Mallozzi: Third Season "Less Likely" for Stargate Universe

SGU StargateExecutive producer Joseph Mallozzi has been keeping his readers informed about what’s going on behind the scenes in the effort to save the Stargate franchise. His most recent bit of news: “Still no definite word on the Stargate front although I am being cc’d on the various emails concerning meetings, etc. Alas, a third season looking less likely, but there are other scenarios that would allow us complete this incredible journey.”

In the meantime, Robert C. Cooper, Mallozzi, and Paul Mullie are entertaining the possibility of joining an established franchise in Toronto. A third season of SGU would most likely have kept Mallozzi and Mullie with Stargate in Vancouver, but if it is not likely, these long-time writers/producers may be moving on, leaving executive producers Brad Wright and Carl Binder, who penned the SG-1 movie script Stargate: Revolution together, to continue Stargate in whatever form it is likely to take.

The final ten episodes of Stargate Universe are still slated to air on Syfy in the spring (most likely April).

7 thoughts on “Mallozzi: Third Season "Less Likely" for Stargate Universe”

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  2. I need help , to partition SyFy for axing SGU , there has to be another way of keeping it on air , their are so called fans who are complaining that is not like SG1/A e.g. villain of the week ,
    SGU had to be new and go in different directions . I still do not
    understand , Sanctuary is up for 4th season, but it’s writing standards leaves a lot to be desired to it screen writing
    the dialog with our hero’s and the mushroom farmers . father look at their clothing , yet they have the same jackets etc , they have used this comment in a lot of time travel stories and others , but Sanctuary at times has some silly writing , I like the show , just that SGU deserves better and should get third season…….. Science Fiction series are falling like domino’s , I feel such sadness , television has so many reality and heavy police shows ,also surprisingly a lot sexist series or
    what ever they call them ….
    PS I apologize for not making a simple comment
    Thank You Everyone

  3. Hear hear…
    I marathoned SGU on netflix, having not watched an SG series seriously (SG1/A didnt have great story lines / character dev).
    The writing on this series was one of the most progressive styles I’ve seen in a science fiction drama.
    I am more than saddened at the loss of this Series.. It is a true Gem.
    I could go on and on about this, but the prior comment sums it up exactly… 🙁

    SGU cancellation is a travesty…

  4. Please! Can anyone out there can tell me of a chance of a return
    Stargate in one form or another , SGU had / s great writing really out there and also it started to have some cross over stories.
    It saddens me these new Sci Fi series are more like Therapy
    dramas with special powers, For us fans of Stargate SGU , A and SG1 movies with the latter two , need to communicate a twenty first century version of a writing partition, I also a fan of V which was cancelled with out warning and more are being
    treated in the same fashion , just shows what networks think of viewers ……..
    Again thank you everyone

  5. Frank,

    Right now, it doesn’t look good for a return of the Stargates that we’ve come to love – SG-1, SGA, SGU.

    However, Brad Wright has stated that he believes that MGM will rebrand Stargate in the future. Dean Devlin, one of the creators of the original movie, said that he’d like to complete the Stargate trilogy that he had envisioned when the original came out. These would be movies that don’t have our television mythology in mind, however.

    As far as the executive producers of the television franchise are concerned, they’ve moved on to new projects. The actors have as well. It looks like the DVDs are all that we’re going to get from the television franchise for right now.

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