Reminder: Alaina Huffman Returns to "Smallville" Tonight

ETA: Oops! We just got word that The CW has postponed the return of Smallville until next Friday! So, watch for Alaina Huffman’s return on Friday, February 4, at 8 PM ET on The CW!

Stargate star Alaina Huffman returns as Dinah/Black Canary in tonight’s episode of Smallville, “Collateral.”

The show returns after its winter hiatus at 8 PM ET on The CW. The last time we saw the superheroes, they had suffered a blackout while laying to rest their fallen comrade Carter Hall/Hawkman (Stargate‘s Michael Shanks). In tonight’s episode, “The VRA releases Clark, Oliver, Lois and Dinah, who all have flashbacks of Chloe’s involvement in their capture. Trust becomes an issue when Chloe returns to town and Dinah fears she is now a traitor.”