SGU: Elyse Levesque Cast as Chloe Armstrong

Elyse Levesque

Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly has been given the exclusive on the casting of Elyse Levesque as Chloe Armstrong, daughter and aide of Senator Armstrong, a member of the United States committee who is given access to the secret off-world base that is home to the project studying the ninth chevron on the Stargate.

Ausiello describes Armstrong as “the wild and immature daughter of a U.S. Senator.” Ms. Armstrong will have to grow up quickly once she becomes stranded on the Destiny along with many different types of people and without her father to guide her. Before having to struggle to survive on a one-way trip to a distant galaxy, Ms. Armstrong wished to follow her father in his political footsteps.

Levesque was born 10 September 1985 and has recently appeared in the telemovies Journey to the Center of the Earth and Storm Cell. Fans of Smallville might be familiar with Levesque when she appeared in two episodes as Casey Brock.

Spoilers are subject to change as the episodes are in production.