Torri Higginson Returns to "NCIS" Jan 13

Torri Higginson in NCIS

Stargate star Torri Higginson returns to CBS’s NCIS as Dr. Jordan Hampton tomorrow night, Tuesday, January 13, at 8 PM. The episode is entitled “Broken Bird”.

NCIS has an ensemble cast led by Mark Harmon, and includes veteran actor David McCallum who plays Dr. Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard, the coroner with whom Higginson shared scenes as a fellow coroner in her first appearance in last season’s “Identity Crisis”.

In “Broken Bird”, “Ducky is stabbed while at a crime scene, and the team discovers secrets from his past during the investigation,” according to TV Guide. If you miss the television broadcast of the episode, it’s possible that you can view it online at CBS Primetime Video soon after the episode’s premiere (most likely limited to viewers in the US).