SGU Tonight: Series Premiere “Air”

Welcome to Icarus Base (image from MGM)

“It’s my honor to welcome you to Icarus Base,” Col. Everett Young says to the small civilian party who have just beamed down. And true to Stargate form, things go pretty badly from there on out.

Tonight is the world premiere of Stargate Universe on the Syfy Channel in the United States (9 PM ET/PT) and the Space Channel in Canada (9 PM ET/6 PM PT)! We’ve been preparing for this event all year long! There are, of course, spoilers and images, videos and trailers, and interviews galore that have all come before, allowing us to get a feel for what lies ahead, but still, seeing it for real for the first time on television is the ultimate treat!

We’ll not spoil the rest of the story here (that’s already been done all over the Internet), but merely give you a brief guide to get you set for a new Stargate experience. Solutions has a main page for the show in the Stargate Wiki. This page is a kicking-off point for more details, including an index to the Season One episodes and a profile page for the major characters. The latter two links would probably be considered spoilery by some, so click on those with care.

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If you’d like to see what the actors, writers, producers, network and studio execs, and some of the press are saying, check out our Stargate Twitter Superfeed. With the premiere tonight, there is sure to be an incredible volume of tweets coming our way.

Tonight’s premiere is two hours and includes the first two parts of the three-part story “Air”. Make sure you return to our main page afterwards to participate in the episode poll. And, we ask that you stay with us as we bring you new features and the latest news in the Stargate franchise.

Stargate Universe will return next Friday in its regular timeslots on Syfy at 9 PM ET and on Space at 10 PM ET. Fans in the UK will see the two-hour premiere on Sky One and Sky One HD on Tuesday, October 6, at 8 PM. Australian fans will get their premiere on Friday, October 9, at 8:30 PM.