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Super Stargate ("Supergate")


The Super Stargate (also known as a "Supergate", or an intergalactic Stargate) is a large Stargate suspended in space that obtains its power from a nearby black hole. The Supergate was designed by the Ascended Beings known as the Ori who lived in a faraway galaxy which was the original home of the Ancients (then known as the Altera), and provided a means by which the Ori's warships invaded the Milky Way Galaxy.

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Introduction of the Super Stargate

Planet-Collapsing Force Field envelops Kallana
Kallana's Stargate survives Mark IX Gatebuster detonation
Supergate begins forming

When the Free Jaffa planet Kallana was visited by a Prior of the Ori, the Jaffa living there were not receptive of accepting the Ori as their new gods. Having recently obtained freedom from the Goa'uld, these Jaffa preferred to fight to keep their planet free from those who wished to control them through false religion. Upon hearing that the Free Jaffa refused to convert to Origin, the Ori's religion, the Prior killed all those on the planet and declared that the planet would be used for the Ori's purpose, "one way or another." (9.06 "Beachhead")

The Prior stood before an active Stargate and began watching over the force field that began growing in a bubble over him, the Stargate, and the DHD. The wormhole from the Ori's home galaxy stayed open for over two days, and the force field continued to expand. Because the wormhole lasted more than two days, it was concluded that something more powerful than a Zero Point Module (ZPM) was the energy source. (9.06 "Beachhead")

Because the energy field was expanding, the SGC and Free Jaffa thought that the Ori were going to gather an army under its protection. They decided that they needed to destroy this force field to prevent such an invasion. The Free Jaffa sent three ha'tak and a cloaked cargo ship to Kallana, while Earth sent the Prometheus. The SGC was urged by a Goa'uld named Nerus to use the most powerful weapon they could muster against the force field during one of its expansions when it appeared to weaken. Armed with Lt. Col. Samantha Carter's Mark IX "Gatebuster" bomb, Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell (SG-1), Dr. Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, and Vala Mal Doran went to the planet to negotiate with the Prior to stop building the force field, but he refused. Mitchell armed the bomb and gave the Prior another chance. Again, he refused, turning his back on them. (9.06 "Beachhead")

Because the negotiations failed, the Mark IX bomb was completely armed and detonated. It was a naquadria-enhanced nuclear device designed specifically to vaporize anything within a one-hundred mile radius, including a Stargate. Instead of being destroyed, the Stargate remained active and the force field absorbed the energy and continued to expand, eventually completely enveloping the planet. To the observers' amazement, they realized that the force field was collapsing Kallana into a micro-singularity — a black hole. (9.06 "Beachhead")

The Ori's next step was to send unmanned objects with no internal space through the still-active Stargate of the planet. These objects were approximately 10 meters long, barely wide enough to go through the Stargate, and began to gather in an area beyond the planet. To get to their destination, many of the segments collided with the Prometheus and the Free Jaffa's ha'taks, destroying two ha'taks and causing damage to the Prometheus and Gerak's mothership. After withdrawing from the area, the Prometheus detected that the segments had begun joining to form a massive Stargate, measuring approximately 400 meters across — large enough to permit ships through. When they saw the Stargate forming, the team realized that the black hole was formed to provide power to the massive "Supergate". (9.06 "Beachhead")

Realizing that the segments were about the width of a cargo ship, Vala determined that if a cargo ship were substituted for the final segment, the Supergate would lose integrity. She piloted the Free Jaffa's cargo ship into position, and as she predicted, the Stargate lost integrity when the wave from the singularity's formation hit it. Amazingly, Vala's ring transporter matter stream was transported across the vast distance and she was beamed onto a receiving ring platform in the Ori's home galaxy! (9.06 "Beachhead", 9.19 "Crusade Part 1")

Patrolling the Galaxy for Supergates

SG-1 arrive on P3X-584 to observe nearby black hole
Vala warns the SGC through Daniel that there's a completed Supergate
Ori activate their warships

Earth and its allies began to monitor activities in the galaxy, investigating any anomolies that might indicate the existence of unchartered black holes. The Tok'ra alerted the SGC that they had found a gravitional disturbance with their long-range sensors that might have been the precursor to the assembling of another Supergate. SG-1 and SG-5 went to P3X-584 to set up gravity sensors and other equipment to determine if the Ori were actually building a Supergate nearby. Fortunately, the black hole was determined to be "just a regular old black hole." (9.09 "Prototype")

Reports from several planets visited by Priors indicated that a "Day of Reckoning" was approaching. Allies, including the Asgard, Free Jaffa, and Tok'ra, continued to monitor the galaxy for signs of a Supergate. When Vala successfully contacted the SGC through a subspace communications link using Daniel as her communications conduit, she was able to warn the SGC that the Ori had built several large warships and were about to send them to the Milky Way — somewhere the Ori had successfully built a new, operational Supergate. (9.19 "Crusade Part 1")

First Completed Supergate

Carter replaces Supergate's dialing control crystal
The Supergate's unstable vortex
Ori Warship comes through Supergate

The Free Jaffa found the first completed Supergate (formed with approximately 90 large segments and appearing to be larger than the Supergate built at Kallana) near the location of the planet P3Y-229, which had been collapsed into a micro-singularity just as Kallana had been. Their fleet of ha'tak attempted to destroy the Supergate with their weapons, but to no avail. (9.20 "Camelot Part 2")

Working with the Asgard Kvasir, Carter proposed that she replace one of the 'gate's "dialing" control crystals with a pre-programmed crystal that would activate the Stargate and form an outgoing wormhole in order to prevent the Ori from creating a wormhole in the other direction. Kvasir beamed Carter, in a spacesuit, out to the segment of the Supergate that housed the control crystal. She successfully replaced the crystal and began initialization procedures at the same time as the Ori formed their wormhole. The energy build-up caused Carter's boots to lose their magnetic lock and she began to drift in space. The Odyssey couldn't obtain a transporter lock on her because of the interference of the Supergate's power. Carter could only watch helplessly from her lonely vantage point as four Ori warships came through the Supergate and quickly decimated the allied fleets of Earth, the Asgard, the Free Jaffa, and the Lucian Alliance. Only Earth's Odyssey survived the battle. (9.20 "Camelot Part 2", 10.01 "Flesh and Blood Part 3")

Milky Way Stargate launched near black hole in Pegasus Galaxy
Wraith hive ship that was eventually destroyed near the Stargate in the Pegasus Galaxy
Ori warship destroyed during wormhole jump

In order to prevent even more Ori warships from coming through the completed intergalactic Stargate, Carter proposed that they could make the wormhole of a Stargate powered by a black hole in the Pegasus Galaxy jump from a normal-sized Milky Way Stargate to the Supergate if the normal-sized Stargate were situated close enough to the Supergate to cause an energy transfer. Carter enlisted the help of Dr. Rodney McKay to double-check her calculations, as well as to consider new approaches if her original plan failed. Remarkably, the amount of energy and duration needed from the controlled blasts needed to force the wormhole to jump could only be achieved with the destruction of a Wraith hive ship with the bombs onboard. Even more astonishing was the fact that Teal'c, who was in an al'kesh monitoring the Supergate-side of the operation, lured an Ori warship into the unstable vortex that formed in the Supergate when the wormhole jumped to it, destroying that enemy ship as well. (10.03 "The Pegasus Project")

Daniel, as a Prior, dials the Supergate from the control chair on the bridge of an Ori warship
The Ori warship on course toward the active Supergate
The Ori warship passes through the Supergate to the Ori's home galaxy with the activated anti-ascended weapon onboard

The "great victory" that was accomplished the day that the Supergate was blocked was short-lived. After Daniel completed Merlin's anti-ascended weapon (the Sangreal) with the aid of Merlin himself (who was inhabiting Daniel), he requested that the wormhole be disconnected so that he could send the weapon to the Ori's home galaxy, accessible only through that particular Supergate. The problem with his plan, which was to steal an Ori warship and pilot it through where the weapon would detonate, was that he had been converted into a Prior after he was captured by Adria, the Orici who was the leader of the Ori's invasion army. Eventually, he was able to convince Gen. Jack O'Neill and his team that Merlin had protected him from Adria's influence and that he was being truthful. They all completed his original plan, with O'Neill giving the order to the Daedalus that was in the Pegasus Galaxy near the originating Stargate to detonate a Mark IX bomb behind that 'gate to shut down the wormhole. (10.14 "The Shroud")

Daniel dialed the Supergate to the Ori's home galaxy from the control chair on the bridge of the Ori warship and placed the ship on course. O'Neill beamed the team back onto the Odyssey before the warship with the Sangreal onboard went through the Supergate, but none of them knew for sure if the weapon, which was on a five-minute countdown to detonation, had actually worked at eliminating the Ori. Unfortunately, the Supergate was once again open, and the Ori took advantage of this by immediately sending six more warships through. To make matters worse, the Orici soon thereafter announced that dozens of warships were being built and would shortly arrive through the now-available Supergate, making it highly likely that the Ori would have control of the galaxy in the matter of months. (10.14 "The Shroud", 10.19 "Dominion")

Using the Supergate to End the War

Tomin is persuaded to join SG-1 after the Prior is killed
Odyssey uses the Supergate to search for the Ark of Truth
Adria as the one and only Ascended Ori

Complicating the Milky Way's situation was the ascension of the Orici. System Lord Ba'al had tried to take over her domain by implanting a cloned symbiote into Adria, but after SG-1 captured her, the Tok'ra's effort to remove the Ba'al symbiote and replace it with a Tok'ra was thwarted when the Ba'al symbiote released its toxin into Adria's nervous system. She ascended and left SG-1 not knowing if the Ori were really gone or not. If they were, then Adria had just taken up all of their power unto herself. If they weren't, then she would just join them and make them all the more powerful. Either scenario didn't bode well for the Milky Way. (10.19 "Dominion")

Daniel began to have visions that he thought were residual memories left by Merlin during his "stay", so he put in a great deal of time and effort trying to understand them. He thought that there was an Ark of Truth device on Dakara, the first place settled by the Altera upon their arrival to the galaxy. This device could be used on the Priors to make them realize that the Ori were not gods and that they were being deceived, and once enlightened, they would stop their murderous campaign. Daniel didn't find the Ark on Dakara, but SG-1 did manage to persuade Tomin of the Ori's army to join their side when they killed a Prior, someone whom Tomin thought couldn't be killed with conventional weapons. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)

Tomin and Daniel discussed Daniel's visions, and Tomin helped identify the actual place that Daniel was seeing. This place, as it happened to be, was in the Ori's galaxy. Now, SG-1 had the opportunity to use the Supergate on their own terms. Using the cloak that Merlin installed in the Odyssey, they went through the Supergate into the Ori's home galaxy to search for the Ark of Truth at the place where the Altera had lived all those millions of years ago. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)

While on their search, Daniel, Tomin, Vala, and Teal'c found out that the Flames of Enlightenment, the Ori's manifestation, had gone out. This was a very good indicator that Merlin's weapon had succeeded in eliminating them. Unfortunately, the Priors interpreted this event as a sign to increase their efforts. Actually, the Ori were indeed gone, and as feared, Adria had become quite powerful. Adria was too powerful for the Ascended Ancient Morgan Le Fay to fight alone, but once she joined efforts with Daniel and his team, they were able to use the Ark against the Doci, the lead Prior who was connected to all the Priors in the galaxy through their orbed staffs. His enlightenment weakened Adria enough that Morgan could engage her in an eternal struggle in the ascended planes. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)

The Odyssey returned to the Milky Way through the Supergate and the Ark was used against one of the Priors there. His enlightenment was spread across the galaxy through his orbed staff, and the war ended at that very moment. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)

Presumably, Tomin and his people returned to their homeworlds through the Supergate, and at this point, the Supergate is still most likely available for use, providing a very quick way to travel an exceedingly vast distance to a now-friendly galaxy. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)


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