"Extra!" to Feature SGA on Friday

The television entertainment magazine Extra! will be showing a feature of Stargate Atlantis this Friday, January 25, according to an announcement made by executive producer and co-showrunner Joseph Mallozzi in his personal blog (January 22). Extra! correspondent Jerry Penacoli not only filmed the segment, but he was also included as an extra in the episode “Harmony” that will be premiering that night on the SciFi Channel at 10pm Eastern.

Penacoli has won multiple Emmy Awards and has been an Extra! correspondent since 2000. While visiting the location shoot for “Harmony”, Penacoli donned the Genii uniform, and Mallozzi wrote about his time as an extra, “They were just setting up the scene with special guest star and Extra correspondent Jerry Penacoli, a.k.a. Genii #3, a.k.a. Genii Jerry. Jerry was all smiles and laughs but the second Will yelled “Action!”, he was IN character – tensing up, quavering, and then hitting the dirt like Sir Lawrence Olivier as an after-sticked Julius Caesar. He even threw in a little finishing leg kick. Masterful!”

Mallozzi also included a short video of Penacoli in his Genii uniform in the September 1st entry of his blog, the link for which is HERE (Photobucket .flv file).

Visit the Extra! website to find your local station that will be showing the segment.


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