Lou Diamond Phillips in “Carny” on Sci Fi

Carny - Sci Fi
Lou Diamond Phillips stars in Carny (image from Sci Fi)

Stargate Universe star Lou Diamond Phillips can be seen in the new Sci Fi Channel movie Carny this Saturday, April 25, at 9 PM (Eastern).

The movie was produced by Muse Entertainment and Brava Pictures for the Sci Fi Channel in the US and Super Channel in Canada (airing time for Super Channel currently not known). The Muse Entertainment website points to the official press release and an interview done by Phillips with The Ottawa Citizen during the time the film was shooting in Ottawa, Canada (to stand in the place of a small town in Nebraska, USA). The interview is available in both PDF and on-line formats.

Phillips plays the town sheriff, Atlas, who is the hero of the story: “When a blood thirsty creature known as the Jersey Devil escapes from a travelling carnival and begins to inflict terrible revenge on the citizens of a small town, it’s up to the Sheriff to track and kill the beast before it’s too late.”

What attracted Phillips to the role? “It’s a horror film, it’s a lot of fun and my kids are going to love this. They loved one of my earlier films, Bats — a 1999 film about killer bats — and I find this a bit reminiscent of that. I’ve beaten sharks, a Jersey Devil, bats — daddy is indestructible.”

Phillips is the father of four children. The youngest, Indigo, is probably a bit too young to watch the movie “live” just yet, though, because, according to the movie’s producer, Irene Litinsky (Human Trafficking, The Last Templar), “Carny will transport the audience to a time of nostalgic carnivals – the ones we all remember as young children. Our film will not just thrill them – but hopefully scare them witless.”

Phillips is currently filming episodes of Universe in Vancouver, which is due to premiere on the Syfy Channel (same as the Sci Fi Channel, just a new name) in October.


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