Teyla Emmagan

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Teyla Emmagan


Teyla Emmagan is a native of Athos, a planet in the Pegasus Galaxy, and is now a member of the Atlantis Expedition Team.

Character Biography

Teyla's planet was the first one visited by the Atlantis Expedition Team through the Stargate in Atlantis as they searched for a new site when Atlantis's power was failing upon their arrival. Teyla greeted the team warily, but soon found a friend in Maj. John Sheppard. She showed him cave drawings which described the history of her world which had been terrorized by the Wraith for centuries. Sheppard found a necklace which Teyla had lost in the cave and soon thereafter, the Wraith attacked her world. It was later determined that the necklace was a beacon for the Wraith, given to her when she was a child.

Teyla is able to sense the Wraith because she is descended from those who had been experimented on by a Wraith scientist several generations ago. This experimentation left her with Wraith DNA. Eventually, Teyla learned to enhance her abilities to sense Wraith by tapping into their psychic link to gather intelligence and plant false information.

Teyla is a leader of her people, the Athosians, and is a skilled warrior in combat, especially in one-on-one situations. She also has a beautiful singing voice.


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