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SG1 in Chairs


The Game Keepers Chair was found on P7J-989, it allowed ‘residents’ to live in a suspended animation, while their minds stayed active in a virtual reality. The chair was later adapted by the SGC as a training program.

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The Game Keepers Chair was capable of generating a virtual reality which linked the minds of people in other chairs. This world was ‘channeled, coordinated and administered’ by the Keeper, the creator of the device. While in the chair the ‘residents’ could interact with a virtual reality, that was created using information from their own minds.

While in the chairs, bodily needs were taken care of. Tubes from the chair created small puncture wounds in various parts of their bodies, namely ‘their temples, spinal cords and several abdominal areas.’ While connected to these chairs, they would sustain you, making sure that you were given oxygen, nurition and that your nervous system was controlled.

When the chair was first found, Carter and Teal’c’s minds ‘protected against output’, presumably because of Teal’c’s symbiote and Carter’s history with Jolinar. This problem seemed to have been overcome by episode 8.06 “Avatar”.

The chair was revealed to have been adapted to help the SGC with training soldiers to fight against the Goa’uld and the SuperSoldiers. It had been developed and tested by SGC scientists with little or no field experience, and therefore was not challenging enough to really train people. To remedy this, Teal’c entered the virtual reality to play the game and allow it to learn from him.

A new adaption by the people of P7J-989 allowed only the chair occupant to control the chair and get out of the simulation. Removing a person from the outisde would risk neural damage. This new adaption meant that the scenario would only end if competed or if the internal failsafe was engaged. This failsafe was compromised by Teal’c’s ethos of never giving up, the chair would not allow him to leave. Everytime he was hurt in the scenario, he received a shock, because of Teal’c’s knowledge that in reality, tactics would change if you couldn’t be hurt. The scenario also changed to make it harder for the occupant, changing the original conclusion.

Because of the multiple shocks, Teal’c’s health started to degrade, raising blood pressure and heart rate, his symptoms were managed through adreniline shots. Another chair was linked up, and Daniel entered the scenario, only with a little change.

It was explained that there was a two second delay in between the programming of the chair, and Teal’c’s experience caused by the recorder, meaning that if the recorder was taken out of the new chair, the occupant would know what was going to happen two seconds before it did.

Because of this advantage, Teal’c and Daniel were able to exit the scenario. It is not known if, after the problems faced in this episode, the chair was used to train people.


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