SGU 1.0 DVDs and Blu-rays Out Today (Feb 9)

SGU 1.0

Make sure to check with your favorite video store for the new DVD/Blu-ray releases of SGU 1.0, the multi-disc sets containing the first ten episodes of Season One of Stargate Universe.

Both releases are packed full of extras and episode commentaries, several done by the actors themselves!

Stargate Universe returns to the Syfy Channel on Friday, April 2, with “Space.” Writer Joseph Mallozzi declared that this episode has the “coolest aliens we’ve ever done on the show.”


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  1. SGU DVD is out at $40.00 in some places higher for Half a season that’s 3 DVD’S. I s MGM going to now do Half seasons so they can Milk their Fan’s???The same Fans who turned their Genre into a Franchise???

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