Two New Writers-Producers for SGU Season Two

Stargate Universe executive producer Joseph Mallozzi introduced two new writers/producers in his weblog recently. They are Remi Aubuchon and Linda McGibney. They’re joining Carl Binder, Robert C. Cooper, Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie, and Brad Wright in the writers’ room.

In his introductions, Mallozzi gave some of the credentials each new writer/producer carries. Aubuchon has worked on projects for Caprica, 24, Persons Unknown, Summerland, and The Lyon’s Den; McGibney, Homicide: Life on the Streets, Family Law, and Chicago Hope.

Currently, we have information on the first 12 episodes of Season Two. Based on Mallozzi’s entries, Aubuchon is writing the script for the ninth episode, while McGibney is working with Mallozzi to bring in the mid-season two-parter. The titles of these episodes aren’t currently known, but it’s pretty much guaranteed that they’ll be single-worded to keep the trend going.

The writers returned to the offices this week to prepare for the start of principal photography next week. The scripts for the first five episodes have been written and the episodes given titles, all of which you can see in our Season Two Episode Guide in the Stargate Wiki. Carl Binder’s “Pathogen” is the fourth episode, but it will be filmed first. Although not confirmed, there is the possibility that this out-of-order filming schedule was to accommodate the availability of the “special guest director” whom fans have speculated just might be lead actor Robert Carlyle who has expressed the desire to direct in the past (thanks to marsel_sfg for this link to the possible evidence).

Stargate Universe returns to Syfy on April 2 with the second half of Season One. Season Two will most likely premiere in the fall 2010.

2 thoughts on “Two New Writers-Producers for SGU Season Two”

  1. Although I have been a devoted fan of the Stargate series for many years. I have never felt compelled to write. (there were a few times with Atlantis…)
    Two more writers, wow, should have thought of that before this was ruined. I don’t see how the ‘writers’ are going to be able to pull, this dog of a of sappy and extremely disappointing soap opera/Galactica-wanna-be, that is SG-U, out of the irrevocable boring hole it is in.
    Unless you also change the director and find an almost entirely new cast as well. Most of the leads are so self-righteously painful to watch, the poor beleaguered cuckolding and cuckholded captain. The only potentially interesting character was portrayed by Robert Carlyse (who is by far the best and most watchable actor) and now, he’s an Enemy – so unimaginative. But of course playing a bad guy is soooo much more fun. Oh and a Senator’s daughter pu-lease! Oh Oh OH and the innocent nerd, can you be any more stereotypical? The worst contrivance of all is the switching bodies business (ancients this ancients that! – so cheap). Either they are cut off or they are not. The show is weakened immensely by all the business that attends this little ‘device’.
    Nothing in this show engages a desire to care about these people. Nothing surprises or delights. People who watch Sci-Fi and have watched the Stargate series in particular, do so because they enjoy intellectual stimulation, humor and the hope that dreaming of the future can bring Life is hard enough as it is for most people. This show is “a lot of work” grinding, dark, heavy

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