MGM Adds Two Atlantis Finale Videos

“Enemy at the Gate” (image from MGM)

The Official MGM website has added two new videos to their collection, both focusing on Stargate Atlantis series finale “Enemy at the Gate”.

First up is “Finale Visual Effects” with LEO Award winning Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Savela (his team recently won this LEO for “First Contact”). Savela enthusiastically explains that the episode is a kind of full circle to the story that was kicked off in the series premiere “Rising”. He also said that they pulled out all of the stops to make the episode a “nice, big end to the season.”

Next, there’s “Mallozzi on Finale” in which executive producer and co-showrunner Joseph Mallozzi talks about how the finale both wraps up the series and opens doors to more story lines in the movie, which he calls “the next step.”

“It’s not so much an arc-driven movie, as much as it [is] an adventure that incorporates a lot of the backstory elements that we’ve presented up to this point, including the city itself, our characters, and some recurring characters. The movie will be better than Season Five.”

Speaking of the movie, Mallozzi and writing/producing partner Paul Mullie have finished the script. Mallozzi recently wrote in his weblog, “I … went over the Atlantis movie script with Paul. He wants to make a few dialogue tweaks but is otherwise very happy with what we’ve got. ‘It aint cheap!’ he said, stating the obvious. No, it certainly isn’t. Paul also pointed out that we still need to come up with a title, something better than Stargate Atlantis: The Movie. Working on it.”