SGA S4 Spoilers: Harmony


“Harmony” is currently scheduled to be the seventeenth episode to air in Season Four of Stargate Atlantis. The episode is written by Martin Gero.


Summary: Always keen on helping their allies, Sheppard and McKay accept a proposal made by Harmony’s sisters to accompany her on a trek into the forest to seek guidance to become queen in her late mother’s stead. Will Harmony become the planet’s new queen, or will an enemy assassinate her — and her escorts?

Flora and Mardola are entertaining Sheppard and McKay in the royal audience room in celebration of their society’s alliance with the Expedition. Both McKay and Sheppard enjoy the grain and fruit obtained in their trade agreement while the Expedition protects them with warnings concerning the Wraith. All is well, except that their sister Harmony must go through a rite of passage for guidance to become queen after their mother’s passing.

The rules of the rite state that the princess must go to the ruins of the great Temple of Laros in the forest alone to meditate and pray and then return. It’s only a day’s journey, but Harmony is so young that Flora and Mardola wish that Sheppard and McKay accompany her to make sure she’s safe. They don’t feel it will be breaking the rules if Sheppard and McKay, both outsiders, go with her.

But, there are Genii soldiers on the planet, and Sheppard kills three of them after the soldiers attack. Why are the Genii there and what do they hope to accomplish in killing Harmony?

Guest Characters

  • Harmony
  • Flora
  • Mardola
  • Genii Field Captain


  • Written by: Martin Gero

Spoilers are subject to change as this episode is in production.