SGU: Justin Louis Cast as Col. Everett Young

Justin Louis

Matt Mitovich of TV Guide has announced the casting of Justin Louis as Col. Everett Young in Stargate Universe. Louis has played the character of Art in the Saw movie franchise and had the title role of Donald Trump in Trump Unauthorized.

Born 20 February 1967 in Portugal, Louis was raised in Toronto. According to his IMDb profile, he has had the starring role in nine different television series.

Col. Young is the leader of the off-world base that houses the Ninth Chevron Project (not necessarily the official name of the project, but a name given herein for clarification). While the facility is being toured by civilian representatives from the International Oversight Advisory (IOA) and the United States Senate, an attack leaves everyone scrambling for safety. The survivors flee through the Stargate and end up on the Ancient starship Destiny, which leaves them stranded far from Earth and with no means of returning home.

Young had formerly been an SG team leader, but he lost some of his team. He was married two years ago to Hailey and requested to serve the rest of his commission on Earth. He was given the temporary command of the base when it comes under attack. Once stranded, Young takes control of the crew, much to the objections of the Project leader Dr. David Rush (Robert Carlyle).

Stargate Universe is scheduled to begin filming the premiere episode “Air” on February 4.