Matt Roush Encourages Syfy to Support Stargate Universe

Destiny in FAITH (MGM)TV Guide’s critic Matt Roush was asked to share his thoughts about the vastly-different-from-its-predecessors Stargate Universe in his regular “Ask Matt” column.

Here is the SGU-specific section of the Q&A:

Question: When Stargate Atlantis was first announced, they said it would be different from SG-1. There would be civilians and military going through the gate knowing they would be cut off with no help from Earth. I was excited about that show because it meant the rules would change. People would be on the brink of death and actually die without a last-minute save. That show lasted less than a season. Now we have Stargate Universe, the show we should have had with Atlantis, and the fans are complaining. I love Universe because it is darker and shows what really happens when you make difficult choices and people die. What are your thoughts about Universe? Do you think it will see a third season? — Traci

Matt Roush: I like Universe for the same reasons you do (although the glut of new season and November sweeps programming has kept me from keeping up with this one lately). I can see why the traditional Stargate fan may not embrace a show this dark and glum, lacking the humorous esprit de corps that characterized the original series. It would be like if an NCIS spin-off started acting more like Rubicon. But I admire Universe for sticking to its more intense premise, if that indeed has been the case. And I’d like to see Syfy support something with a little dramatic meat on its bones (not that I don’t appreciate the whimsy of Warehouse 13 and Eureka). As for a third season: Haven’t a clue.

Favorable critical acceptance of any show is encouraging, but it doesn’t guarantee a renewal. We’ll find out by January 2011 if Syfy wants to continue Destiny‘s mission. Until then, we have two more episodes to go before the mid-season break.

Stargate Universe airs first on Syfy on Tuesdays at 9 PM ET.

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