive. Like Jason Bourne, he is skilled and well-trained but mentally unprepared for the urgency of the situation.
    • Ron “Psycho” Stasiak. 20. Marine. Big, strong, silent. You want him on your side. You don’t want him mad at you. Lacks control over his temper in non combat situations. His emotional expression ranges from sarcasm to anger. His past is a mystery but it’s clear something dark formed the hard shell around him. Yet, there must also be some moral center because otherwise he’d kill everyone around him. Think Eric Bana’s character “Hoot” in Blackhawk Down. Adam Baldwin at 20 could play him.
  • Solutions: SGU Auditioning Commences, September 30, 2008.
  • MGM: Across the Universe, November 5, 2008 — "One of the things I'm really excited about is that we’re looking for people who are a little more identifiable and contemporary. I always thought one of the things that was attractive about the original series was the 'everyman on the street' point of view that O’Neill had to science fiction. It made the characters identifiable. They were more like we would be in a science fiction situation, and how we would react. And that’s what we’re trying to do with the new show – create characters that are going to be challenged by the situation. The team that ends up on the ship is not really who was supposed to go, and in some cases they’re very unprepared and unqualified to be in that situation. So they don’t have all the answers as quickly, and the challenges are greater than they would be for people who have seen it all and don’t have as far to go as characters when they encounter an incredible situation. ... It’s an all new cast. There will certainly be plenty of opportunity for cross over, and there certainly might be some familiar faces in the premiere and in subsequent episodes. But the core of the show is all new. ... We’re certainly looking at some [well-known] names, for one of the lead roles in particular. But for the most part many of the cast will be either new faces, or people you’ve seen in other stuff but maybe aren’t as aware of." — Robert C. Cooper, co-creator, executive producer, writer.




  • Joseph Mallozzi's Weblog, September 3, 2008 — "It would be very presumptuous of me to assume anything at this point, but I am hoping to direct the SGA movie and episodes of Universe. Hopefully it’ll work out." — Andy Mikita.

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Production Notes

  • Solutions News Blog on Stargate Universe
  • Solutions On-Site Forum: Stargate Universe Pre-Production Discussion Board
  • Solutions: It's Official: Stargate Universe Is New Series, August 21, 2008.
  • Media Pundit Q&A with Joseph Mallozzi, August 27, 2008 — "It's hard to get burnt out on a series like Stargate simply because the basic premise allows for so many different types of storytelling. This was the case with SG-1, with Atlantis, and will no doubt be the case with Universe. One of the things that intrigues me about the Universe concept is the notion that this group is cut off from Earth and everything they've ever known. It was part of what made Atlantis so appealing in the early seasons, something we were never able to return to on account of those damn hyperspace-capable ships. Also, one of the things that bumped me about the SGU premise was its seeming inability to accommodate established guest stars. That was until Brad and Robert pitched out a clever little element that actually makes it very possible to see the likes of Daniel Jackson or Rodney McKay on SGU." — Joseph Mallozzi, Stargate Atlantis executive producer.
  • Solutions: Exclusive Q&A with Joe Mallozzi, September 9, 2008 — "Individuals on both sides of the issue have made a huge deal about the push for younger viewers. The fact is Atlantis was originally envisioned along these same lines and, in my opinion, it retained the quality of the original series. I expect SGU to follow in the footsteps of its wildly successful predecessors." — Joseph Mallozzi, Stargate Atlantis executive producer.
  • My Entertainment World, September 11, 2008 — TV Production Events: STARGATE: UNIVERSE - (TV Pilot/Series - 1 Hour for SCI-FI) - February 4, 2009 - Vancouver, Canada.
  • Joseph Mallozzi's Weblog, September 16, 2008 — "As for our [current SGA writers and producers] involvement in SGU - still too early to say anything specific regarding our participation in the spin-off, but I’m sure we’ll all be contributing in some capacity." — Joseph Mallozzi, Stargate Atlantis executive producer.
  • Ibid. — "Speaking of SGU, I notice that much of the reaction to the character breakdowns has been negative. While I respect everyone’s right to express their opinions, I’d suggest holding off on making a final decision on the show until you’ve actually seen it. Last week, Brad pitched us the series and its first five episodes and, I have to say, it’s a far cry from the shallow confection many fans are imagining. In fact, in many ways, it’s a much more cerebral and mature addition to the franchise. While firmly entrenched in pre-established Stargate mythology, Stargate Universe definitely strikes out in an exciting new direction. It’s a series that will delight veteran fans, but also appeal to newcomers who may not necessarily know the difference between an Alteran and an Asuran. In spite of what the indicators may suggest, this will definitely not be a Voyager 90210. The assortment of characters that make up the character breakdown are certainly an atypical collection of heroes, far-removed from the skilled likes of Jack O’Neill, Samantha Carter, John Sheppard, and Rodney McKay - but there’s a damn good reason for that. Can’t say more but suffice it to say I have a feeling this show will pleasantly surprise a lot of people." — Joseph Mallozzi, Stargate Atlantis executive producer.
  • Joseph Mallozzi's Weblog, September 19, 2008 — "With regard to the ongoing discussion on the forthcoming Stargate: Universe - At the end of the day, it is, of course, up to you whether you give the show a chance or not but I feel the need to point out that, at present, those characters are simply names on a page and a long way from being fully realized. It’s easy to imagine the worst case scenario. As for the relative value of my opinion - well, that’s also something for you to decide on. However given the fact that I’ve been privy to details beyond the official casting breakdown and public statements made, I am speaking from a informed position. I’ve always followed the maxim 'If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.' so you can be damn sure that if I didn’t think SGU had potential, you wouldn’t be reading my opinions on the subject." — Joseph Mallozzi, Stargate Atlantis executive producer.
  • Solutions: FX Stage to Become Home to SGU, October 2, 2008
  • Joseph Mallozzi's Weblog, October 9, 2008 — "When all is said and done, I believe that Paul and I will end up consulting on SGU, writing a few scripts, and writing and producing the SGA movie. That said, we’ll have significantly more free time next year which opens up the opportunity to pursue other projects. As for the office gang - well, their work on Atlantis is done. They’ll go off, hopefully enjoy a well-deserved break. Hopefully some if not all will be back in January when production on SGU gears up." — Joseph Mallozzi, Stargate Atlantis executive producer.
  • Joseph Mallozzi's Weblog, October 13, 2008 — "... November 10th when we’re scheduled to be back in the office, spinning ideas for SGU’s inaugural season. Brad forwarded me the first six story springboards and I have to say that the show is looking very exciting. It’ll be firmly entrenched in the established Stargate mythology but very unique in its premise and story-telling." — Joseph Mallozzi, Stargate Atlantis executive producer.
  • Joseph Mallozzi's Weblog, October 30, 2008 — "Carl will remain on board fulltime and continue to produce episodes. The rest of us will write a few scripts and act as story consultants." — Joseph Mallozzi, Stargate Atlantis executive producer.
  • MGM: Across the Universe, November 5, 2008 — "We’re writing the premiere episode. Brad and myself are spinning that story, and we’re coming up with new episodes for the first half of the season as well. We're also in the preliminary casting process, and designing the sets and looking for key crew members – it’s full steam ahead right now. Our target is to start shooting early February and be on the air in July of ’09." — Robert C. Cooper, co-creator, executive producer, writer.
  • Ibid. — "It says Stargate in the title, but it’s also going to be something that is very different in tone. It will certainly have a Stargate in it, but is going to be unlike anything Stargate we’ve ever done before." — Robert C. Cooper, co-creator, executive producer, writer.
  • Joseph Mallozzi's Weblog, November 10, 2008 — Well, I’m off to read the very first draft of the very first Stargate: Universe script, compliments of Brad Wright and Robert Cooper…" — Joseph Mallozzi, creative consultant.

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