Stargate Universe: 2.06 "Trial and Error"

TRIAL AND ERROR focuses on Young's decline that causes him to question his ability to command (MGM)

Tonight (November 2) on Syfy at 9 PM ET: Stargate Universe episode 2.06 “Trial and Error”, written by Paul Mullie (and Joseph Mallozzi) and directed by Andy Mikita.

“‘Trial and Error’ begins a series of GAME-CHANGING eps,” actor David Blue tweeted recently. “Season-long arcs & crazy-cool new discoveries. Love it.”

And as it turns out, he’s not the only one thrilled with this episode. Paul Mullie’s writing partner Joseph Mallozzi wrote in his weblog, “Today, we sat down to watch Andy Mikita’s director’s cut of Trial and Error, one of my favorite episodes of SGU’s second season. And that’s saying someting given that I wasn’t initially onboard with the story when it was first pitched. Well, one terrific script and a solid week of production behind us, and we’ve got ourselves an amazing episode…”

The praise doesn’t stop there, either. Mallozzi wrote in another entry, “Three of the actors flagged me down to tell me how much they loved Trial and Error. Especially scene 61! I thanked them, but told them that episode 6 was all Paul. And I have to agree with their assessment. Trial and Error is, in my (and Carl [Binder]’s) opinion, the best script Paul has ever written. And, to date, he’s written some damn terrific ones for Stargate: Universe = a significant pass on Justice, then Divided (one of my personal favorites), Subversion, Intervention, and Trial and Error. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Paul is at the top of his game.”

While writer Paul Mullie might be “at the top of his game,” Destiny commander Col. Everett Young is far below it as he struggles with his personal life, excessive reliance on alcohol, and realistic, but troubling, prophetic visions. It’s enough to make him question both his sanity and his ability to lead. Everyone aboard is affected by his actions, but whether that means in a good way or in a bad way—in life or in death—remains to be seen.

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SYFY: A series of realistic visions cause Col. Young to question his ability as commander of Destiny.

Col. Young is plagued by a recurring vision wherein Destiny is attacked and destroyed by the same aliens who abducted Dr. Rush and Chloe. Believing it to be a prophetic warning, he orders the science team to focus on restoring the ship’s weapon systems and places the crew on high alert.

Dr. Rush visits Chloe in isolation, hoping she might look over some calculations he’s been working on – but Chloe is more concerned with the alien influence that has begun to affect not just her mind but her body as well.

Eventually, Col. Young goes to Wray and admits his fear that he may be losing his mind. But when Destiny drops out of FTL and remains adrift, Rush and Eli suspect that the Colonel’s strange visions may be the key to getting the ship back on course.

SKY: Col Young fears he’s losing his mind in an all-new episode of the gripping galaxy-sprawling saga.

Plagued by a recurring vision in which the Destiny is attacked and destroyed by the same aliens who abducted Rush and Chloe, Young places the crew on high alert and orders the science team to work on the ship’s weapon systems. Is it some kind of prophetic warning or is Young being paranoid?

Meanwhile, Rush visits Chloe in isolation for help with some calculations, but she’s more concerned about the alien influence that has begun to affect her body as well as her mind. By the episode’s end, a panicked Young confides in Wray about his sanity, but then the Destiny suddenly drops out of FTL…[/spoiler]

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