Chicago Now: Q&A with Brian J. Smith

Curt Wagner with Chicago Now conducted a Q&A with Stargate Universe star Brian J. Smith and posted the results in his article, which opens with the statement, “Lt. Matthew Scott is not—repeat not—a horn dog.”

More than Lt. Matthew Scott’s sex life is covered in this extensive interview. Smith also talks about Scott’s beginnings and details how he’s seen his character’s arc progress over the first season. In addition to the Q&A transcript, Wagner also embedded a video in which the actor addresses fans’ questions—including one from his mother—from Twitter.

In the Q&A, Wagner gives Smith the chance to address some of the negative comments directed toward the newest leg of the Stargate franchise. Even though Smith covers each of these points with Wagner, he emphasizes that, overall, the fan response has been positive. “I’ve gotten so many responses from people who have never seen Stargate before and they’re excited to be excited about sci-fi again. I’m glad that we’ve gotten to reach those kinds of people—people like me who watch shows like The Shield or Friday Night Lights and want to see programming that transcends genres. But even more than that, I’m really happy to see the support we’re getting from the more open-minded Stargate fans. And this support isn’t coerced. They watch the show each week and … just go with the flow and like the show for the unique thing it is, as opposed to watching ‘the show that isn’t like Atlantis.'”

Be sure to visit Chicago Now for this revealing and in-depth interview. Stargate Universe returns to Syfy on April 2 with episode 11, “Space.”