SGU Spoilers: “Life”

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This article contains spoilers for the episode “Life”, written by Carl Binder. It is currently slated to be the eighth episode in the first season of Stargate Universe.


Using the Ancient Long Range Communications Device that swaps the bodies of the users on either end of the subspace connection, the crew of the Destiny is able to communicate with those on Earth. Those stranded use the device to reassure their loved ones that they are okay, but it appears that in some cases, the loved ones are not being told that the technology exists or that the one visiting them is really their loved one who is stranded. It all has to do with security clearances and need to know, apparently.

The casting sides are for ANNIE BALIC: According to SpoilerTV: “[ANNIE BALIC] Female. Mid 20s. Pretty. She has been through a lot emotionally. Has an 8 year old son she is trying to raise, and is struggling to get by. Not too proud to do what she has to to support her family. Strong emotional scenes.sptv050769 GUEST LEAD. POSSIBLY RECURRING. NAMES PREFERRED”

ANNIE BALIC is one of the people left behind by the now-stranded crew of the Destiny. Her lover was LT. GARY MICHAELS and before he joined the Air Force, she became pregnant, but didn’t tell him that she had the child (he thought she got an abortion). MICHAELS is visiting ANNIE via the long range communications device, using the body of someone he identifies as COL. DENNING, a supposed friend of MICHAELS’ who is trying to tell ANNIE that MIICHAELS is away on a mission but wanted to respond to a letter ANNIE sent to him a while back.

MICHAELS learns of his son’s existence, but tries to control his anger since he’s supposed to be DENNING; ANNIE only sees and hears the man with whom MICHAELS has swapped. The little boy is home alone while ANNIE is out. He used to be watched by ANNIE’s mother, but she passed away a year ago. ANNIE had wanted to go to school to become a lawyer, but now that she’s having to support her son on her own, she’s settled for being a dancer. MICHAELS pretends to make contact with himself using his escort WALSH’s cell phone, and tells her that GARY wishes to have money sent to her so that she can hire a sitter for her son and go back to school. ANNIE refuses, claiming that she’s got things under control and he doesn’t have to worry.

While MICHAELS is using the body-swapping technology, others aboard the Destiny have made a significant discovery: BENTON has been doing research into the Destiny‘s database and has found out about the subspace link that connects the Destiny with the unmanned ships that were sent out ahead of Destiny to seed the Stargates on various planets.

Others gathered around BENTON as he shares this discovery include WARREN, MARCUS, RONNIE, TRAVERSE, BARRY, SPENCER.

Other characters mentioned in other scenes include BAKER (male) and MUNROE (female). MUNROE carries on a conversation with an Asian couple in their 60’s as BAKER looks on from behind the wheel inside an Air Force car.

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