Joe Flanigan Interview for “Change of Plans”

Procter & Gamble and Walmart have put up the full website for their upcoming film, Change of Plans starring Joe Flanigan, Brooke White, and Phylicia Rashad. The site has plenty of pictures and video, including an interview with Joe Flanigan in which he talks about his childhood, over images that must be from his personal photo album. To see the interview, visit the Change of Plans site, then click on Videos, then Interviews, then Interviews – Joe Flanigan.

There’s a second interview right after that one that features Joe speaking French, or at least trying to!

Or, visit the videos directly: Joe Flanigan Interview, Joe Speaks French.

Joe appears in many of the other videos, so check them all out.

Change of Plans airs Saturday, January 8, 2011 at 8 pm on Fox in the U.S. The day after airing, a special 2-disc DVD/CD bonus pack will be available through Walmart.


2 thoughts on “Joe Flanigan Interview for “Change of Plans””

  1. These interviews are fantastic. Especially Joe’s. He is still as charming as ever and I love what he said about his childhood, his father, SGA, and speaking a foreign language. I can’t wait to see Change of Plans. I hope it gets picked up and becomes a regular series. That’s one DVD I’m definitely going to buy.

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