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<h2 style="background-color:#345f89;">ca A.D. 2005-2006</h2>
<h2 style="background-color:#828FA2;">ca A.D. 2005-2006</h2>
This time estimate corresponds to Season Nine of ''Stargate SG-1'' and Season Two of ''Stargate Atlantis''.
This time estimate corresponds to Season Nine of ''Stargate SG-1'' and Season Two of ''Stargate Atlantis''.
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* Four Ori warships came through the new Supergate and quickly decimated the allied fleet (Asgard, Jaffa, Tau'ri, Lucian Alliance, and possibly Tok'ra). Only Earth's ''Odyssey'' remained to tell the tale, and they rescued as many people as they could who were stranded on their dying ships. (9.20 "Camelot Part 2", 10.01 "Flesh and Blood Part 3")
* Four Ori warships came through the new Supergate and quickly decimated the allied fleet (Asgard, Jaffa, Tau'ri, Lucian Alliance, and possibly Tok'ra). Only Earth's ''Odyssey'' remained to tell the tale, and they rescued as many people as they could who were stranded on their dying ships. (9.20 "Camelot Part 2", 10.01 "Flesh and Blood Part 3")
<h2 style="background-color:#345f89;">ca A.D. 2006-2007</h2>
<h2 style="background-color:#828FA2;">ca A.D. 2006-2007</h2>
This time estimate corresponds to Season Ten of ''Stargate SG-1'', the timeline of the direct-to-DVD movie ''Stargate: The Ark of Truth'' (which is said to follow directly behind 10.20 "Unending" and before the finale of Season Three of ''Stargate Atlantis'', "First Strike", even though the DVD was first released on 11 March 2008), and Season Three of ''Stargate Atlantis''.
This time estimate corresponds to Season Ten of ''Stargate SG-1'', the timeline of the direct-to-DVD movie ''Stargate: The Ark of Truth'' (which is said to follow directly behind 10.20 "Unending" and before the finale of Season Three of ''Stargate Atlantis'', "First Strike", even though the DVD was first released on 11 March 2008), and Season Three of ''Stargate Atlantis''.

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Timeline of the Ancients


This timeline is part of a larger timeline that covers the over 50-million-year history of the Ancients. To view the entire timeline, visit Timeline of the Ancients, which also includes an overview of the Ancients' evolutionary path and author's notes.

Date Range Period Human Ascended Galaxy Notes
Over 50 million years ago Alteran Yes Uncertain Original home galaxy, often referred to as simply the Ori galaxy because only the Ori remained there. The Altera and their brethren the Ori were humans on the evolutionary path toward ascension, but it is unknown if there were ascended beings who existed before or during this period, and if they existed, whether or not the humans were aware of them. The Ori greatly outnumbered the Altera and were preparing to wipe them out because of their conflicting philosophical views. By the end of this period, the only Ancients that existed were the Altera, the mountaintop villagers who chose to leave their home aboard a single spaceship rather than engage in a war. The Ori were left behind to continue on their own path.
5 to 10 million years ago to 50 million years ago Ancient Yes Possible Primarily in the Milky Way, their new home that they named "Avalon". The Altera became known as the Ancients. This period includes the establishment of the Stargate network in the Milky Way, the exploration of their new home galaxy and others through the launch of their exploration fleet of Stargate-seeding starships and follow-up exploration vessel Destiny (see Stargate Universe), the formation of alliances, the advancement in weapons and other technology, the development of the means to collect and store their accumulated knowledge, and the continued research into the acceleration of evolution through genetic alteration to achieve ascension. Some of the Ancients had evolved to the point that they could ascend on their own. The defining moment that ends this period is the occurrence of the plague that swept throughout the galaxy that forced the Ancients to ascend, to leave the galaxy, or to die out. Because of the plague and the heightened research into ascension, the Ancients never boarded Destiny, but instead left the exploration fleet to continue on its automated course.
10,000 years ago to 5 to 10 million years ago Lantian Yes Yes Pegasus. The Ancients were called the Ancestors by the humans of the Pegasus galaxy. This period opens with the plague sweeping throughout the Milky Way that forced the Ancients to leave the galaxy in one form or another—whether it be by ascending, by leaving the galaxy as humans (in spaceships, for example), or by dying out. The Ancients that ascended joined together in a collective called The Others. The Ori, although not hit by a plague, also ascended and established themselves as the gods of the religion "Origin". This period also includes the creation of the second generation (evolution) of humanity in the three galaxies: the original Altera/Ori home galaxy, the Milky Way, and Pegasus. As they did in the Milky Way, the Ancients in Pegasus built a Stargate network and settled on several planets. By the end of this period, more Ancients had ascended and apparently joined their own ancestors who were with The Others; however, no more ascended beings joined the Ori because the Ori did not wish to share their power and prevented their humanity from evolving to the point where they could ascend on their own or through the use of advanced technology. This period ends when the last of the Lantian survivors of the Wraith-Ancient War abandoned Atlantis and used the Stargate to return to Earth, where they blended into Earth's societies, left the planet through the Stargate, or ascended.
Present to 10,000 years ago Legacy Possible Yes All except original home galaxy. This is when the majority of Ancients are Ascended Beings, and other races use and abuse their legacy. At the beginning of this period, the Lantian Ancients had just returned to Earth after abandoning Pegasus to the Wraith and chose to blend in with Earth's societies, to leave Earth through the Stargate, or to ascend. Proof of the Ancients' blending into the human population of the Milky Way is the natural occurrence of the ATA gene (Ancient Technology Activation gene) that allows the possessor to activate and interface with genetically-keyed Ancient technology, as well as the cultural influences of the world's ancient civilizations. Some Ancients from earlier in this period survived into the modern era in human form via stasis, time travel, or some other form of technological means, while a few Ascended Ancients chose to retake human form. This period includes the reopening of the Stargate in modern times and a near-repeat of history as the humans of Earth assimilate the Ancients' legacy, which not only includes knowledge and technology, but also old rivalries that the Ancients had failed to resolve. It also includes the discovery of Destiny, which opened up the universe to exploration (albeit limited) and to the exposure to new life forms untouched by Ancient hands.


ca A.D. 2005-2006

This time estimate corresponds to Season Nine of Stargate SG-1 and Season Two of Stargate Atlantis.

The Ori become aware of humanity in the Milky Way and launch a crusade; Expedition discovers Project Arcturus and Sanctuary; Ancient warships and another city-ship are discovered in Pegasus:
  • The Daedalus returned to Earth where the Expedition leaders began the process of picking out new personnel for their return trip. They also brought with them copies of portions of the Ancient database that included the roster of those Ancients who returned to Earth 10,000 years ago and medical data on the physiology of the Ancients themselves. (9.01 "Avalon Part 1", 9.09 "Prototype"; Stargate Atlantis: 2.02 "The Intruder")
  • SG-1 disbanded and Dr. Daniel Jackson was due to go to his new assignment on Atlantis on the Daedalus's return trip, but was prevented from doing so when Vala Mal Doran entered his life once again. She brought with her a tablet encoded in Ancient, hoping that Daniel could translate it and find the treasure that it was supposed to reveal. Daniel used the Atlantis roster to support his claim that the tablet was written by the same Myrddin who was on the list. This Myrddin is also known as Merlin in Arthurian legends, and Daniel used the Arthurian legends about Avalon to determine the treasure's location as being Glastonbury Tor in England. SG-1's new leader Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell encouraged Daniel, Teal'c, and Vala to go with him on the search for the Ancient treasure. (9.01 "Avalon Part 1"; Stargate Atlantis: 2.02 "The Intruder")
  • The treasure was where Daniel said it would be, and among the booty was an Ancient communications terminal that used the Ancient communications stones that the SGC happened to have on hand. Daniel and Vala used the two stones in the terminal and were connected to a married couple in the Ori's home galaxy. This psychic connection rendered Daniel and Vala unconscious at Stargate Command, but perfectly aware in the Ori galaxy as they took over the bodies of Harrid and Sallis. Unfortunately, their use of the technology brought them in direct contact with the Ori themselves, who were now made aware of humanity in the Milky Way. Vala, in Sallis's body, was burned to death on the Ara, and her body died at the same time at Stargate Command. A Prior of the Ori resurrected both Vala and Sallis and then took Daniel and Vala to the City of the Gods on Celestis via a ring transporter. (9.02 "Avalon Part 2", 9.03 "Origin Part 3")
  • Ascended Ori took control of the body of their high priest, the Doci, and talked directly to Daniel about the "evil" that the Ancients were and how everyone would be witness to the Ori's power. Daniel learned that the Ascended Ancients had shielded humanity from the Ori to protect them. The Doci told Daniel that he had already sent a Prior through the Stargate to preach "Origin" to the people, especially to those who had just lost their gods when the Goa'uld fell. The Doci stated that those who do not accept Origin would die. (9.02 "Avalon Part 2", 9.03 "Origin Part 3")
  • Daniel and Vala were returned to the village so that more unbelievers could be weeded out. Even with the knowledge that he could be caught, Fannis, an unbeliever and friend of the married couple, helped Daniel and Vala establish a full communications link through the use of a terminal he had hidden away. Once the link was made two-way, Daniel and Vala were able to warn Stargate Command about the Ori and the Priors. A Prior severed the two-way link, killed Fannis, and sent Daniel and Vala to the Ara to be burned to death, but Mitchell and Teal'c completely severed the connection by throwing the terminal and the stones into the unstable vortex of the Stargate. Daniel and Vala survived, but Harrid and Sallis perished in the fire. (9.03 "Origin Part 3")
  • The leader of the village of Ver Ager where Daniel and Vala had visited was rewarded for his service to the Ori by being converted into a Prior by the Ori themselves. The "Flames of Enlightenment" overtook him and his DNA was manipulated to give him advanced human powers similar to those of the pre-ascended Ancients. The Priors, however, weren't able to ascend, but the Ori promised them ascension upon death. This promise was a lie, making the Priors unwitting pawns in the Ori's quest for more power. (9.03 "Origin Part 3", 9.10 "The Fourth Horseman Part 1")
  • The Doci ordered starships to be built and warriors to be trained for the second wave of the Ori's "crusade" to convert humanity in the Milky Way. If anyone refused to offer his worship, he was killed. The Prior that demonstrated the Ori's power on P8X-412 did so by spreading a plague that was remarkably similar to the one that killed the Ancients those millions of years ago. The only cure for the people was their complete surrender to the power of the Ori. When the free Jaffa on Kallana refused, they were all killed, and their planet converted into a micro-singularity that was destined to provide the power for a Super Stargate that was large enough for an Ori warship to go through. Vala managed to destroy the "Supergate" as it was still forming, but her ring transporter matter stream was sent to the Ori's home galaxy to rematerialize on the ring platform on Ver Isca. (9.05 "The Powers That Be", 9.06 "Beachhead", 9.19 "Crusade Part 1")
  • The Atlantis Expedition discovered the Ancients' abandoned Project Arcturus. Dr. Rodney McKay thought that he could succeed where the Ancients failed in getting the power generator stabilized and the weapon operational, but his arrogance and over-confidence prevented him from listening to his colleagues who said that it couldn't be done. As a result of McKay's ignorance and mishandling of the technology, the Project overloaded and destroyed five-sixths of the Dorandan solar system (which, fortunately, was uninhabited). (Stargate Atlantis: 2.06 "Trinity")
  • Ba'al fled to the most unlikely of places after his defeat over Dakara: Earth. He controlled the Goa'uld who had infiltrated powerful corporations and governments and became a wealthy mogul. He also was rebuilding his galactic domain by cloning himself (both host and symbiote) and working his plans all over the galaxy through them. (9.07 "Ex Deus Machina")
  • Dr. Carson Beckett of the Atlantis Expedition began to develop a retrovirus that would alter Wraith DNA by stripping out the iratus bug elements of the genetic code and leaving only the human aspects behind. His prototype was tested when a young Wraith female who had been raised in secret by a human man took it hoping that she'd become human like her "father". Unfortunately, the retrovirus worked in the opposite direction and she turned into a humanoid bug-like creature that had to be destroyed when she attacked Sheppard. That exposure caused him to mutate into a bug-like creature as well, but the effects were reversed with the use of iratus bug stem cells programmed with human RNA. Through this horrible experience, however, Beckett learned enough to begin perfecting the Wraith-to-Human retrovirus. (Stargate Atlantis: 2.07 "Instinct", 2.08 "Conversion")
  • SG-1 discovered Anubis's experiment in advancing a human-Goa'uld toward ascension on P3X-584. The young man, named Khalek, already possessed many of the Ancient abilities such as rapid healing, enhanced hearing, enhanced strength, mind reading, and telekinesis, but he needed more treatments in the Ancient DNA Manipulation Device before he could actually ascend. Khalek told Daniel that he had the memory of the confrontation Daniel had with Anubis, his "father", apparently referring to the one they had over Abydos when Daniel was first ascended. This gave a relative timeframe of when Anubis last worked on Khalek before he was taken away by Oma at Dakara. Richard Woolsey of the International Oversight Advisory (IOA), the organization that controlled the majority of Stargate Command's budget, wished to study Khalek in order to fight the Priors and learn about ascension, but Daniel warned that Khalek was too dangerous. Khalek killed his guards and made it to the Stargate to return to his planet for more treatments, but Mitchell and Daniel killed him on the ramp. (9.04 "The Ties That Bind", 9.09 "Prototype")
  • The Atlantis Expedition located the Ancient battleship Aurora drifting in space. The ship was heavily damaged, so the crew put themselves in stasis for the long trip back to Lantia. Apparently along the way, the ship's hyperdrives completely failed. Sheppard entered one of the stasis chambers to link into the neural network that created a virtual environment for the crew. He met with the captain and tried to explain that the ship had been away from Altantis for 10,000 years and that the war with the Wraith was lost, but the captain and crew felt that they were still on their original mission. To Sheppand's and McKay's horror, a Wraith had also plugged into the network, posing as the ship's second in command and attempting to get the crew to reveal important information on hyperdrive technology by faking a hyperdrive upgrade scenario. The team killed the Wraith and then finally convinced the captain of the truth of their situation. Knowing that they were near death (the stasis chambers slow down aging, but don't stop it altogether) and that Wraith ships were on their way, the captain decided to destroy the Wraith ships by using his ship's self-destruct. The captain's last words to his crew: "I've never been more proud than I am at this moment. It has been an honor serving with you. And although we may not return to Atlantis, rest assured that the Aurora will be remembered." When Sheppard's team returned to Atlantis, they held a toast in remembrance of the crew of the Aurora who had made the ultimate sacrifice. From this moment on, all Lantian warships that were built like this ship were referred to as Aurora-Class Ships. (Stargate Atlantis: 2.09 "Aurora")
  • An Ori Prior managed to get the plague started on Earth by infecting members of SG-6 while they were on an undercover mission to P2X-885. At the same time, the Ascended Ancient Orlin saw Carter's attempts to develop an anti-Prior device that would cancel out a Prior's advanced human powers. He decided to retake human form one more time to help. In order to maintain his ascended knowledge for as long as possible while human, he returned in the body of a 12-year-old boy. The Others did not interfere when Orlin returned to human form to reveal some of the history of the Ori, to help develop the Anti-Prior Device, and to find a cure for the plague. However, Orlin knew that he would not be able to ascend again. He provided everything he set out to do, and then got one of the Priors to reveal the Ori's goal: to build enough power to annihilate the ascended Ancients. Orlin's brain was damaged to the point that he lost his memories and had to be placed in a permanent care facility where he engaged in simple activities, such as putting together a jigsaw puzzle. (9.03 "Origin Part 3", 9.10 "The Fourth Horseman Part 1", 9.11 "The Fourth Horseman Part 2")
  • The Ori targeted the leader of the Free Jaffa Nation Gerak to become a Prior so that he could win the Jaffa's devotion to the Ori by making Origin the state religion. Gerak had long sought the Path to Enlightenment, but he was conflicted when the Prior ordered him to kill his own people who were gathering on Chulak to resist him. Teal'c talked Gerak into turning against the Ori and to use his powers to cure those stricken with the plague at Stargate Command, but after doing so, Gerak was consumed in fire for his betrayal. His last words were "I die free." (9.10 "The Fourth Horseman Part 1", 9.11 "The Fourth Horseman Part 2")
  • The Atlantis Expedition discovered the Ancients' "Sanctuary", the time dilation bubble wherein humans could hide from the Wraith and Ancients could meditate to reach ascension. Time within the bubble progressed approximately 250 times faster relative to time on the outside, meaning that in the 10,000 years that had passed outside Sanctuary, 2,500,000 had passed inside. Sanctuary had been discovered by a group of humans generations upon generations ago who wished to follow in the Ancients' footsteps to ascend. The small group of people who were living in Sanctuary at the time the Expedition discovered them had advanced very closely to what the Ancients had in order to ascend naturally (some had the ability to heal through touch; others, precognition and remote viewing). Their forefathers sought out Sanctuary specifically to achieve ascension because they sensed that they had it within themselves to do so, which might indicate that they had been humans who were descendants of Ancients who blended with human societies a long time ago. Once the last group of the Sanctuary residents released their burdens (in this case, fears) they achieved ascension, bypassing old age and death (one of the residents was a child). One of the residents, now an ascended being, opened the portal so that Sheppard's team could leave. The team had to leave the ZPM behind so that Sanctuary would be available to others who might seek it later on. (Stargate Atlantis: 2.12 "Epiphany")
  • The Goa'uld who were living on Earth managed to take the commander of the Deadalus as a host and used him to set an explosion on Atlantis so that the Wraith would have no way to reach Earth. Fortunately, he was discovered and the explosion prevented. The Asgard engineer assigned to the Daedalus removed the symbiote via the Asgard beaming technology, the first time such an operation had taken place. The commander resumed his duties with no apparent physical side effects, although there were some emotional issues he had to work through as a result of his body's invasion. (Stargate Atlantis: 2.13 "Critical Mass")
  • The Prometheus was destroyed by an Ori-designed satellite weapon built by the humans of Tegalus. The survivors managed to get through the Stargate before the planet's two warring factions turned their weapons on each other. (9.15 "Ethon")
  • The Atlantis Expedition found a city-ship almost identical to Atlantis on a planet populated mostly by poor peasants who served the royal court headed by the Lord Protector who lived in The Tower. The Tower was the central spire of the city-ship, which was mostly buried underground after it was greatly damaged thousands of years ago. The Lord Protector had the Ancient gene that activated the city's defense weapons that were controlled by a chair similar to what was in the Outposts in the Milky Way. Atlantis had one of these chairs, too, and it was used to fire the drones and to control other city functions. The existence of the royal bloodline on this planet indicates that some Ancients blended into the human populations just like the Lantians had done when they returned to Earth 10,000 years ago. These Pegasus bloodlines, however, were much older than 10,000 years, so they were beginning to weaken as each generation passed. Col. Sheppard's Ancient genes were stronger than any of the royal bloodline on this planet had had in 300 years. The ZPM in this old city-ship depleted soon after Sheppard's team's arrival, so the Expedition traded a supply of medicines, an IDC (identification code), and help on restructuring their society in exchange for defense drones and a few puddle jumpers. The city-ship and its origin were never identified. (Stargate Atlantis: 2.15 "The Tower")
  • Stargate Command lost the Gamma Site to a scourge of "Prior Bugs" that killed all of their personnel who were conducting research there. These bugs were just another tool in the Priors' arsenal to convert resisting populations. Another method of punishment was used against the Sodan Jaffa who had been befriended by Mitchell. After the Sodan rejected the Ori, a Prior converted one of their men into a zombie who killed all of his people, except for one. The legendary Sodan warriors had lived in freedom for over 5,000 years, but were wiped out in only two days. (9.08 "Babylon", 9.11 "The Fourth Horseman Part 2", 9.17 "The Scourge", 9.18 "Arthur's Mantle")
  • The Atlantis Expedition captured a Wraith and used in experiments using Dr. Beckett's Wraith-to-Human retrovirus. The Wraith was named "Michael Kenmore" and given a human backstory, and he tried to adjust to his new life after waking up with amnesia. The retrovirus had to be administered daily, but Michael began to have Wraith urges he couldn't explain. Finally, he discovered his true identity and escaped from Atlantis only half-way returned to his Wraith form. Michael knew that Atlantis still existed, so his return to the Wraith put the city in danger once more. (Stargate Atlantis: 2.18 "Michael")
  • Another piece of technology that Merlin left in the storehouse of Avalon was a phase-shifting device identified by Daniel as "Arthur's Mantle". Merlin's research notes were recorded in this device, which could be read only in the alternate dimension where Merlin hid while developing his anti-ascended weapon. Merlin recorded the address of where he took the weapon after its completion: "Camelot". (9.18 "Arthur's Mantle", 9.20 "Camelot Part 2")
  • The Atlantis Expedition visited Taranis after the people there used the records left by the Ancients to obtain Atlantis's Stargate address to contact them. The Taranians were using the shields at maximum capacity ever since the Wraith were reawakened over a year ago, and this was causing several alarms to go off on their control console that they didn't understand. The overriding of these alarms was not the right thing to do as they reawakened the supervolcano from which the geothermal energy was being drawn to power the shields. The Expedition had to evacuate the entire planet before the supervolcano erupted, so they managed to board as many refugees on the Daedalus and the partially-fixed Aurora-class warship Hippaforalkus, which Sheppard renamed Orion. The eruption of the supervolcano rendered the planet uninhabitable for many years, but the people were relocated, and they thanked the Expedition for their rescue by granting them the use of Orion. (Stargate Atlantis: 2.19 "Inferno")
  • Vala made temporary contact with Stargate Command by using the communications terminal on her end and connecting to Daniel through an emulator developed by Carter on the other end. Using Daniel's body, Vala warned them that the Ori had built a new Supergate and were preparing to send a fleet of their warships through it. She also told them that she was pregnant and married a local man named Tomin to explain her condition, although she realized that the Ori had impregnated her against her will. (9.19 "Crusade Part 1")
  • SG-1 went to Camelot, but didn't find the weapon. They did, however, find out that Merlin disappeared about the same time that Arthur and his Knights went on their quest for the Sangreal. The governor of the village told Daniel that Arthur and his Knights went to Castiana, Sahal, and Vagonbrei in their search, but he didn't know the Stargate addresses. (9.20 "Camelot Part 2")
  • Four Ori warships came through the new Supergate and quickly decimated the allied fleet (Asgard, Jaffa, Tau'ri, Lucian Alliance, and possibly Tok'ra). Only Earth's Odyssey remained to tell the tale, and they rescued as many people as they could who were stranded on their dying ships. (9.20 "Camelot Part 2", 10.01 "Flesh and Blood Part 3")

ca A.D. 2006-2007

This time estimate corresponds to Season Ten of Stargate SG-1, the timeline of the direct-to-DVD movie Stargate: The Ark of Truth (which is said to follow directly behind 10.20 "Unending" and before the finale of Season Three of Stargate Atlantis, "First Strike", even though the DVD was first released on 11 March 2008), and Season Three of Stargate Atlantis.

1007 weapon destroyed.jpg
Sga310 gatebridge01.jpg
Daniel finally visits Atlantis and meets Morgan Le Fay; Atlantis Expedition encounters the Asurans; Milky Way anti-replicator technology works against the Asurans; Ancients return to Atlantis, but are killed by the Asurans; Merlin returns to build his weapon; Atlantis Expedition finds ascension acceleration technology; Earth inherits the Asgard Legacy; The Ori are defeated and their crusade ends; SG-1 resumes the exploration of the galaxy through the Stargate:
  • Vala joined Tomin on his warship, one of the four that came through the Supergate, and returned home to the Milky Way in time to deliver her child, a girl she named Adria. Adria was genetically engineered to grow quickly both mentally and physically. She was the most powerful of the advanced humans the Ori had created and was appointed the leader of the Ori's crusade in the Milky Way. Her first target was Chulak, and soon thereafter, several planets quickly fell. (10.01 "Flesh and Blood Part 3", 10.02 "Morpheus")
  • Michael Kenmore, the Wraith experimented on by the Expedition, returned to Atlantis with his hive requesting an alliance. His Queen explained that there were several rivalries among the Wraith ever since all of them had reawakened; they were fighting each other over the human food supply. The Queen proposed that the Expedition help them weaponize the retrovirus so that they could turn rival hives into humans and feed on them. The Wraith and the Expedition's scientists worked side-by-side, but it was all a set-up so that the Wraith could gain hyperdrive upgrades to get to Earth. The Expedition lost the Orion in the battle with the Wraith hives that were making their way toward the Milky Way, but these hives were stopped. Michael proposed using the retrovirus on one of the hive's population so that they could board the ship. The Expedition gained the use of the hive and returned to Atlantis with their new prize. (Stargate Atlantis: 2.20 "Allies Part 1", 3.01 "No Man's Land Part 2")
  • The Wraith-men who were exposed to the retrovirus on the Expedition's captured hive ship were transplanted to a planet without a Stargate so that Beckett could work on a permanent version of the retrovirus. The retrovirus was forced on Michael a second time, and he was among those amnesic men who started to remember their pasts. They killed their Expedition guards and kept only Beckett alive. Before Beckett was rescued, Michael had had several days alone with him, and it was later revealed that he took what he needed to create a clone of him so that he could continue to refine the retrovirus. Michael and the other Wraith-men were rescued by a hive ship, and the Expedition lost their newly-acquired hive ship in the battle. (Stargate Atlantis: 3.02 "Misbegotten Part 3", 4.19 "The Kindred Part 2")
  • Daniel determined the Stargate address of Vagonbrei by combining Arthurian legends with Merlin's documents from his Camelot library. Unfortunately, the weapon wasn't there, but Daniel did find a reference to Atlantis in the village's records. They also found evidence that Morgan Le Fay had hidden there for a time. (10.02 "Morpheus")
  • Daniel and Vala went to Atlantis to conduct research on the Ancient database about the two remaining planets Castiana and Sahal. Daniel wanted to correlate the Old English names with Ancient names, so he used the holographic interface to interact with the database. The female avatar had been created by the Lantian Ganos Lal to teach "young minds" about Atlantis. She readily provided the Ancient names of the two planets as well as their Stargate addresses, even after Dr. Elizabeth Weir had queried the database earlier with no results. Daniel quickly figured out that the avatar was actually the ascended Morgan Le Fay directly interacting with him. She explained her history with Moros, the High Councilor of Atlantis, whom Daniel recognized as Merlin from his holographic images found in Avalon and Camelot. Morgan explained that she agreed with Merlin's actions now and wanted to help Daniel find the anti-Ori weapon, but she felt that she would be no better than the Ori to go against the rules to help him any further than she already had. She told Daniel that she knew him from his time ascended, and Daniel realized that she feared punishment by The Others. He persuaded her to step further across the line, but The Others pulled her out before she could give him any more information and forced her into exile. Daniel's frustration grew when he realized that The Others did not intend to help humanity against the Ori, leaving them to fight this war alone, even when they themselves were being threatened. (10.03 "The Pegasus Project", Stargate: The Ark of Truth)
  • While Daniel and Vala were in the city, Carter, Mitchell, and McKay took the Odyssey on a mission to block the Supergate in the Milky Way with a wormhole that originated from a Stargate activated in Pegasus (the Supergate could only connect with another Stargate outside its own galaxy). Their plan worked, and in the course of creating the wormhole, they managed to destroy a Wraith hive ship in Pegasus and an Ori warship in the Milky Way. The destruction of this one warship was witnessed by Teal'c, who proclaimed it a great victory. (10.03 "The Pegasus Project")
  • Ba'al learned of the existence of Merlin's weapon and decided to find it himself, hoping to use it against both the Ancients and the Ori. He managed to steal Stargate Command's database of Stargate addresses that O'Neill placed in their dialing computer system when he had the download of the Repository of Knowledge. This gave Ba'al all of the galaxy's Stargate addresses. (10.04 "Insiders")
  • The Atlantis Expedition discovered Asuras, the homeworld of the Pegasus Replicators, the Asurans, who appeared to be Ancients who had an argument with the Lantians over how to combat the Wraith and parted ways. Millions of Asurans lived on the planet and their technology was nearly identical to that of Atlantis, including the use of ZPMs that they manufactured themselves. At first, these people seemed friendly enough, but that soon changed when the Asurans learned that Atlantis still existed and that humans had taken possession of it. The Asurans resented humans and hated the Lantians, so they revealed that they were replicators and mounted an attack on Atlantis in their own city-ship. The Expedition managed to destroy that ship, but not before one of the Asurans infected Weir with a nanovirus. This nanovirus had similar characteristics to the original nanite form of the Asurans when they were programmed to destroy Wraith cells. Weir was saved when the nanites were isolated and disabled with an EM pulse. Weir returned to her duties as leader of the Expedition while the nanites remained dormant within her. (Stargate Atlantis: 2.05 "Progeny", 2.06 "The Real World")
  • One thing that the Expedition learned about the Asurans while being held by them was that there were some who wished to follow the Path to Enlightenment and ascend like their Ancient creators. All of the Asurans were linked together into a collective, but there were some individuals who wished to override their base code that had their original programming of aggression built in. They figured that they'd never reach ascension if they had this trait, so McKay helped them out to gain his team's freedom, and by doing so, the Asurans gained the ability to modify their own code. (Stargate Atlantis: 2.05 "Progeny")
  • The Jaffa were losing several of their strongholds to the Ori and decided to use the weapon on Dakara to kill the humans who were converted into Ori worshipers while one of the Ori's warships was resting on the planet. The energy wave they sent through the Stargate killed everyone on the planet, except for Adria, who had a personal defense shield. The empty warship was boarded by both SG-1 and a Free Jaffa patrol, but Adria ended up in control. She found out about the weapon on Dakara and took the warship there where she destroyed it from orbit. Adria also had temporary custody of Daniel and Vala, and she told Daniel that the Ori had plans for him and predicted that the galaxy would be under the Ori's control within a year. (10.07 "Counterstrike")
  • Sheppard was captured by his Genii nemesis named Kolya and fed upon by a Wraith who was also a prisoner. The two joined forces to escape, and the Wraith returned Sheppard's life to him. This was the first time that anyone in the Expedition learned that the Wraith could give "the gift of life". The Wraith told him that giving one's life back was reserved for Wraith worshipers and brethren. The alliance these two made during this time would prove to be one to shake the very foundations of the Pegasus power structure in the very near future. (Stargate Atlantis: 3.07 "Common Ground")
  • Vala, who had been the former host to the Goa'uld Qetesh, was captured by the Goa'uld Athena who wanted to obtain information from Vala's subconscious mind about the great treasure supposedly left by the Ancients from before they ascended (at the time of the plague). Qetesh had claimed that she knew the code to the tablet, the Clava Thessara Infinitas, but the symbiote was removed from Vala before she could tell Athena. Vala was rescued before Athena obtained any real information concerning the treasure, the legend for which was documented in one of Merlin's volumes, but was considered a hoax for a while until Daniel was given Athena's research. SG-1 investigated a planet in the hopes of finding the treasure, but it proved to be yet another false lead. (10.08 "Memento Mori", 10.16 "Bad Guys")
  • McKay thought that he could adapt the idea behind the Ancients' Project Arcturus, but instead of drawing energy from the same universe, the new device would draw energy from an alternate universe. Unfortunately, the device targeted an parallel universe that was inhabited and nearly destroyed it. Forunately, McKay's project was shut down before any further damage was made, but he lost the one and only ZPM that Atlantis had in order to fix the problem. (Stargate Atlantis: 3.08 "McKay and Mrs. Miller")
  • Ten thousand years ago, the crew of the Lantian warship Tria had set a course for Earth as soon as they heard that Atlantis was being evacuated, but the ship was already damaged, and eventually, their hyperdrive failed. The modifications that they made to their engines enabled them to travel at .999 the speed of light. It took them 10,000 years to get to the void between the Pegasus and Milky Way galaxies, but because of relativity, only twelve years had gone by inside the warship. The approximately 100 Ancients within the ship most likely put the ship on automatic and preserved themselves in stasis chambers. When the Atlantis Expedition was testing the new Intergalactic Gate Bridge (a series of Stargates that connected Atlantis to Earth) in the void between galaxies, the Tria detected them and transmitted an automated message to request help. The Ancients, trying to adjust to their new situation, forced the Expedition to leave Atlantis. All the Earth members of the Expedition left through the Stargate that was being powered by a ZPM brought to the city from the Tria. The Ancients agreed to let IOA representative Richard Woolsey and Homeworld Security director Maj. Gen. Jack O'Neill stay on Atlantis as representatives of Earth. (Stargate Atlantis: 3.10 "The Return Part 1")
  • The Tria Ancients also relocated Teyla's people, the Athosians, who were occupying the mainland of Lantia. Their new planet was called New Athos and it had its own Stargate. The Athosians revered the Ancestors and regarded the Ancients' return as a turning point in the war against the Wraith. (Stargate Atlantis: 3.10 "The Return Part 1")
  • The Asurans returned to attack Atlantis while the Ancients were there. Because of modifications McKay had done to the Asurans' base code from the first time the Expedition encountered them, they were able to override their "do not harm Ancients" code and killed all of the Ancients in the city. Woolsey and O'Neill hid and were rescued by Sheppard's team who defied orders to get back to Atlantis through the Intergalactic Gate Bridge. They used new anti-replicator guns (ARGs) that Carter created using the anti-replicator technology that O'Neill had fashioned when he last carried the knowledge of the Ancients. The common characteristics that the Asurans share with the Replicators does give one enough pause to seriously consider that the Replicators were indirectly created by an Ancient who returned to Earth 10,000 years ago and created the android Reese using similar nanotechnology, but a direct connection between the Ancients and the Replicators has yet to be confirmed. (Stargate Atlantis: 3.10 "The Return Part 1", 3.11 "The Return Part 2")
  • At the end of the Ancient and Asuran occupations of Atlantis, the Expedition had three ZPMs. They kept one, gave one to the Antarctic Outpost, and gave the third one to improve the shields on Odyssey, which was the only Earth ship regularly stationed in the Milky Way to oppose the Ori. (Stargate Atlantis: 3.12 "Echoes")
  • SG-1, Adria, and Ba'al were all searching for Merlin's anti-ascended weapon, all for their own reasons. The team relunctantly joined forces with their enemies to search for it, hoping that they'd be able to rid themselves of Ba'al and Adria when the device was discovered. Adria revealed the plans that the Ori had for Daniel: only someone with truth of spirit could possess the Sangreal, and Adria felt that Daniel fit the requirement because he had once been ascended. Daniel also had enough historical knowledge to be useful in getting past all of the tests that Morgan had established to weed out undesirables. Finally, SG-1 and Ba'al found Merlin's chamber, but Adria was prevented from going forward with them because of her Ori origins. They revived Merlin, and he began to build another one of his weapons. (10.10 "The Quest Part 1", 10.11 "The Quest Part 2")
  • Merlin's body was weakened after having stayed in the stasis chamber for well over 1000 years, so he decided to do something extreme to ensure that his weapon was completed and used: he uploaded his consciousness in a Repository of Knowledge and then his body died. Daniel guessed what Merlin had done and took the download, knowing that he'd lose himself to the power and knowledge that Merlin possessed. He got as far as Stage 2 before Adria caught up with them. She captured Daniel, who used Merlin's great powers to cover his team's exit through the Stargate. Daniel and Merlin had a plan, and it meant going with Adria when she took their incomplete weapon. (10.11 "The Quest Part 2". 10.14 "The Shroud")
  • In Pegasus, the Expedition learned about the Adaris and how the sun had CME events every 15,000 years with the help of Lantia's "whale" population. These whales were actually fish, but they were so similar to Earth's whales that the Expedition called them whales anyway. The whales passed on the memory of the CME to each subsequent generation, and the current generation used their communications abilities to warn the Expedition of the upcoming danger. Unable to protect the planet like the Ancients had done with the city's shields (they only had one ZPM), the Expedition used the ZPM to strengthen the shields on Daedalus to disperse the CME closer to the sun so that the planet was no longer in the path of the harmful radiation. (Stargate Atlantis: 3.12 "Echoes")
  • Carter conducted experiments using the phase-shifting technology of Merlin's interdimensional device ("Arthur's Mantle"), and she finally got a working prototype that could shift an entire village into an alternate dimension so that they could hide from the Ori's army. The Priors of the Ori were unable to detect anyone who had shifted into another dimension, so the new technology was deemed 100% Ori-proof. The device could shift an entire planet into another dimension, but that would require the equivalent of nearly all of the power generated by the United States. (10.12 "Line in the Sand", 10.13 "The Road Not Taken")
  • Daniel and Merlin worked together to deceive Adria. She wooed Daniel and converted him into a Prior because he convinced her that he had become a believer, but Merlin protected Daniel with his advanced human powers. With the additional powers of a Prior, specifically a Prior's genetic codes used to activate Ori technology like the ATA gene activatates Ancient technology, Daniel could pilot one of the Ori warships and detonate Merlin's weapon in the Ori's home galaxy after sending the warship through the Supergate. He allowed himself to be captured by SG-1 while preaching Origin so that he could ask them to disable the wormhole that was blocking the Supergate. SG-1, Jack, and Daniel sent the activated weapon through the Supergate on an Ori warship, but no one knew if the weapon had actually worked. Merlin's consciousness left Daniel, and Daniel's body returned to the state it was in before the download. Besides the weapon, Merlin left behind other gifts while he was with Daniel: he created a cloak for Odyssey using the ZPM as a power source, and he gave Carter technical information about how to pilot an Ori warship using a laptop interface and how to dial the Supergate. (10.14 "The Shroud", Stargate: The Ark of Truth)
  • At the same time that Merlin's weapon detonated in the Ori home galaxy, the Flames of Enlightenment went out. The Priors saw this as a sign that the Ori were not pleased with what the believers were doing to combat evil and said that they must do more. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)
  • While checking out an Ancient lab in Atlantis, McKay was accidently exposed to an ascension acceleration device that modified his DNA to be like the advanced humans that the Ancients were when they could ascend. McKay's new abilities included the ability to heal through touch, enhanced hearing, telekinesis, telepathy, and a greater understanding of complicated mathematics and engineering. He also learned that he had to control his brainwave patterns, but he had difficulty doing so because he was distracted. One of the reasons why the Ancients secluded themselves and meditated was to clear their thoughts and release their burdens in order to concentrate solely on the act of shedding their physical bodies. Close to death, McKay realized that he could reverse the DNA changes by using his original DNA pattern that Beckett had stored in a blood sample. According to the records left in the city's database, more Ancients died from the use of this technology than ascended, but some had indeed ascended through this genetic manipulation. Since the results were highly unpredictable and the risk of death was too great, the Expedition decided not to use the device to create a superhuman army. (Stargate Atlantis: 3.14 "Tao of Rodney")
  • One of the teams of the Atlantis Expedition went on a mission to the planet where the people had been following their "oracles", Sheppard and McKay. The two rival countries were living out the competitive nature of both men, building up to a global war. Finally, Sheppard and McKay showed them that war was not the answer, and Weir helped them negotiate toward a peaceful settlement. The "game" room was sealed off, and its use forbidden. (Stargate Atlantis: 3.15 "The Game")
  • The Ori's crusade swept across the Milky Way, but Adria and the Ori Priors appeared to avoid sending their warships to Earth. Perhaps it was because they feared the Ancient weapons from the Antarctic Outpost, but that was never made certain. There was one Jaffa group who worshipped the Ori and called themselves the "Illac Renin" ("Kingdom of the Path") who thought that sending cargo ships loaded with weapons grade naquadah would keep Earth's Stargate Program from interfering with the Ori army's progress. This plan, however, was exposed, the attack never happened, and Earth remained untouched as more planets, including those of Earth's allies, fell. (10.02 "Morpheus", 10.07 "Counterstrike", 10.17 "Talion", 10.18 "Family Ties")
  • Two scientists in Atlantis discovered a weapon that the Ancients created to battle the Wraith. It emitted a dose of radiation that caused an explosive tumor to grow just behind the lungs of its victim. Meant to be used against the Wraith so that they would return to their hives as bombs, the technology proved to be harmful to Ancients and humans alike. One of the scientists died from the explosion, killing others nearby. The second scientist was operated on by Dr. Carson Beckett in time to save his life, but while removing the tumor from the operating room, Beckett and one of the soldiers of the bomb squad were killed when the tumor exploded at hand-off. (Stargate Atlantis: 3.17 "Sunday")
  • The underwater drilling platform that the Ancients built on Lantia was discovered by the Atlantis Expedition. Not sure why the Ancients abandoned it, the Expedition members went to work on getting it operational so that geothermal energy could be routed through an umbilical to the city. While surveying the facility, the team encountered and killed the Wraith Queen who led the siege on Atlantis. She had survived the 10,000 years since that time by hibernating and feeding off of her crew until only she remained. (Stargate Atlantis: 3.18 "Submersion")
  • Ba'al captured the Ori's leader Adria and implanted her with one of his symbiotes. His goal was to lead her army through her and gain galactic domination for himself. His plan backfired when SG-1 captured them and removed the symbiote, hoping to replace Ba'al with a Tok'ra who could probe Adria's mind and provide important intel, including whether or not the Ori were truly dead from the use of Merlin's weapon. Once the Ba'al symbiote was removed, Adria regained control of her body and ascended. Adria took the Ori's place as a new, smaller version of the Flames of Enlightenment in the City of the Gods in Celestis. Instead of speaking through the Doci, she appeared in her human form, but surrounded in supernatural flames. (10.19 "Dominion", Stargate: The Ark of Truth)
  • The Atlantis Expedition encountered Michael Kenmore once more. He kidnapped and killed all of the Taranians so that he could further his research into the creation of an ideal soldier. His first attempts were humanoid bug creatures that had more iratus characteristics than human, but they were too easily killed. Unfortunately, Michael was using the Stargate addresses of the Expedition's Pegasus allies to obtain his test subjects. (Stargate Atlantis: 3.19 "Vengeance")
  • The Asgard had known for a long time that they were a dying race, so they made preparations to pass on their own legacy. Like the Ancients before them, they gathered up all of their knowledge into a single Core and installed it on Earth's Odyssey. They also upgraded the ship's weapons to include a plasma beam weapon that could penetrate the Ori warships' shields and destroy them. The drawback to having the Core installed on the ship was that the Ori could detect them, even when they traveled in hyperspace. Once the Asgard detected three Ori warships' approach, they all left the Odyssey and then blew themselves and their planet apart, taking everything with them, including two of the Ori warships. In order to preserve the Asgard Legacy, Carter placed the ship in a time dilation bubble in order to figure out how to escape the oncoming energy beam from an Ori warship. It took around 50 years for her to arrive at the solution, and in the process of reversing time within the bubble, only Teal'c remembered the many years inside the ship, evidence for which included a grey streak in his hair. (10.20 "Unending")
  • Daniel began to have visions of the existence of the Ark of Truth that the Alterans built those many millions of years ago. He believed these visions were messages from Merlin from the time he harbored Merlin's consciousness, but they were later to be determined to have come from Morgan Le Fay who was hiding from The Others by taking on Merlin's appearance. No longer a member of The Others, but still fearful of what they could do to her, Morgan started to help the humans fight against the Ori Priors and their army in indirect ways. With seven Ori warships on their way to Earth, SG-1 went to the Ori's home galaxy through the Supergate where they found and used the Ark against the Priors. When the Doci was exposed to the Ark's bright light, he transmitted the message through their orbed staffs that the Ori were not gods and that Adria was deceiving them. Weakened by the withdrawal of their worship, Adria was soon dispatched by Morgan, who apparently engaged Adria in an eternal struggle just as Oma had done with Anubis. The Ark was taken home to the Milky Way, used to end the crusade there, and then sent to Area 51 for study. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)
  • The Asgard selected Stargate Command to receive their legacy, calling them "The Fifth Race", alluding to the Alliance of the Four Races of eons ago, but even some of their council members felt that Earth's humans weren't ready to handle all of that knowledge and technology wisely. Their fears were validated when the IOA chose to use the Asgard Core to create a first-generation Replicator so that they could destroy the Ori warships from within. The IOA didn't believe that the Ark existed, and even if it did, they didn't believe that Daniel would find it, so they decided to take action to prevent the next wave of Ori warships from ever reaching their target. The powering up of the Asgard Core alerted the Ori warships to the Odyssey's location in their galaxy, and soon the ship was under attack. This alert was done on purpose so that the Replicators could be sent to the nearby warships, but the first Replicator escaped when Carter lowered its containment shield so that an ARG could be used against it. The Replicator was programmed to be immune to the ARG's wave, and it soon started overtaking the Odyssey. The Replicators were stopped when their shutdown code was activated, but they had managed to render the Odyssey defenseless against four Ori warships. Fortunately, the Priors aboard these warships stopped their attack when the Ark was used on the Doci in Celestis. The IOA's representative who activated the Replicators was killed because of them, and the IOA apologized for their gross incompetence and recklessness once the Odyssey returned home with the Ark. (10.20 "Unending", Stargate: The Ark of Truth)
  • The defeat of the Ori and their army meant that the Milky Way was once again open for the exploration of the thousands of planets that were unvisited prior to the Ori invasion. SG-1 became an exploratory team once more and set out on their new adventures through the Stargate. Carter later went to the Midway Station to complete the Intergalactic Gate Bridge between Pegasus and the Milky Way. (9.04 "The Ties That Bind", Stargate: The Ark of Truth; Stargate Atlantis: 4.01 "Adrift Part 2")

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