Stargate SG-1 Cancelled by SciFi Channel

Network cancels Stargate SG-1 as 200th episode airs

While fans and the media celebrate the airing of the milestone 200th episode of Stargate SG-1, Solutions has learned from its sources that the SciFi Channel has cancelled the show. The timing could not be worse for such a decision from the network and is sure to rebound on them disastrously in PR terms.

The news was reported by the authoritative cable industry bible Multichannel News on its website today: click here to read the full story.

“People close to the production of Stargate SG-1 said Sci Fi Channel canceled the series on the eve of its 200th episode, which aired last Friday night, making the show the first cable scripted series to reach such a milestone.

The announcement came in sometime before cast, crew and executives gathered to celebrate the historic airing at a Saturday-evening bash held at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia, where the series is shot.

Spinoff series Stargate Atlantis — which also airs Friday nights on Sci Fi and shares producers and production facilities with the older SG-1 — was said to be unaffected by the cancellation. Atlantis is currently in its third season.”

Fans have been well aware of the recent silence from SciFi Channel, always so quick to publicise ratings in the past. Season 10 premiered to lower ratings than previous seasons and has gone on to garner a series low. In fact, Season 10 of Stargate SG-1 has earned ratings similar to those which led to the cancellation of Farscape by SciFi Channel as Stargate SG-1 was launching on SciFriday.

The ratings battle

The complicated US Nielsen ratings system has baffled fan commentators on many genre shows. There may not be one single cause contributing to the ratings slide, but more likely a combination of factors, such as:

First, the SciFi Channel dismantled its three-hour SciFriday block of original programming – the showcase of the network. The airing of Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica not only helped SciFi compete, but win tough Friday night ratings battles. This year, SciFi chose to hold back Battlestar Galactica, which won’t air until October 2006, reducing their three-hour block to a two-hour block of programming.

Any fan with Tivo or a VCR could have told the SciFi execs it’s common sense to watch the three-hour block and record the shorter two-hour block for convenient viewing later. Taking that third hour out of the equation removed an impetus to make SciFi the network to watch live on Friday nights.

An additional ratings factor is acknowledged by Mark Stern, SciFi Channel’s Executive Vice President of Original Programming. Interviewed by Mary McNamara for the May 8 issue of Multichannel News, Stern “believes some of the show’s tech-savvy, toy-loving, time-shifting audience gets missed in ratings compilations. ‘Part of it is the DVR,’ he explains, citing digital video recording devices. ‘Nielsen’s sampling is not representative of the larger universe yet. They’re sampling 3% and the larger [DVR] universe is something like 10 to 13%.”

Second, new timeslots for the shows have put Stargate SG-1 in direct competition with the cable ratings powerhouse Monk, and locked both SG-1 and Atlantis on SciFi in a head-to-head with Monk and strongly performing new show Psych on parent channel USA. Ironically, Bonnie Hammer is President of both the SciFi *and* USA networks!

The ratings of both Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis have dipped and there is no guarantee that without their strong lead-in, Battlestar Galactica will fare any better when it finally airs in October. With all the advantages of the original three-hour programming block behind it, its ratings were only on par with those of Stargate last season. No one can predict how it will perform solo. SciFi Channel’s Farscape was equally beloved of the critics but was unable to sustain a financially viable audience.

Financial considerations

Of course, the economics of the respective Stargates also have to be taken into consideration. In its tenth season, Stargate SG-1 is much more expensive, much less cost-effective than Atlantis in only its third. And Atlantis has to survive to at least the end of a fourth season to generate a lucrative syndication deal.

In the television industry, syndication is the sale of the right to broadcast programs to multiple stations, without going through a broadcast network. It is commonly said in the U.S. industry that “syndication is where the real money is” when producing a TV show. In other words, while the initial run of any particular television series may theoretically lose money for its producing studio, the ensuing syndication will generate enough profit to balance out any losses. [Source: Wikipedia]

Stargate SG-1 has passed the magical “100 episodes” mark twice over; Atlantis has yet to meet it. With similar ratings this year, Stargate SG-1 is being cancelled by the network while Atlantis is headed for a fourth season.

Another economic consideration is that SciFi Channel doesn’t own the Stargate franchise as it does Battlestar Galactica or new show Eureka. It’s MGM, rather than SciFi, that benefits financially from merchandise, DVD’s and other franchise revenues. SciFi only garners the broadcast advertising income. They have more to gain with Battlestar Galactica and Eureka, and it shows in the amount of promotion they receive compared with the Stargates. Word is that SciFi will use its parent NBC affiliates to promote Battlestar Galactica, while Stargate never got a television ad except on SciFi itself.

One other possible financial constraint on the SciFi network was suggested in the May 8 2006 issue of Multichannel News: “In February, Variety reported that the NBC broadcast network’s ratings woes are filtering across to the NBC Universal-owned cable networks, and that such cable properties as USA Network, Bravo and Sci Fi are being pressured to favor NBC Universal Television Studios-produced content, thereby keeping revenue in-house.”

Solutions’ view

It’s extremely disappointing that the SciFi Channel, a science fiction network ‘flexible’ enough to introduce wrestling to its line up, can’t come up with a more creative response to the scheduling difficulties it has imposed on Stargate SG-1 than to cancel the show that has been so instrumental in boosting its profile, its ratings and its credibility.

Our hearts go out to all the members of the cast, the writers, the crew and the producers of Stargate SG-1. We’ve loved being with you these past ten years and we thank you for inspiring so many of us to join online communities and to create in our own right.

Care to comment?

Stargate fans are renowned for their passionate loyalty to the show, the characters and the cast. Solutions is owned by a former Save Daniel Jackson Campaign Steerer and started out as the headquarters of that campaign at its old web address – The Solutions editorial team don’t know at this point if fans will rally to a ‘Save Our Show’ type campaign, but for those who’d care to share their response to the cancellation of Stargate SG-1 by the SciFi Channel, we offer the following addresses for letters:

Bonnie Hammer, President
NBC Universal | Sci Fi Channel,
30 Rockefeller Plaza,
New York, NY, 10112

Mark Stern, Executive VP Original Programming
NBC Universal | Sci Fi Channel,
30 Rockefeller Plaza,
New York, NY, 10112

David Howe, Executive VP and General Manager
NBC Universal | Sci Fi Channel,
30 Rockefeller Plaza,
New York, NY, 10112

Based on our considerable experience of fan campaigning, as referenced in the “200” episode of Stargate itself, we urge you to write and mail a polite, constructively phrased letter to each of the above SciFi Channel executives. Emails, web petitions and polls are so open to rigging, stuffing and other forms of manipulation, they are worthless – don’t waste time on them.

Telephone calls are also a useful tool, as the switchboard operators of MGM could attest during the Save Daniel Jackson Campaign. These are the numbers listed for NBC Universal in New York: (212) 757-5294 and (212) 956-2395.

Letters of support?

If you would like to see Stargate SG-1 have the opportunity to end properly – or continue on – with mini-series or direct-to-DVD movies, then please write a letter of support and encouragement to MGM:

Charles Cohen, Executive Vice President
MGM Television Entertainment,
10250 Constellation Boulevard,
Los Angeles, CA, 90067

You can address letters of support for members of the cast and the production care of:

Stargate SG-1 Productions
Bridge Studios
2400 Boundary Rd, Burnaby, BC
Canada, V5M 3Z3

© Copyright Stargate SG-1 Solutions, 2006. All rights reserved. Please link back to this page and credit Stargate SG-1 Solutions as the source when replicating this news item on your website.

© Cited extracts copyright, Stargate 200.(Stargate SG-1 from Sci Fi Channel). Mary McNamara. Multichannel News 27.19 (May 8, 2006): p24. & SciFi’s Stargate Said To Be Axed, Breaking News, Multichannel News website, 8/21/2006.

56 thoughts on “Stargate SG-1 Cancelled by SciFi Channel”

  1. I don’t even want to think about this right now! How callous to cancel on the eve of a penultimate episode. Maybe another station will pick them up. They can keep Atlantis, it does nothing for me.


  2. I am so disappointed. The only reason I watch scifi is for stargate1. I won’t be watching anymore and I hope nobody else does either. I hope scifi overall rating drop drastically. I think stargate sg1 was sabatoged from the beginning of this season in the way it has been promoted (or lack thereof) and time slot changed. I wonder why Stargate Atlantis was not cancelled since their ratings have not been much better than stargate sg1. I hope someone else picks them up and gives them the promotion and respect the show deserves.

  3. To be honest, I kinda saw a plateau of SG-1 at season 8, and a fast, downward spiral in season 9. However, that being said I don’t think they should have cancelled the show. The show, along with Battlestar Galactica and it’s handicapped little sibling show “Atlantis” made Scifi Network into something other than the constant stream of barely B-movies that they churn out with great proficiency.

    Hopefully SG-1 gets picked up somewhere else (along with it’s rename to Stargate Command or something — let’s face it, SG-1 was concluded in Season 8. Let’s call it for what it is — something new!). 🙂

  4. I think Stargate SG-1 (!) should have ended after season 8 (like it has been planed), when RDA left the series and the Guauld and replicators were destroyed, and another Stargate spinn-off (Stargate Command) should have started with the almost the same people in chaien mountain. A new name would have been better for the Franchise because they have firmly forced the series into a 9th season and then into a 10th.

  5. It’s so hypocritical to cite the ratings when Atlantis has had similar ones all season. If they were going to end it they should have let it lie in Season 8 but they’ve gone and got our hopes up for nothing.

  6. I have been a loyal scifi TV series fan for the past ten years, yes I admit that there have ups and downs. I’ve watch almost every scifi shows ever produced, (Star Trek, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica originals and new one, Farscape, Earth final conflict, Firefly, Above and Beyond…… too many to mention), I’ve never seen a show such as Stargate SG1. It has been almost ten years and I still watch the old episodes on various occasions, it certainly has not lost its appeals. I cannot say the same about the others.

    Scifi was launched in 1992, however I did not watch the channel until the introduction of Stargate SG1 from Showtime. I have been a fan of the channel since. It is unbelievable that a show lasted for ten years it cannot last a few months of low ratings. I urge all fans of Stargate to support the continuation of Stargate SG1, (the same way Daniel Jackson was brought back to the show). Scifi executives are you losing all your true scifi fans by cancelling the show, please reconsider………

  7. I don’t think the show should have been cancelled at all after Season 8. I’ve enjoyed 9 and 10 so far very much and am grateful for each new episode! As long as Daniel is there, I’ll keep watching.

    I think Sci Fi is just making room in their schedule for more gems like the superhero reality show and wrestling. It’s all about money, not creativity.

  8. If only SCIFI had continued the pairing wiht Battlestar Galatica. The ratings would have stayed strong. The network did this to themselves by moving the time (from 7pm (cst) to 8pm) and dropping an hour off of a strong block. Stargate SG-1 wasn’t given a chance. After all of this time, they could have moved it to a new night to strengthen the ratings. For the head honcho to say they wanted the show to go out on top is simply not true. I would have preferred they were honest and said that it was no longer financially viable. Then at least it would be understandable. Personally, this season of Atlantis has lost my interest.

  9. This is completely wrong.
    I have watched Stargate since I was a little kid. I still love it. Honestly, I can’t even see Atlantis as a stand alone show, the only reason I started watching it was because of its connection to Stargate SG-1.
    Stargate should not be cancelled. If the network it having financial problems with the show it’s only because they put themselves in that situation. They could have even just changed the airing to a different night. Honestly I don’t even know why they changed the block, it was working very well.
    I only started watching scifi for Stargate and I will no longer be watching scifi network without Stargate. I hope that the rest of the SG-1 fans ban scifi as well. Then they would see how much Stargate helped them, and what real financial problems are.

  10. SG1 must go on. My 50 years has seen a lot, and SG1 remains at the top of the list of my favorites. Some person(s) are making the worst mistake of their lives in cancelling SG1. You wil never be forgiven. If you want to be immoratlized as the fools who cancelled SG1, you are well on your way. A huge thank you to SG1, the crews, staff, support, and actors for the best.

    San Diego

  11. All Good things must come to an end. Stargate SG-1 is a Series that has lasted 10 years, three threats of cancellations (not counting this one) and almost 26 instances where it could have “jumped the shark.” It has aired 200 episodes with 15 more in the final season, making it a record breaker. It has beaten the X Files for “Longest Running Science Fiction Series” EVER. So If SG-1 must ride into the sunset, I will watch with a tear running down my eye, and a DVD collection to fall back on.

    To the cast and Crew I wish you a fond farewell and good luck on your future endevours. “sic semper tyranus”

  12. Sci-Fi executives are so pathetic, if they face a financial problem they should’ve sell the show to other network, that way they will save the show and fix there financial problem. I guess they don’t care about sci-fi shows at all, there are foolish and ignorant they rather go down than to give the show to any other network, truly a pathetic network

  13. This is sad. TV broadcasts do it all the time, ratings this and ratings that, like John Doe another great show cancelled. Well, I don’t want SG-1 to end. EVER! This is ridiculous. 10 Seasons and they don’t take into account other factors such as PVRs and what not. Monk? What’s that? Competition? It’s not even in the same class! Come on! Cancelling Stargate SG-1 has to be a MAJOR mistake. It has to be. Is there e-mail we can send as opposed to a letter? I believe the original crew is best, O’neil is awesome, as long as Daniel, T’ealc and Samantha are there it should last… no matter what they should keep SG-1 going. Freaking pathetic…

  14. How idiotic do these execs have to be to do what they have done? First off…they didn’t pick up Firefly. But that is a different gripe! Then they add..WRESTLING????? What is up with that? Then they dismantle the best night of TV EVER! I hardly ever watched TV on a friday nite but when they aired SG1/SGA/ BSG in that power block on friday nite…. I was there! And I do have a DVR but there was something about watching it as it was airing. Like fresh bread out of the oven. Now I am so furious I can’t even see straight! I am worried about the other shows I love. Are they really going to air BSG at 2 am???? So far, none of the new shows thy have tried in their place are worth watching. Eureka??? I mean come on…..I just don’t get what they are doing in those gilded towers of theirs. Obviously NOT paying any attention to the fans.

  15. I have been a loyal fan of SCI-FI for a long time. But if they cancel Stargate I will never watch them again. They have finally started to bring back Richard Dean Anderson on a limited basis and they do this. This is the most terrible news I have had in a long time. It ranks up there as when they cancelled the original Star Trek as one of the stupidest moves ever made.

  16. Don’t let the show go. I have been a fan since the show began. And this is one of THE best shows that scifi has come out with.Taking off the show is a big mistake. Don’t let the show go. What am I going to watch on Friday night. This realy makes me mad to no end. This sucks !!!!!!!!!!!

  17. THEY HAVE LOST THIER MINDS!!!!!!! I’m Going to go into withdraws***
    ******I need my Stargate fix****
    there is no way that they can continue Startgate Atlantis without SG-1, because if the homeworld doesn’t operate the gate anymore then why would they be on Atlantis???? DUH!!! didn’t think of that one did they????
    ALSO I WILL NO LONGER WATCH The SciFi channel if they do cancel Stargate
    PS. I AGREE WITH bigdee, & jonin6

  18. Just read about how the show had reached incredible ratings for it’s 200th episode, and unfortunately also reading that they decided to cancel the show after next year. (By the way that 200th episode was hilarious, and just very good writing) Granted, all good shows must come to an end, but the executives as Sci-fi have truely have made some poor deicions with regards to their show line-up. Not having your 3 big-guns on Friday has hurt it’s ratings so far, and cancelling it’s Monday night Stargate tirology, has me looking elsewhere for my television viewing…sorry, but Dark Angel is hardly a replacement. (and by the way, why is wrestling on SciFi??)

    But, as to cancel the show, that is going to be a huge void to fill for the television company, for it was Stargate that drew so many to that station, and so manh of the show’s fans will be hurt by how they cancelled the show just moments from celebrating a television milestone.
    I hope they reconsider.

  19. I am at this moment so shocked that i dont know if to cry or scream in anger, how can u do this to a show that has brought so many viewers to scifi’s doorstep each and every friday (monday and weekdays etc…) night. I am hoping so much that they get a network like Fox or the CW or some place where they will be appreciated, cause i will follow SG-1 whereever they go. As for keeping Atlantis on… yes it is a good show, but u ask any hardcore fan (i have been a fan since the movie came out and the series started) and 95% at least will say that they would rather watch SG-1 then Atlantis, in FACT they ONLY reason i watch Atlantis atm is because it follows after the show i watch EVERY friday night and i look forward to on SciFi. Two guesses as to what that show is but i’m telling you you would only need one.

  20. Once again, Sci-fi has disappointed me. After the cancellation of Farscape, I stopped watching ANYTHING on Sci-Fi. I was finally lured back last year when Ben Browder was cast on SG-1. Who is making the decisions there? They cancel the good, award-winning shows for the “made for Scifi movies” that stink. I don’t know if I’ll ever come back to the SciFi channel after SG-1 airs its last episode.

  21. OH MY GOD!!! Are you executives NUTS??? StarGate SG1 IS the best show on your network! You want to see financial problems, than go ahead and cancel the show & you’ll see your money go to other networks. I’ve been watching SG1 for years & if you drop the show….I won’t be watching the Sci-Fi channel anymore. I will personally leave my TV on another channel just so your ratings go down even more, even if I’m not watching the tv at the moment. As far as StarGate Atlantis & BattleStar Galactica are concerned, they are just on after SG1 is over. Now that you changed THE BEST BLOCK OF TV ON FRIDAY NIGHT, BSG is probably going to suffer GREATLY & SG Atlantis will more than likely end up in the dumpster. Atlantis has in the past kept me entertained, because it ties in with SG1. What will the Atlantis people do when they need to get re-inforcements or make their weekly dialings to Earth??

    I have personally waited for EVERY Friday night just so I can get my StarGate fix & don’t want it to end any time soon. There are an infinite number of possibillites to the whole Star Gate theory & I liked the whole concept of the Ori, but think that there should be even worse beings/creatures out there than them. If you want an example….how about a planet or system that actually has real magic, you could have the enemies be a whole system of Liche’s. That would be a “What If”.

    You guys obvioulsy have the computer equipment already, it can’t be that expensive to do whole shows that are computer generated. If you must cancel the show, than sell it to another network so everyone that LOVES SG1 won’t be too disappointed in your short-comings…..PLEASE!!! You did this to yourselves by changing the line-up.

    Another point I’d like to make is the thinking of “Monk” & “Pysch” as POWERHOUSE TV….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I mean come-on, those shows are JOKES compaired to SG1, SGA, & BSG!!! They shouldn’t even be considered in the same class, for they are NOT. Monk is dirty trash (heh) & Pysch is a weakly thought out idea that will fall off the networks shortly (that character should see that 1 coming).

    Oh ya, WHY do you have wrestling on a Sci-Fi channel???????? Umm, ya it’s make believe, but really, are you that desperate?

    Sorry, I don’t mean to tick anyone off, executives & the like, but as you might come to tell, you have me upset & it’s coming out. PLEASE finish this season at least.

    THANK YOU to the cast and crew of SG1!!! Finally after all these years, a TV show that makes me glad I grew up in this age.

    And I have to say this…..Richard Dean Anderson, I have watched you since McGyver & have loved everything that you have been in & you made SG1 the REASON I watch it. I do like the rest of the crew, new & old, but for me Richard was my main reason (he’s the coolest).

  22. I’m with these guys. The only reason I ever watch Atlantis or Galactica is because they follow SG-1. I have watched SG-1 for YEARS. I don’t think it has as much charisma without Richard Dean Anderson because he brought something special to the show that is just missing now. If the execs could even just talk him into making a bunch of visits to the show (and not just the boring ones like on the 200th) it might help. But they need him on the show along with his funny bone. Claudia Black is cool. She was a good addition. The rest of the original cast ROCKS! They couldn’t have found a better team to work together anywhere. Bring back the magic.

    What’s up with this Wrestling????? Come on guys!*)(*S&DFO(*IU# Are they crazy? Cancel SG-1 but put on wrestling? Get a grip.

    This is one chick that will NOT be turning on the SciFi channel again if they cancel SG-1. They better stick with what works!!!

  23. I have to agree with everyone else, if Stargate SG1 is cancelled, then the SciFi channel might as well go off the air because they will lose their fan base. I have been a HUGE fan of the Stargate series ever since the movie and I see no reason for it to be cancelled. I like Atlantis, it is a very good show, but nothing compares to SG1. Give the show a chance, I can tell you with the utmost confidence that the fans will not let you down and all you big wig executives can keep lining your pockets with the only thing that is more important to you than the fans, MONEY!!!!

  24. Yeah only reason I watch SCI-FI and even Atlantis is because of Stargate SG-1. I certainly dont watch it for their OSCAR performing made for cable movies. “Skeeter” anyone? But my overall question is if they are going to end the show, what is the last episode going to be, different then the one they already intended on making? I don’t want a season cliffhanger with no more show. Doesn’t make sense. How are they going to defeat the Ori? Seems to me like too big of a thing to have nicely resolved by the end of this season.

  25. I’d like to talk to the person (people) that decided to start “superheroes” and stop stargate. *scratches head*

  26. I hate to see SG-1 go. I have been a loyal fan from the beginning. I think SciFi is making a big mistake. All I can say is without SG-1, Scifi channel will be nothing more than a “B” rated movie channel. I guess SciFi will have another time slot now for more wrestling! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

    I hope everyone is right and someone picks up the serries and we can all enjoy a few more years of SG-1.

  27. It could’ve been worse. Firefly, which IMO looked to be a really superb series, was killed by FOX after only one incomplete season?! ONE! that’s a joke! So SciFi might not be the worst hands to be in after all..

    Even though I feel they’ve lost a bit of the good ‘ol sci-fi theme in SG-1 nowadays, I think Stargate SG-1 still has much life in it. But at least it got a wooppin’ 10 seasons.

    I loved Farscape, but they ended it after only 4 seasons, ie. as soon they could. And I do like Atlantis aswell, and I think the Sheppard/McKay/Beckett trio might be the best since Star Trek’s Kirk/Spock/McCoy. But what says they won’t just kill it after 4 seasons aswell. Given SciFi’s history, the odds aren’t exactly speaking for the series.

    I’m no fan of BSG though.. To little sci-fi, and way too much earthy military Top-Gun-in-space stuff for my taste.

    Here’s me hoping some other/new network picks up the pieces. One that doesn’t care so much about their ego, and more about their fans, and not cancel a show just because the ratings goes down a bit (which evidentially is their own damn fault most of the time).

  28. Are you serious, they wanted to get rid of Daniel Jackson? That has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. He is the main character of the show. Without him ratings would have definately dropped and caused a similar domino affect of ratings dropping throughtout all of the scifi television shows. One can only wonder if a similar scenario will occur from their lack of hindsight!

  29. I am so disappointed to hear the news of Si-Fi pulling the plug. I too have watched STARGATE SG-1 since Day1. I thought it was superior to the original movie. I watched episodes that brought tears to my eyes like not many shows have ever done. (Favorite episode was “Ascension”)

    I too saw the slow demise of the heart of the show once RDA had been written out. However I was pleased to see how well Ben Browder had stepped up to the plate. Not an easy task.

    For a program that has set standards, raised the proverbial science fiction bar and has
    fascinated Neilson families, that have not even been counted in survey as that lost phantom CUME, I bow my head in sadness. I have seen every episode in the last ten years. The ones I missed the first time, I’ve either recorded on my DVR or caught during re-runs. This will leave a void in many peoples viewing habits and love of adventure. There’s nothing on television that comes even close to the excitement, with possibly the exception of only one show….”24”.

    This caliber may never be repeated – and apparently the powers that be have no idea what they are doing in destroying this fabulously entertaining and captivation program.


  30. Scfi…What happened to you. I remember when you made some good mini series Taken, Farnk Herberts Dune just to name a few. But you have lost it. Cmon ECW hah The damn sasquash cmon. Get rid of these stupid B movies your better than this damn! What are you doing.
    You cancel my bleepin show SG-1 and your gonna piss me off without finishing the best show on tv. You have made a mistake and you will regret it. I swear off scifi forever untill you bring back the 3hr block needed SG1, SGA and BG. Your telling me i have to wait till 07 to get the a real finale. You have let me down and everyone else who call themselves scifi fans. ECW it’s the new LOL. I have to be rude, you all have your heads you know where.
    Wake the bleep up!!!!!
    I now ban thee thy own SciFi, it has failed me!
    I hope you all wither an die!

  31. I agree with all of you. I have never really been a scifi fan but my husband is. He totally got me into the friday block and I’m really hooked. I can’t beleive that they are doing this. IDIOTS!!!! I’m not watching scifi if they take SG1 off the air. Gosh. It just doesn’t make any sense. 🙁

  32. hey where is my episode of tonight

    we need this tv show … i dont sleep for see this part 2 or episode 11

    and no show tonight ?



    its finish no episode 11 ? the plug is out?

  33. The second half of Season 10 won’t air in the US until March or so, unfortunately. The UK or Canada may air it earlier. So don’t worry, but you’ll have to wait a while to see the rest.

  34. This sucks, it’s all about the money, they don’t care about the fans.
    What I can’t understand why scifi decides the fate of SG-1, there really isn’t someone else who can broadcast the show. I think that that if another channel will aid the show their ratings will go up.Personaly first time i wach SG-1 was on HBO.
    And another thing, a like very much the crew but for them not to say something about this is wrong is not fair for the fans.

    PS: Sorry for the spelling not my language SG-1 Ruuullzzz

  35. Oh My God!! i cant believe it, you have just put a knife right through me and killed me. Must be something wrong with the executives, has the ori got to them?? Time for all us fans to make a stand and say what we wont, and we want STARGATE SG-1.
    We are going to see part 2 and the inally remaining episodes of season 10 i hope?

  36. I can’t believe this to be true. Don’t let this happen The only tv I even watch on friday is the Stargate franchise, I guess I’ll have to watch CSI which is on three nights a week and in syndication at least 6 times per day. First Firefly now Stargate how do I get a Nielsen rating box? I can’t stand half the crap that is on tv these days and one of the only joy in our lives is stargate. This is a horrible idea and i probablyt will cancel my subscription over this. Why not save the money on all of those crappy movies that you produce on Saturdays and put the money towards Stargate? I won’t ever watch any of those movies no matter what you do they are crap crap crap! Sincerely dissapointed……………….

  37. ************Here is a copy of the letter I wrote to the SciFi channel***************
    I was absolutely devastated when I heard the news about the Sci Fi Channel canceling Startgate SG-1. This is my all time favorite show no other will ever be able to top SG-1. Atlantis is becoming a very close second, but I will not be able to bring myself to watch it without SG-1. It just would not make since to me, I mean why would they continue running the Atlantis Gate but not continue the Home World Gate. I am probably one of the Few who constantly keeps my tv on the Sci Fi Channel I am an absolute 100% Fan of ALL THINGS Sci Fi, but I WILL STOP watching the Sci Fi
    Channel, If your company can not bring themselves to stop being so greedy. I AM
    Sci Fi Just lets us have our show. I don’t have much in my life that I can enjoy and now the Sci Fi Channel is trying to take one of the most entertaining shows I have ever seen.
    I do not have a great education, but I do believe that this will be a major mistake if Sci Fi does not at least allow a different channel to produce SG-1. I don’t mind watching it on a different channel as long as I will be able to continue to watch new episodes. I sincerely hope the Sci Fi Channel reconsiders this monumental mistake. Just know that if SG-1 does not continue either on Sci Fi or any other network in the USA that I will no longer even glance at The Sci Fi Channel.

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  38. I declare a strike from watching the scifi channel, for anybody who has bin a fan of sg-1 ,anybody who Knew a fan or related to a fan .the scifi channel is going down with stargate sg-1

  39. As much as i enjoy Stargate Sg1 and as much i hate to see it cancelled i think it was comming to an end. Recently (well past few seasons) ive been thinking that there is’nt really much more they can do. The introduction of the Ori is just a spin off from the Gould – both baddies who want to rule the entire universe……….If the series was to continue who or what would they find for them to stop from wanting to rule the universe again, same old story line as the last i suppose. I always thought that after the Gould were defeated that would be the end, no more stargate, the introduction of the ori was a bonus. All in all its a shame it finishing ( i really dont think Atlantis will last much longer) but all good things must come to an end

  40. i am french so i will speaking in french….. je suis très triste que stargate s’arrète…. et avec moi l’europe pleure aussi ….. so “I WANT STARGATE” AND “I WANT THE VIDEO GAME!!!!!!!!!!” …… please do everything to resolve this situation……… i hope that will be many other seasons ….

  41. i truly think that both the fans and execs don’t know the full potential of the stargate franchise. i am a BIG fan of stargate sg-1 and Atlantis and i see … history, astronomy, physics, chemistry, politics, sociology, psychology, archaeology, pathology etc.– everything that ends in –ology… in the stargate franchise. This is easily the best science fiction “concept” EVER created, thanks be to Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin. Then it was further established by Jonathon Glassner and Brad Turner.
    Here lies the problem. eventhough Stargate has greater “potential” than Star Wars, X-Files, Star Trek, Robotech etc… put together, it never or barely became “kinetic”. Sure, a few episodes were great like “Window of Oppurtunity” and other ones. But it became more like a gigantic cult-classic, rather than a “grand epic show”. i go to film school in Los Angeles and i have to realize what makes film great–great writers, great directors and great directors of photography…(great actors will always be there…there are 2 million to choose from in L.A.)
    This show has good main actors that are NOT using their chops..
    to pick one, Michael Shanks is a monster and no one knows it…Sure fans think he’s a good actor, they have no idea…The things i could do with his shakespeare-trained talent; i could break all Sci Fi barriers!!! the episodes are written and directed in-house. Here lies the problem! i could understand as the show grows with respect and love from the ground, up, the writers will grow with respect and love from the ground, up, and i thank them for that !! No one could take that away from peter deluise, andy mikita or martin wood etc. …but let’s face it. Canada is no Hollywood or N.Y.
    But if execs and fans want Stargate to reach its full potential and go “kinetic”, they needed to go to the next level–their escape velocity!! they needed to, at the peek ratings, where the money came in, get the best writers and directors i.e. West Wing, Law and Order, Simpsons, X-Files etc…chris carter would have SHOWN everyone what tension is!!! the fabulous writing and the directing of these great shows led to countless emmy awards, not these cable nobody awards.
    Here IS the SOLUTION: i say cut out $100, 000 of special effects and use this to pay hot shot writers and directors from the “tried and true” emmy award winning shows and then… take off the leashes and chains that seem to be burdening Shanks, Judge, Tapping etc…wake these brilliant actors up!! don’t let them get complacent from this C+/B- writing and directing!!! Challenge them…give carter something great to say, instead of Uh..Sir..Sir…Sir !!!
    i never really liked the supporting actors that were directed to do the “humble person from another paradise planet”. they ended up acting badly, like in one of “Lucas’s Prequels”!! we all know The Prequels went bad!!–only if Howard, Speilberg, and/or Jones got a hold of the Prequels…i still pretend they did…
    i economically, statistically, biologically promise all execs that if they take a $1,000,000 or half a million dollar special effects budget and cut just the amount that pays for a law and order/west wing/simpsons/X-Files/Closer etc.
    …writer(s) and director(s) (A++class), and apply this to the stargate franchise…there will be nothing but a Big GIGAntic BOOM!!!!
    ————–Stargate Everywhere———–cereal boxes—–posters—–bumper–stickers——-Stargate the Flame Thrower!!!!————
    you got the best concept(the Stargate), the best brushes(unparalelled chemistry between Tapping, Shanks, Judge, Flannigan, Hewlett etc…), now get the best paint(writers) and painters (directors)!!!

    …as long as no one replaces the innocent wonderous exploration of the heart with “we ran out of ideas for sg-1, so we are now making the Vala and Mitchell characters say PERVERSE lines for shock value!!

  42. If stargate sg1 is cancelled, I hereby promise to stop watching everything on the scifi network for at least two years. I suggest everyone do this, and be sure to send a letter via post-office to inform them, so they are totally clear WHY their whole channel goes down the tube. Well, that plus the total insult of “wrestling” on sci-fi. What morons!!!

  43. The problem with the sci fi channel is they prefer to promote shows they own.
    Its fairly logical, but unfortunately those types of decisions usually end up hurting ratings in the future and even relations with those involved.
    So yes, it was a good decision in the short run if they were looking at it in terms of funding competition but in the long run they most likely lost a lot of ratings.
    The other major factor is ratings, a lot of people stopped watching after Richard Dean Anderson no longer played such an important role.
    The same thing happened when they killed Daniel and he was replaced by “Jonas”. Yes its hard to fill the shoes of such an important role, and yes some people say adding two members of farscape gave it farscape elements (which is a load of crap, the characters are developed in completely different circumstances which give them unique seasonings)
    So some of you also have blame.
    I won’t boycott sci-fi, yes I’m disappointed in this action as one season of sub par ratings does not mean a trend and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was just the last nail in the coffin due to sci fi’s position on harboring shows not native to their network.
    Just another logical theory to consider based on facts rather than pure speculation and emotion.

  44. hi

    its easy to see why stargate has been cancelled
    the majority of money these days is made by tv studios fron DVD sales, as is the case with the majority of big screen movies

    people who watch sg1 and the like tend to be “technically savy” and can easily download and save any and all episodes. all episodes are freely available on most torrent sites.

    in many cases they can be downloaded and watched even before they are released in some countries

    so i guess many fans have ultimatly, shot themselves in the foot,

    p.s Atlantis is available on torrent sites, all three series, will the same happen here?

  45. I guess Im one of those “techincally savy” individuals that bobjimwhit mentioned. I have to download each episode using torrent programs. I have been a huge fan of SG-1 and Im starting to enjoy Atlantis just a much. Im an american service member who has been stationed overseas for almost 7 years now, and the most irritating thing to me is this. As soon as I find a show that I enjoy watching, it always seems to be cancelled or isnt up to date in that country. Currently Im in Japan, and to keep up with current episodes, I have to download them, unless I want to wait a couple years for the new ones to arrive. Personally, I think the Sci Fi channel would be making a big mistake cancelling SG1. There are people from all over the world that enjoy this show. That is evident from what has been posted already, and by the number of people who download the shows, such as myself, because they have no other option. I would ask that you do what you need to do to keep this show running. Why would you do something that would lose you such a huge fanbase?

  46. Am I the only SG-1 fan who also enjoys Atlantis? I think they’re both great shows. Admittedly, Atlantis has a much different feel than SG-1 because of the different setting and different major enemy, but still, I find Atlantis great fun to watch. I also like the way that the writers have linked the two shows. (It did bug me a bit at first that when Dr. Weir appeared on Atlantis, she was played by a totally different-looking person than the actress who had originally portrayed her on SG-1. Torri Higginson is beautiful and a good actress and I love her in the role, but couldn’t they at least have dyed her hair blond to make her look a bit more like the original Dr. Weir? It’s just that I HATE obvious breaks in continuity!) Anyway, I hope Atlantis enjoys a long run and that our old friends from SG-1 do frequent walk-ons and cameos on Atlantis.

    As badly as I hate to see SG-1 cancelled (and I agree that the studio execs are idiots), I wonder where the show could have gone in an 11th season. The Goa’uld and the Replicators have been whacked, and I suspect the Ori will follow, if not at the end of Season 10, then in the new Stargate SG-1 movie. What enemy could possibly top the Ori? Sure, I know there are thousands of planets left to explore, but it seems to me that anything else after the demise of all these Big Bads would be a letdown. (That said, I’d gladly give SG-1 a chance if there were a Season 11 to watch.)

    To return to the topic of the SciFi execs, I learned what jerks they are when they cancelled FarScape, so their disregard for fans’ feelings this time around really doesn’t surprise me. BTW, I learned only recently that USA owns SciFi. Up until then, I was absolutely baffled by the presence of that bad joke known as ECW. I wish USA would respect the interests of SciFi viewers and treat us as a fan base in our own right rather than as a dumping ground for for their trash. I am only marginally interested in Painkiller Jane, Jake 2.0 is just too “young” for me, and for some reason I’ve never quite gotten into Eureka (though I may well start watching it once SG-1 is history). But I’ll keep watching SciFi as long as they continue making episodes of quality series like Atlantis and The Dresden Files, and keep producing excellent miniseries like The Lost Room and The Triangle.

    One final thought: Why is it that so many of SciFi’s miniseries are great, but so many of their movies are unmitigated crap? Anybody have a clue? Just curious. . . .

    –Human Juggernaut


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