Vala Mal Doran

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Vala Mal Doran


Vala Mal Doran was a space-faring thief and former host to the Goa'uld Qetesh who tried to hijack the Prometheus and sell it for weapons grade naquadah. Her plans were thwarted by Daniel Jackson, who managed to overcome her and recover the ship. She escaped from the ship's brig and disappeared into the vastness of space inside an al'kesh in which she had used to entrap the Prometheus crew, but she appeared to have developed affection for Daniel during her time alone with him on the ship.

Less than a year later, she contacted Daniel on Earth to ask for his help in deciphering a tablet written in Ancient which was said to lead to a buried treasure on Earth. After researching the tablet, Daniel discovered Avalon in the Glastonbury Tor in England where the Ancient Merlin had hidden not only riches of Britain, but also Ancient technology. It was through the use of one of the devices discovered in Avalon which led Daniel and Vala to contact humans in a distant galaxy.

Unfortunately, this contact alerted a group of Ascended Beings known as the Ori to begin their invasion of the Milky Way Galaxy to empower themselves with worshippers or to destroy those who refused to accept them as gods. Vala's actions during the Ori's attempt to establish a foothold in the galaxy resulted in her being transported to the Ori's home galaxy where she did her best to fit into a village of Ori worshippers. Finding herself mysteriously pregnant, she married a local man, Tomin of Ver Isca, who was conscripted to join in the Ori's crusade to dominate the Milky Way. Believing that she had only one last chance at returning home, Vala decided to join him onboard his assigned ship. Upon arrival in the Milky Way Galaxy, Vala could only watch helplessly as the combined forces of Earth, the Asgard, the Free Jaffa, and the Lucian Alliance were decimated by the first four Ori warships. Unexpectedly, her labor pains began.

Vala gave birth to a daughter whom she named Adria. Adria was genetically engineered by the Ori to grow rapidly. Vala learned from Adria about her true nature and intent: she was the nearest thing to an Ori in flesh in blood, has great mental powers and knowledge, and is the leader of the Ori's crusade in the Milky Way.

Daniel managed to rescue Vala from the Ori warship, but Vala had to leave Adria behind. Feeling that her most productive place was with the SGC, Daniel advocated for Vala to remain on Earth to provide her vast knowledge and expertise in the fight against the Ori. Vala eventually joined Daniel in the fight as a member of SG-1.

Vala: A Visual History

Prometheus Unbound
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The Ties That Bind
The Ties That Bind
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Comprehensive Character Biography


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