Stargate Universe "Trial and Error" Ratings

The numbers for Stargate Universe episode “Trial and Error” have been added to our summary table below.

Season Two Viewer and Ratings Summary

Episode Rating/Share Viewers in Millions
HH 18-49 Live+Same Day Live+7 Days
Intervention 0.8/1 0.5/1 1.175 Note 1
Aftermath 0.7/1 0.5/1 1.070
Awakening 0.8/1 0.5/1 1.222
Pathogen 0.7/1 0.4/1 0.974
Cloverdale 0.7/1 0.4/1 1.012
Trial and Error 0.7/1 0.4/1 0.967 <<<< NEW DATA

Source for New Data: pifeedback.


  1. “Just got the live+7 numbers for Intervention, the season 2 premiere. Wow. We jumped 78% from the live number, about 40% from the liv+SD. That’s a lot of eyeballs. Of course that isn’t even counting those who are viewing the show through alternate platforms (ie. netflix, iTunes, and other download options).” — Joseph Mallozzi, October 19, 2010.

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