Syfy: Stargate Universe and Science Fiction

Syfy has added a new video to their Stargate Universe webpage. In “Stargate & Sci-Fi : Stargate Universe”, the “cast of ‘Stargate Universe’ talk about their experience with sci-fi as well as stepping into a role with an already established franchise.”

We’ve embedded the video here (there’s an ad first; beware of clips from the show that might be considered spoilers):

Stargate Universe premieres on the Syfy Channel on Friday, October 2, at 9 PM (ET/PT). Craig Engler, the man behind Syfy’s Twitter, has also confirmed that SGU will be online at both the and Hulu websites (as far as we know, this means that only those in the US will be able to view them from these sites).

[Thanks to jelgate for the tip.]