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The following article contains SPOILERS. Proceed at your own risk.

Destiny: Major Characters

Dr. Nicholas Rush - Since the loss of his wife, Rush's dedication to science and his desire to explore the mysteries of the ninth chevron have overridden all else, at any cost. He alone is to blame for the situation that has flung everyone to the far reaches of the universe, without a way home. Even in his solitude, he is without remorse. (From MGM)
Col. Everett Young - As a life-long military man Col. Young has had difficulty hanging up his wings. When he signs on for one more mission, it pushes his already strained marriage to the breaking point. Young is not one to assign high risk missions to others and he is often at odds with Dr. Rush. (From MGM)
Camile Wray - Human resources executive Wray finds herself the highest ranking member of the International Oversight Committee (IOA) onboard the Destiny. Like many of those stranded on the ship, she is devastated by the separation from loved ones back on Earth. (From MGM)
Lt. Matthew Scott - Scott is a new member to the Stargate team with a troubled past. He is completely unprepared when he is thrust into a leadership role at a time of crisis. Scott struggles to maintain accord between those who have different agendas. (From MGM)
Lt. Tamara Johansen - Unable to afford medical school, this strong willed medic was days away from leaving the program when she found herself the only one with any medical training on board the Destiny. She has to contend with a difficult and secret history with someone who is also on board. (From MGM)
MSgt. Ronald Greer - A military man with a short fuse and no apologies, Greer has a mysterious past that has yet to be revealed. (From MGM)
Eli Wallace - A total slacker, who just happens to be an utter genius with anything he puts his mind to - mathematics, computers, video games. A lack of confidence has left him with an acerbic sense of humor. (From MGM)
Chloe Armstrong - Chloe is both the daughter of and aide to U.S. Senator Alan Armstrong, the head of an organization that exists to oversee funding for the Stargate Program. She was responsible for influencing the decision to continue financial support for research into the ninth chevron. She has a wild streak and is closer to her father than to her mother. (From MGM)

Stargate Program

Lt. Gen. Jack O'Neill - Lt. Gen. Jack O'Neill is the first leader of the legendary SG-1 and now heads Homeworld Security. His headquarters at Homeworld Command in Washington, D.C., oversees the rescue effort to bring home those stranded so very, very far away aboard the Ancient ship Destiny.
Dr. Daniel Jackson - Dr. Jackson is the brilliant archaeologist who opened the Stargate over a decade ago and made the Stargate Program possible. He joined SG-1 upon its inception and found the Lost City of the Ancients, Atlantis. He's considered the world's foremost expert on the Ancients, the advanced race of humans who built the Destiny so very long ago.
Col. Samantha Carter - She holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Astrophysics and is the foremost expert on the technology of the Stargate, having upgraded the dialing computer program to dial the Stargate at Stargate Command without the use of a Dial Home Device. She was one of the original members of SG-1, became its leader for one year, became the head of R&D for a brief while at Area 51, rejoined SG-1 during the war with the Ori, became the leader of Atlantis Base, and then was given the command of the Daedalus-Class starship U.S.S. George Hammond.
Col. Telford - Stubborn and supremely confident, Colonel Telford is the head of the team that was selected to take the first journey through the Stargate using the ninth chevron. He is a life-long, highly skilled military man who is also an F-302 pilot. (From MGM)
Dr. Lisa Park - Possibly works with Homeworld Security. (According to early audition sides) CASTING: Jennifer Spence "Speaking of which – actress Jennifer Spence plays the role of Dr. Lisa Park in Stargate Universe, a character who has developed quite nicely since the pilot. Here’s a classic case of a supporting player who, over the course of several episodes, catches the attention of the writer/producers on the basis of an impressive initial performance. Based on that initial performance, the actor is given more to do – and hits it out of the park, which gives rise to more interest and meatier scenes. Jennifer‘s growing role on SG:U is just one example of the many such instances I‘m seeing develop as we make our way past the season one midway mark." — Joseph Mallozzi (June 12, 2009) (Image of Spence in Joseph Mallozzi's Weblog for May 22, 2009.)
Maj. Peterson - Most likely is assigned to Homeworld Security. Escorts Young while he is in Col. Telford's body on Earth. (According to early audition sides) CASTING: According to IMDb: Michael Karl Richards
Dr. Williams - Scientist or liaison with Homeworld Security who is working on a new solution to get those stranded on the Destiny home. (According to spoilers for "Earth") CASTING: According to IMDb: Ryan Kennedy
Dr. Eleanor Perry - A brilliant scientist who happens to be a quadriplegic, affected since childhood. However, after being brought on board the Destiny as the only person who may be able to save the ship and her crew from certain annihilation, she is given temporary powers that enable her to walk again and to finally experience intimacy. (Modified from a casting call from Spoiler TV for "Sabotage")

U.S. Government and International Oversight Advisory (IOA)

Sen. Alan Armstrong - Distinguished Senator who is the political oversight to this Stargate project trying to dial the 9th Chevron. Also the proud loving father of Chloe Armstrong, his daughter and political aide. (From breakdown) CASTING: Christopher McDonald
Carl Strom - IOA representative and Camile Wray's supervisor, Carl Strom believes that the IOA should have full control of the Destiny. He does everything he can to see that this becomes a reality. (Based on spoilers from "Earth", subject to change) CASTING: Carlo Rota

Icarus Base and Destiny: Supporting Characters

Lt. Vanessa James - "Yep, been watching a heck of a lot of auditions of late, especially for one of my favorite secondary characters - James. She’s a spitfire and is going to be a blast to write for. We’ve got three wonderful actresses in contention for the role. No matter which way we go, we won’t be disappointed." — Joseph Mallozzi (January 30, 2009). James is one of the secondary characters that Mallozzi referred to as holding "a lot of promise." CASTING: Julia Anderson (aka Julia Benson)
Sgt. Curtis - Leads a group of stranded personnel as they survey parts of the Destiny. (From Spoiler TV) CASTING: According to IMDb: Bradley Stryker
Airman Darren Becker - Works in the Mess. (From Spoiler TV) CASTING: According to IMDb: Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman
Andrea Palmer - Has knowledge of geology/chemistry and is on an away mission searching for calcium oxide (lime), a naturally-occurring chemical compound that can be used in a variety of ways to improve living conditions. It is possible that this is a key ingredient in a compound that is part of the air scrubbing system that is malfunctioning on the Destiny. (From Spoiler TV) CASTING: According to IMDb: Christina Schild
Jeremy Franklin - Described as "a middle aged Eeyore-type civilian" (Eeyore is the donkey from Winnie the Pooh that constantly loses his tail and says "thanks for noticing" whenever someone shows any kind of concern or attention). Is with Camille Wray, Sgt. Ronald Greer, and Riley as they inventory the supplies that they managed to bring with them through the Stargate and discover neatly-packaged seeds. Franklin witnesses an intense argument between Wray and Greer concerning the decision to evacuate to the Destiny instead of to Earth. Neither one knows how or why the decision was made. He's with Grearson and Eli on a planet and is knowledgeable about Stargate addresses. He has four addresses he wishes to dial, and although Eli objects because of something Rush said, doesn't want to hear it because he doesn't trust Rush's judgment. (From Spoiler TV) (described by Mallozzi as "dear, dear Franklin" and as holding "a lot of promise" in becoming a fan favorite) CASTING: Mark Burgess
Sgt. Riley - With Franklin, Wray, and Greer while they inventory supplies brought through the Stargate. Riley pulls Wray away from her face-to-face challenge of Greer concerning the decision to evacuate to the Destiny rather than to Earth. (From Spoiler TV) (described by Mallozzi as holding "a lot of promise" in becoming a fan favorite) CASTING: Haig Sutherland
Dr. Dale Volker - Is among several others as they inventory the supplies that they managed to bring with them through the Stargate. Is dismayed that they found everything labeled with bar codes but they have no bar code reader. (From Spoiler TV) Casting: Patrick Gilmore (described by Mallozzi as holding "a lot of promise" in becoming a fan favorite) According to Gilmore, "Volker is an astrophysicist, not military..." (Twitter)
Adam Brody - A scientist who finds some testing equipment on the Destiny that is used to study the "black oatmeal" compound that is part of the ship's air scrubbing system that is malfunctioning. He's also working on how to seal off leaks. (From Spoiler TV) (described by Mallozzi as holding "a lot of promise" in becoming a fan favorite) CASTING: Peter Kelamis
Sgt. Spencer - CASTING: Josh Blacker Mallozzi describes Spencer as "a hard-ass military type who proves himself a bit of a loose cannon with a hair-trigger temper facing the strain and tensions of an unforeseen jaunt through distant space." (Blacker featured in Mallozzi's entry of September 11, 2009)

Other Possible Characters (Casting Unknown):

  • From Spoiler TV, January 17, 2009 -
    • White. Has knowledge of geology/chemistry who is with Palmer searching for lime.
    • Poole. Part of the group searching for lime. Is knowledgeable about the requirements needed to dial the Stargate with the ninth chevron.
    • Kim. Is knowledgeable about the requirements needed to dial the Stargate with the ninth chevron.
    • Grearson. A scientist. Is with Eli and Franklin on a planet that is barren. He sides with Franklin concerning dialing the Stargate to one of four addresses that they couldn't dial from the Destiny. Eli objects because of something Rush had said, but Grearson doesn't trust Rush's judgment and thus dismisses what Eli has to say. He's among other scientists (about six in all) who discover a "black oatmeal" on the Destiny and must figure out its function in the air scrubbing system created by the Ancients who built the ship. (described by Mallozzi as holding "a lot of promise" in becoming a fan favorite) Character name might have become Johnson.
    • Phillips. A scientist who is among a group of six who must figure out how to fix the air scrubbing system on the Destiny by studying a residue that looks like "black oatmeal".
    • Hearst. A scientist who is also among the group who must determine the composition of the "black oatmeal" that is vital to the air scrubbing system of the Destiny.
    • Henry. He has technical knowledge and is able to read console indicators concerning the Destiny's air quality. He's working with Brody on the ship's air supply problem. (described by Mallozzi as holding "a lot of promise" in becoming a fan favorite)
    • McDonald. He asks for a status report from Henry and Brody concerning the air supply problem on the ship.
  • From Joseph Mallozzi's Weblog, February 3, 2009 -
    • Boone. "Huzzah! I finally have a preliminary draft of the first part of the Stargate: Universe mid-season two-parter. ... Anyway, I’m quite happy with what I have. This episode promises excitement, angst, and surprises big AND small. Loving some of the show’s dark horse players: Wray, James, and, if mom will let me keep him, Boone." — Joseph Mallozzi.
  • From Joseph Mallozzi's Weblog, February 23, 2009 -
    • Dr. Damji. "What a day! We were on Icarus Base shooting a couple of HUGE scenes featuring Rush, Young, Scott, Chloe, Eli, Telford, Senator Armstrong, Dr. Damji, Lt. James, Sgt. Riley, Park, Brody, and Franklin." — Joseph Mallozzi.
  • From Joseph Mallozzi's Weblog, March 17, 2009 -
    • Tush. "Anyway, tomorrow, we’ll be [shifting] from the [Destiny] set over to Stage 4. Fun [with] James, Wray, Tamara, Chloe, [Franklin], Tush, and [Eli]." — Joseph Mallozzi. (Still filming "Air")
  • From Joseph Mallozzi's Weblog, May 29, 2009 -
    • Kane. "One of the things I’m really loving about the new series is the colorful cast of characters: Rush, Young, Armstrong, Scott, Telford, Wray, Eli, Chloe, T.J., Greer, James, Brody, Franklin, Volker, Park, Spencer, Kane and Riley. I told Brad that Darkness and Light do a wonderful job of offering the viewer insight into these varied individuals thrown together by circumstance, glimpses of their respective personalities only the kino can capture." (IMDb is referring to a Dr. Caine, played by Tygh Runyan, but it's not certain if these are one and the same.)

Loved Ones Left Behind on Earth

Hailey Young/Emily Young - Col. Everett Young's wife of two years. (From breakdown, her name is Hailey; from IMDb and early audition sides, her name is Emily, played by Ona Grauer)
Sharon - Camile Wray's 12-year life partner. (From spoilers for "Life", subject to change) "Yesterday, we watched the latest cut of Life. A brilliant episode (written by Carl Binder, directed by Alex Chapple) with some great performances – and here I must make mention of two guest stars in particular: ... Reiko Aylesworth (Hey, eagle-eyed Lost fans!) whose touching turn as Sharon proves alternately uplifting and heart-rending. Great casting." (Joseph Mallozzi's Weblog, June 12, 2009)
Annie Balic - Lt. Matthew Scott's lover from youth and now mother of his eight-year-old son. (From spoilers from "Life", subject to change) "Yesterday, we watched the latest cut of Life. A brilliant episode (written by Carl Binder, directed by Alex Chapple) with some great performances – and here I must make mention of two guest stars in particular: Sarah Smyth, who delivers a wonderfully nuanced performance as the struggling Annie Balic ... Great casting." (Joseph Mallozzi's Weblog, June 12, 2009)
Maryann Wallace/Marion Wallace - Eli's mother, a hard-working waitress. (From earlier audition sides from SpoilerTV, her name was Marion; from IMDb, her name is Maryann.) (According to IMDB, played by Glynis Davies)
Chloe's Mother
Chloe's Mother - According to MGM, Chloe is closer to her father, Senator Alan Armstrong, than to her mother. Casting: Anna Galvin (according to Mallozzi's DVD commentary for SGA 5.15 "Remnants")