SGU This Week: “Justice”

SGU Justice (MGM)
Their own system of “Justice” (image from MGM)

“One of our characters becomes the prime suspect in a crime,” writer Alan McCullough told the Official Magazine (pdf file), “and, for lack of any other way to proceed, is put on trial. Our characters are forced to develop their own system of justice in order to determine if this individual is innocent or guilty. The episode then takes a sharp turn, which I don’t think anyone will see coming, and ends on an unbelievable cliffhanger.”

Mid-season cliffhangers are a staple in the Stargate franchise, and “Justice”, episode 10, continues the tradition. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait several months to find out how it resolves when Stargate Universe returns to Syfy during the second quarter of 2010 with the follow-up episode “Space”.

Making the wait worse is this description from creative consultant Joseph Mallozzi: “Will Waring is doing the honors here, directing an episode that promises more than a few surprises in addition to decisions both startling and unsettling that will have far-reaching consequences for the Destiny crew.” This can’t be good…

“Justice” will be shown tonight, December 4, on the Syfy Channel (US) and Space (Canada) at 9 PM ET and 10 PM ET, respectively. The episode will be broadcast by Sky One (UK) on Tuesday, December 8, at 8 PM, and finally, on Friday, December 11, on the Sci Fi Channel (Australia) at 8:30 PM.

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