It's Official: Stargate Universe is New Series

The Hollywood Reporter has a story confirming that Stargate Universe will be the third live-action Stargate series, and will air on Sci Fi Channel:

“Universe” will premiere as a two-hour movie early next year and will assume a regular hourly slot in the summer. Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, co-creators of “Stargate: SG-1” and “Atlantis,” will serve as executive producers and writers on the new series.

The series will take place on an Ancient ship far from Earth:

“Universe” introduces a team of explorers who find an ancient unmanned ship called the Destiny. Unable to return to Earth, the crew must fend for themselves aboard the ship, which has a preprogrammed mission taking them to the far reaches of the universe.

The series will employ a new cast of characters, with the network seeking a known performer for one lead role and fresh faces to play the rest of the ship’s crew. Appearances by former cast members from “SG-1” and “Atlantis” are very possible.

The article goes on to say that the show will be aimed at a younger demographic than previous Stargate series. Also, creators Wright and Cooper plan to “break new ground in the relationships between mostly young and desperate explorers, thrust together and far from home.”

Sci Fi Channel says they are looking for a space opera to fill some of the void left by the cancellation of Battlestar Galactica.

An official press release is expected later today.  Read the entire story at Hollywood Reporter.

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5 thoughts on “It's Official: Stargate Universe is New Series”

  1. “Unable to return to Earth”

    I hate it already.

    “aimed at a younger demographic”

    Meaning brain dead immature characters and writing.

    Oh well.

  2. A Young audience???…teenagers?? I will watch the 2 hour pilot but I have
    a feeling this one will end up in the Rob Coop Shute….

  3. how young is young? i started watching sg1 in ’98 in my early 20’s. is it like cw audience kinda young? or like for supernatural and smallville?

  4. Yuck. I hate it. I’ll have to suffer through it if Daniel’s any part of it, but other than that I hope it fails and shows Sci Fi that you shouldn’t mess with something that has worked for 10 years. Haven’t forgiven them yet!
    I miss SG1, darnit!

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