Wright Discusses MGM's Quandary


With the release of Stargate: Continuum less than a week away, the question of what will happen next for the Stargate SG-1 portion of the Stargate franchise has once again been brought to the fore. Will there be more movies, or will MGM, the studio that owns Stargate, prefer that their eggs be placed solely in the television series basket with the much-talked-about third series, Stargate Universe?

In a brief interview with Straight.com, “Vancouver’s Online Source”, Brad Wright talks about how Vancouver has changed over the time since Stargate SG-1, his creation along with Jonathan Glassner’s, debuted in 1997. Lost are the financial benefit of stretching the American dollar in Canada and many of the filming locations, which have been converted into condo developments. Even so, Wright believes that the film industry will not leave Vancouver, and apparently, neither will Stargate.

Ultimately, though, it is up to the studio to decide which path to take. Wright is preparing a script for a third movie, but no official green light has been announced, and he has already pitched Stargate Universe to the Sci Fi Channel, but the cost of the show might be too high for them. Straight.com’s Blaine Kyllo said that MGM “wants another spinoff series and another pair of movies” and that “Wright said the only decision to be made is whether to make two more movies or start up another series.” Apparently, they can’t do both concurrently, so MGM must choose. Wright has the luxury to be the creative behind both and told Kyllo over the phone, “All I can do is take care of my own little corner of the universe up here and make sure that we have more product being made and shows being put into the pipeline.”

To read the rest of the interview (which is spoiler-free), visit Straight.com: New on DVD: Stargate: Continuum.

Stargate: Continuum will be on the shelves July 29 in North America in both DVD and Blu-ray formats.