Syfy: S1 Marathon to Usher In Stargate Universe S2 Premiere

Who will end up in control of Destiny in INTERVENTION?
Stargate Universe returns to Syfy tomorrow (September 28) at 9 PM ET, and the network will be ushering in the premiere of Season Two‘s “Intervention” by showing a marathon of Season One episodes starting at 8 AM ET!

Here’s Syfy’s schedule (all times Eastern) for SGU Episodes on Tuesday, September 28 (For additional international premiere dates, please refer to our SGU Portal Page.):

  • 8 AM: Earth
  • 9 AM: Life
  • 10 AM: Justice
  • 11 AM: Space
  • 12 PM: Divided
  • 1 PM: Faith
  • 2 PM: Human
  • 3 PM: Lost
  • 4 PM: Sabotage
  • 5 PM: Pain
  • 6 PM: Subversion
  • 7 PM: Incursion Part 1
  • 8 PM: Incursion Part 2
  • 9 PM: Intervention <<NEW EPISODE!
  • 11 PM: Intervention <<REPEAT OF NEW EPISODE!

Now, the next part is very spoilery! If you want to see the resolution of one of the situations left dangling in Season One’s finale “Incursion Part 2″, view the following sneak peek video from Syfy:
[spoiler intro=”Syfy: Scene from Intervention”]


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