Mikita to Direct SGA Finale, Hopes for Movie, SGU

Director Andy Mikita and David Hewlett confer during filming of “The Shrine”

Like several directors associated with Stargate, Andy Mikita moved to Stargate Atlantis from Stargate SG-1. His first SGA episode was “Before I Sleep”, and now, his last episode will be the series finale, “Enemy at the Gate”. “I’m super-excited and honored that they [the show’s producers] gave me that episode to direct, and hopefully I’ll be able to do it justice,” Mikita told Steve Eramo of newsarama.com.

Mikita has been with the Stargate franchise since the early days of SG-1, and he’s stated that he’d like to continue his involvement, but no decisions have been made yet. “It would be very presumptuous of me to assume anything at this point,” Mikita posted in Joseph Mallozzi’s weblog, “but I am hoping to direct the SGA movie and episodes of Universe. Hopefully it’ll work out.”

Mikita is prepping to direct the series finale, “Enemy at the Gate”, which was written by Paul Mullie (and Joseph Mallozzi). Although it is the last episode to be aired, this landmark 100th episode will be filmed next-to-last as the production will wrap the show’s principal photography at the Las Vegas location shoot for the penultimate episode, Robert C. Cooper’s “Vegas”.

Mikita concluded his Q&A at Mallozzi’s weblog, “Like everyone, I hope it [the Stargate franchise] continues to evolve and live a long and prosperous life. I don’t know if I will be part of the next chapter, but I am hopeful that I will be.”

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[Image from MGM’s Official Stargate website.]